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Great North American Amusement Parks Worth Visiting

Updated on February 12, 2013

North America has many Amusement Parks worth visiting.

Venturing out and about to the various amusement parks that dot the landscape in both the United States and Canada is a wonderful way to spend a vacation. North America doesn't have a monopoly on amusement parks, as there are a number of fine examples that can be found around the world, but some of the nicer ones are found there. A good quality amusement park offers exciting and unique experiences to those that come to visit. Different people are looking for different things when they decide what amusement park is right for them or their family. There are different parks that might appeal to a family with older children, while a family with younger children might be seeking something completely different. With that in mind, this isn't a list of the best amusement park, but a list of five great amusement parks in the North America that shouldn't be missed.

Six flags
Six flags

Six Flags Great Adventure

Located in Jackson Township, New Jersey, Six Flags Great Adventure is just over sixty miles from New York City and is one of the most popular amusement parks on the East Coast of the United States. Some of the most popular and widely known roller coasters in the world can be found at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Many visitors trek to this park specifically to seek out roller coasters like the Great American Scream Machine, Kingda Ka, Nitro, and Superman: Ultimate Flight. This is one of the largest amusement parks as well and there are a number of attractions and rides geared towards smaller children too. An added bonus for those visiting Six Flags Great Adventure is that it is located right next to both Hurricane Harbor water park and Six Flags Wild Safari animal park.

1 Six Flags Blvd

Jackson, NJ 08527

Canada's Wonderland

Covering more than three hundred acres and located in Vaughn, Ontario, Canada's Wonderland is the country's most popular amusement park. With more than two hundred attractions geared for small children, older children, teenagers, and adults, Canada's Wonderland is one of the best attractions to head to for anyone in the northern area of the United States or all of Canada. Canada's Wonderland features many of the standard amusement park features, plus also focuses on a number of water based attractions including water slides and water roller coasters. The park contains themed areas including Splash Works, White Water Canyon, Medieval Faire, International Festival, International Street, Action Zone, and several that are themed after popular children's television entities. Some of the popular rides in the park include the following water base rides: Black Hole, Super Soaker, Whirlwinds, The Plunge, Riptide Racer, Body Blast, and Splash Island Kiddie Slides. Canada's Wonderland also has a number of great roller coasters including The Bat, Dragon Fire, Wild Beast, Time Warp, Flight Deck, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, and Behemoth.

Canada's Wonderland

9580 RR-55

Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6, Canada

Behemoth Video at Canada's Wonderland

Disney World

It shouldn't surprise anyone to find the world famous Disney World on any list of must-visit amusement parks in North America. Disney World is located near Orlando, Florida and takes advantage of the fabulous Florida weather to be able to create wonderful vacation experiences all year long. The park has so many rides, so many themed areas, and so many exhibits that it is extremely difficult for a family to truly take in the entire park during the average vacation stay. Housed within what is popularly known as Disney World are four separate theme parks, they are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. There are also several other themed areas including Typhoon Lagoon, DisneyQuest, Disney's BoardWalk, Disney's Wide World of Sports, Downtown Disney, Blizzard Beach, and more. Beyond those areas, Disney World has specific rides and attractions that many people see as the highlight of their visit to the park including the Cinderella Castle, Splash Mountain, Tom Sawyer Island, the Liberty Belle Riverboat, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and more. Disney World also has a number of other first class attractions that are usually associated with non-amusement park destinations too like Planet Hollywood, Cirque du Soleil, and five full golf courses. Disney World is also home to over thirty different resorts and hotels, all located right directly on Walt Disney World property.

Walt Disney World Behind The Scenes

Cedar Point

Known by many as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, Cedar Point is one of the most visited amusement parks by roller coaster enthusiasts in the world. The park is located in Sandusky, Ohio in a location that has been home to an amusement park type attraction for well over 130 years. The park was established in 1870, but anyone visiting there is guaranteed to find one of the most modern amusement parks in the world. There are more roller coasters at Cedar Point than can be found at any other amusement park, in fact Cedar Point has several roller coasters that are world record holders for tallest, fastest, and longest too. Cedar Point is built on a narrow peninsula that sticks out into Lake Erie and visitors coming there can play on the beaches that line the shoreline and stay at several on-site hotels as well. Some of the famous roller coasters that are found there include the Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Corkscrew, Disaster Transport, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Mean Streak, and the Iron Dragon. The park also is home to some of great thrill and water rides too. Several track rides allow for families to take long tours of certain areas of the park. While Cedar Park possesses some of the best roller coasters around, it also offers a large number of rides that are specifically geared towards young children too. Visiting Cedar Point is the kind of trip that can create memories that last a lifetime.

Cedar Point

Address: 1 Cedar Point Road, Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Cedar Point Amusement Park Video

Visit some of the Best Amusement Parks

Some of the most exciting and fun vacations that it is possible to take are taken to the various amusement parks that are out there. If you are ready to travel to some of these amusement parks and would like to save some bucks, use Southwest. They offer low priced airfare and vacations for different destinations throughout the United States. Use a couponloco southwest promotion code for additional savings. A high quality amusement park has the ability to entertain small children, older children, and their parents as well. Many of the best amusement parks in North America do their best to offer something for everyone, and a lot of them succeed. This is evident by the large amount of repeat customers who routinely choose to travel to these fabulous destinations over and over again. A trip to one of these amusement parks is a great way for any family to spend their treasured vacation time.

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