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Best Places in Delhi to Buy Indian Handicrafts and Artefacts : Indian Art, Janpath Beads, Indian Curios

Updated on January 28, 2013

Delhi is the capital of India, its third largest city, and the industrial hub of northern India. India has an extremely rich craft tradition, distinguished by great aesthetics and a diverse art history. Intricate designs, patterns, painfully crafted artifacts,sculptures and janpath curios all are outstanding masterpieces of Indian craftsmanship. Here are some of the exciting places in Delhi to buy and bargain for unique handcrafted items and objet d’art -

Janpath (janpath road) : beads and curios

Translated as the "People's Path", Janpath is one of the main roads in New Delhi. Originally called Queen's Way, it was an important landmark of the heritage left by Luyten’s rule of Delhi. Today the most popular spot on this road is the Janpath market, which is a rapture for travelers and shoppers.

There are numerous silver and inexpensive jewelry stores which are not only popular with the foreign visitors but also with the local crowd. Hundreds of shops have been set on the side of the pavements, selling exotic ensembles and Indian artefacts and carpets. Other items include Batik- print Kurtas, Kolahpuri Chappals, Bead necklaces, Colorful scarves, Belts, Curios and numerous other handicrafts and garments. The Janpath has an abundance of walking vendors who sell trinkets, such as necklaces, drums, horns and postcards, particularly to foreigners. Most speak good English and are good at bartering.

Location : Near Connaught Place, New Delhi

Timings : 9 AM –9 PM, Sunday Closed

Attractions: Reasonably Priced Handicrafts and Artefacts

A markerJanpath Road , Connaught place -
Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India
get directions

Madhubani Art
Madhubani Art

Dellhi Haat

Dilli Haat, situated in the center of Delhi has stalls of crafts and cuisines from all over India.  Here craftsmen, from a variety of cultural traditions of India come and sell their wares on a 15-day rotational basis from different parts of the country. Delhi Haat is spread over an area of approximately 6 acres its small thatched roof cottages with a village atmosphere gives it a great ambiance.

Shopping in Dilli Haat, you will find an exotic variety of handicrafts and hand-looms ranging from intricate woodcarvings to embellished camel hide footwear, to sophisticated fabric and drapery, to gems and beads to metal crafts.

Location: Sri Aurobindo Marg, Opposite INA market, South Delhi

Timings: 10am-10pm, Open All Days

Attractions : Exotic Handicrafts, Handlooms and Different types of Indian cuisines.

Delhi Haat Kiosks

Kashmiri Durries
Kashmiri Durries
Bankura Silver artifact
Bankura Silver artifact

Central Cottage Industries Emporium

Delhi's Central Cottage Industries Emporium showcase India's finest artisanal produce in showrooms spread over six storeys. Run as a government initiative, it supports the skills of those numerous artists and craftsmen by giving them a direct access to the markets. A long standing initiative with fixed prices, stocks range from tea and jewellery to clothes, carpets and wood carvings, handicrafts and furnishings. It is a marvellous place to admire the beauty of Indian tradition.

Location: Jawahar Vyapar Bhawan, Janpath

Opposite Imperial Hotel, off Connaught Place, 110001

Timings: 10am-7pm, Open All days

Attractions : Bankura Silver, Tea and Herbals, Furnishing, Crafts and Paintings.

Silver Antique
Silver Antique
Silver Bracelet from Ladakh
Silver Bracelet from Ladakh

SunderNagar Market

If you are a jewelry lover, SunderNagar Market is way to go. It is located near the Zoological Garden and is one of the reputed markets in Delhi.A choice selection of Antiques and Silver trinkets, especially silver jewelry from Ladakh is available here. The market also deals in semi-precious stones, textiles, brass, copper and silver object d’art..The Sundarnagar market has shops selling India’s finest tea and a tea tasting session can be an aromatic journey.

Location: Sunder Nagar

Timings:9 AM-9 PM

Attractions: Silver jewelry, Antiques, Stones, Tea

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