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Travel Trailer Travels and Tips

Updated on January 14, 2016
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I enjoy going to out-of-the-way places, away from the crowds and noise. A small trailer was the answer to my travel wants and needs.

30 Great Days in a travel trailer

After 30 wonderful, adventurous, and exciting days on the road in our Casita Travel Trailer, my wife and I (plus two dogs) have discovered many beautiful places and numerous ideas that will make life easier on the road. You will come across some of the checklists we developed so we wouldn't forget to do something important, hook up a part of the trailer or forget one of the dogs. Of course, there will be a narrative of our travel and some pictures of some of the beauty of our country.

For those of you that have a trailer or are wanting to get a trailer, this might give you a little more idea of what it's like to hit the road for extended periods of time. For my wife and I, it is a great experience and we hope to have many, many more miles of happy touring in our Casita Trailer.

Helpful Trailer Travel Books on Amazon - We can always use a little help on the road

Never leave home without a good Campground Guide. Hundreds of campers have gone these routes before you and are willing to give you all the information you need for your trip.

There are hundreds of good travel guides on the market today. Some for the free campgrounds, some for National Parks and Forests and some for the really off the road areas.

Most og the guides will give you prices, phone numbers, directions and some will even give GPS coordinates. I used to carry 3 guides with me at all times. What one couldn't give me, the others could. Get a good guide and enjoy your travels.

Truck and Casita
Truck and Casita

Getting Ready For Our Travel In Our Trailer

Trailer Travel Requires Some Preparation

9/24 Getting Ready

Well it won't be long now!!!! We have made a dozen lists, checked them twice of course, checked everything off as we did it and have started loading the trailer for the big send off tomorrow. The dogs know that something is going on and are like a couple of cats on a hot tin roof. Nellie just lays by all the stuff that we are getting ready to take to load and she has a real concerned look on her face. Daphne just seems concerned that her treats won't make it into the camper. When we hit a wifi spot, I'll update and let you know where we are and how much fun we are having.


Crates with blankets


Dog food and bowls


Outside long dog chains

Water and bowl

Shot records (copy)

Grooming brush

Pills if needed (heartworm etc.)

9/25 Hitting the Road

Well, today is the day. We are packed and ready for the open road. Janice has all the maps and our first route laid out, of course that could change if needed. It's a beautiful day here in SunCity so that should make taking off even better. All went well this morning except for one thing.....I had made the coffee and we were going to have I picked up the coffee pot to pour the coffee and poured it straight into my cereal bowl!!!!! Made a different flavor, but hey, I ate it anyway. More later

Readying Trailer To Leave


Unhook TV and clock and secure

Set refrigerator

Turn off refrigerator fan

Close shower drain in closet

Move Joey to truck

Pack water purifier

Empty dog water

Put dog crates in truck

Put dog leashes in truck

Put any food into cooler in truck if needed

Empty trash

Close windows and secure blinds

Chemical in toilet after emptying, also some water

Raise stove cover

Turn off AC

Turn off water heater

9/26 Adventure Continues

Thanks for the e-mails that you have sent me, I appreciate them.

We have only been on the road for two days, but we have already had some interesting experiences. When we left on Sat. the weather was very nice, when we got to about 50 miles from Dallas we ran into a monsoon!!! It rained very hard for over two hours until we were about 100 miles the other side of Dallas. Traffic moved really well and the trailer pulled with no problem. We made it to Little Rock the first night and stayed in a pretty descent campground. Of course it was still light when we got there and we didn't see that we were under a very large light that turned night into day. I had no problem sleeping but Janice doesn't do well in the light. The dogs got a little tired of traveling in their crates and a couple of times we had to put down a canine revolt when it was time to put them back so we could hit the road after a break. Janice is having a little trouble with the amount of clorine that the campgrounds put into the water, "just ruins a good cup of tea".

Today (Sun.) we hung out at the campground until about 10 am, having breakfast and walking the dogs, so they would be tired enough to go into their crates for a couple of hours. We drove until 5:30 pm and stopped just outside of Nashville, Tn, Very nice campground, lots of large pine trees and far enough off the freeway so there is very little noise. We took it pretty easy today, took a lot of breaks and gave the dogs a lot of walks, my big treat of the day was when we stopped for a Brownie Batter Blizzard at DQ, talk about a chocolate high!!!!! The weather is quite cool here, needed a jacket tonight when we walked the dogs. It's 62 outside at 10 pm, so the morning may be a little chilly to walk the dogs.

More to come later, when we hit another WIFI spot.

ONE VERY IMPORTANT POINT HERE!!! Have a good GPS unit or Campground Guide to help you find places to stay at night, otherwise, it's not much fun in a Wal-Mart parking lot and even less fun at a noisy truck stop.

The Most Important Thing To Remember

Always Have FUN

Need a small trailer for a weekend get away? - Try a Casita

We love our 17 Foot Casita, it has everything we need and it tows like a dream.

Note to self

1. Don't forget the coffee

2. Make sure we have some treats for the dogs

3. Don't forget the dogs


Mammoth Cave National Park In A Trailer

Beauty Above and Below Ground But Still Travel In Our Trailer

9/30 Still Trucking

Monday was a very good day, no big rush to go, short drive and fun when we got there. We decided to go to Mammoth Cave National Park today, which was only about 3 hours away, this meant a short time in the truck for the dogs and some time to look at scenery on the way. We had a beautiful day for driving and when we entered Kentucky we really enjoyed the rolling hills and horse ranches. We got to Mammoth Cave National Park about 1pm, gave the dogs a nice long walk and then had to decide which cave tour we wanted take. We took one that had fairly easy walking but would show us a lot of the cave. Since there are 392 miles of explored caves, we would only see a small part of them. We had to go down about 225 steps to get to the cave area and then the walking was pretty good, coming back up was a little more difficult then the going down portion!!! Our guide was really good and explained a lot about how the caves were formed and the history of this area. Got down to 48 degrees so we had a chance to see if our furnace would work, it did just fine and we were warm and cozy all night.

After all the fun we had yesterday we decided to stay at Mammoth another day (Tues) There are some very nice driving tours in the Park so we loaded up the dogs and spent the morning touring some of the roads and some of the gravel roads that take off from the main ones. This Park is well taken care of and has some very beautiful scenery to drive through. We took one gravel road way back into the "boonies" and ended up at a river that had an area for canoers to start from. It was gorgeous, huge trees, great view of the river and very very quiet. The dogs had so many smell that they didn't know which way to turn first. After lunch Janice and I had dessert at the Mammoth coffee shop, of course there was chocolate pie to help satisfy my cravings. But then we had to walk 4 miles of trails to wear off the calories. There weren't too many people in the Park today, so it was almost like having it to ourselves. It's nice to do this stuff when the kids are in school and the crowds are gone. May not be so cold tonight, but we know we will be warm, there are a lot of tenters near us that my not be quite so warm.

Today (Wed.) started off with a little coolness in the air, but not enough to stop us from having coffee outside. Most of the people in Mammoth Park left so we were one of the last to pack up and go. Our drive today was pretty good, we left Kentucky and went into Ohio. What surprised us was all the farms that we could see from the freeway, big ones, little ones, but all appeared to be operating and were well kept. There was still a lot of corn in the fields and what looked like wheat in some others. The Ohio countryside is very pretty, rolling hills in some places and flat in others. We even ventured into Amish country, it was strange to see the horse and buggy signs instead of the deer signs that we see in SunCity. We found a camnpground about 8 miles off the freeway, that took us into an area where time seemed to stand still. Very nice old buildings and farms, but it could have been the 50's. The campground was situated on 3 small lakes and was a real picture postcard setting. Around the lake near us were trees that were changing colors and you could see the bright red, gold and green reflected in the water. We sat outside with our glass of wine and really enjoyed the beauty of the setting and even the weather cooperated, beautiful fall day and mild temperatures. Our dogs are completely exahusted by the end of the day, we have a hard time getting them to go for their LPT (last pee time). Actually we are pooped by the end of the day to, this fresh air and traveling wears you out. We are about 50 miles from Cleveland, so we are making good progress and hope to be in New York state tomorrow for a little touring in the Finger Lakes region. Hope to find WIFI soon so I can get all this posted.



Raise back jacks

Disconnect water line

Disconnect electric

Disconnect sewer

Turn propane off

Lock compartments

Lock doors

Get dog chains and thermometer

Hook up ball into trailer hitch

Connect electric to truck

Connect 2 safety chains

Connect emergency disconnect cable

Connect swaybar--tighten and put pin in

Put hitch lock on

Take wheel off

Pick up chocks and boards

9/30 10/1 The Good, Bad and Ugly

Thurs 9/30

This was meant to be a traveling day, and it's a good thing too. When we left the campground, the weather was pretty good, a little cool and quite damp, but not bad. After coffee and breakfast, we hit the road on our way to New York State. Just after we left the campground we came across two young girls driving a horse and buggy along the road; of course we were in Amish country. The rest of the drive through Ohio was very pretty, good color in the trees and picturesque farms and villages. When we got to Erie, PA we took Hwy 86 and it started to rain. The scenery was quite spectacular with the tree colors and mountains, escpecially in the Alleghenys, but the road was really bumpy and it was raining quite hard. For the next 200 miles it rained and rained and rained. We still could see the beautiful scenery but I was getting concerned about setting up in the rain. We arrived at Watkins Glen, NY about 5 pm in the pouring rain, so we thought maybe a motel would be a good thing. After calling a few and getting the rates (very high) we decided to find a campground and deal with the weather. There was a KOA close so we went there, got a spot and started to set up. The rain didn't let up and Janice and I got pretty wet, so a trip to the laundry was in order for the evening. After we settled in, a glass of wine helped soothe the frayed nerves.

Fri 10/1

OK, now this is what I'm talking about, a day that makes all the traveling worthwhile. Watkins Glen is on one of the Finger Lakes and is famous for its' gorge, and also for its' racecar track. In the morning, the rain had stopped, I said that I wanted to drive around the Seneca Lake to look at the scenery. We put the dogs into the truck and away we went. At every turn and over every hill there was beauty to behold. The trees were in glorious color and the lake was calm as a bath tub. We drove for two hours and enjoyed every minute of it. Janice wanted to hike the gorge, so in the afternoon we went for a three mile hike in and around the gorge. In a 1 1/2 mile stretch there are 19 waterfalls, since there had been over 5 inches of rain, the river and the falls were full and spectacular. Now, these falls aren't little bitty things, they are huge and drop 3 or 4 hundred feet in spots. Janice and I were amazed at how loud the falls were, they thundered and were almost deafening at times. The walkways were wet from all the water flowing out of the sidewalls and made it rather tough walking. In that 1 1/2 miles there are 839 steps that had to be climbed, and YES we did them all. On the way down, we took a different path that was flatter and easier to walk on. This was a great day, beautiful scenery and a walk on the WILD SIDE of things. When we got back to the KOA we met a fellow and his wife that were from the Isle of Wight, in the UK, they were touring the New York area. The Isle of Wight is where Janice and I spent our honeymoon, small world eh?

10/2 10/3

Sat 10/2

This was another moving day, from Watkins Glen to Glens Falls,NY. Not a very long distance so we decided to take a side road that is listed as a "Scenic Drive". Well, to say that it is a scenic drive is a gross understatment, IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!!! We thought this would be a nice drive, but were blown away by the beauty of Upstate New York. Neither of us realized that New York State was this beautiful, don't know that Vermont and New Hampshire can be much better. We set up at Glens Falls and took a drive around the town. It is a tourist town with all the water parks, restaurants and family places that you would expect. Nice clean town and the campground is very suitable, so the day ended on a very positive note.

Sun 10/3

OK, this was another of those days that makes traveling great. The temp was down to 39 last night, but our little home on wheels kept us warm as bugs in rugs. I wanted to take a look at the Adirondak Mts. so we spent the morning driving around. We came upon a town called Warrensburg and thought it was kind of funny that there were so many people having garage sales way outside of town. When we got into town we realized why, they were having what they called "THE WORLDS BIGGEST GARAGE SALE". The main street, 4 miles long, had vendors set up on each side and some on the side streets, there were hundreds of people and more "stuff" than I have ever seen. This was a bargain hunters paradise.

In the afternoon we drove out to see Fort Ticonderoga, which is a famous fort from the 1700's, and into the Revolutionary War. It is located on a peninsula that goes into Lake Champlain. The 40 mile drive to get there was through the Adirondaks and had some spectacular scenery. The fort sits about 300 feet above the lake and Janice said that it is the most breathtaking view she has ever seen. Also in the afternoon we went to see Cooper's cave, here in Glens Falls. It is the cave that James Finamore Cooper explored that gave him the inspiration to write "The Last of the Mohicans". The falls here in Glens Falls, is really something, it has been utilized for over one hundred and fifty years as a power source for the mills, and when the water comes over the falls, it comes with tremendous power and produces a huge amount of electricity. What a great day!!!

Vermont and New Hampshire - Beauty At Every Turn

Can't beat this for a beautiful scene
Can't beat this for a beautiful scene

10/4 10/5 Vermont is Great Touring

Mon 10/4

Ah, another short moving day. Just over 2 hours from Glens Falls to Quechee, VT. Since the distance is short we took a bunch of side roads to see some more of the scenery. Quechee is another place that is famous for its' gorge, so we decided to take the dogs for a walk around the gorge before we set up. The gorge was quite spectacular and the walk along the rim was really great, there was a dam and a pond that we walked around. Poor dogs, were absolutely pooped after all the walking and they were pretty much done for the day. After setting up and having a snack we went to wander around Woodstock VT (not THE Woodstock). Very quaint and picturesque and surprisingly, full of tourists.

Tues 10/5

Vermont is a great state for scenery and various stuff to see. We did a lot of driving in the Green Mountains and saw some really good color and got jealous when we saw some of the houses and the views they had. One of the places we toured was BEN AND JERRY'S ice cream production plant. This was the place that Janice could have left me for 6 weeks and then come back to pick me up, when I say pick me up I mean with a fork lift. Of course we had to have a big cupful of ice cream before the tour and then at the end we got a small cupful, I wanted to take the tour again to get more samples, but Janice dragged me away. Since we have to stop quite often to walk the dogs, we always try to find a spot that has a pretty walk, lake etc. Today we found places that had little village greens with fantastic houses surrounding them, ponds where the dogs could sniff till their noses fell off and big open fields that had fantastic mountain views. I love driving in this state, speed limits are pretty low so you can actually look at the scenery, instead of worrying about falling off the edge of the mountains.

10/6 10/7 Rain and Shine Days

Wed 10/6

Some days you have to play the hand that your dealt and this was one of those days. It started out a little misty and very damp, but we had to push ahead with our touring and hope for the best. We spent an hour or so driving the scenic routes into New Hampshire, and then took a tram ride up to the top of Cannan Mt. Just as we got to the truck it started to rain and continued to rain until late into the night. Not to be denied our day of touring, we plotted out some scenic routes and kept on going. We saw some really good scenery and were very impressed with the old houses in some of the little villages. In spite of the rain, the scenic routes were scenic and the views were great.

Thurs 10/7

The rained stopped, the skys cleared a little and we were on our way again. Janice planned out a route that covered many of the roads that are designated as scenic routes and passed through some of the oldest towns in Vermont. The clouds were still hanging quite low and it was amazing to see the top half of a mountain covered in clouds and the lower half still clear and full of colors. We stopped at and toured the summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln (Abe Lincoln's son) and that made our afternoon really great. This home is on 425 acres, right in the middle of some of the the Green Mountains and has some of the best views we have seen. The route we took went through villages that had houses built around 1760 - 1780. My wife was drooling all the way and kept telling me to slow down (below the 20 I was going) so she could see them all. Friday is another moving day, to Mass. and we will probably be out of WIFI connections for a couple of days, but I will catch up with things when we connect again.

10/9 10/10 Family Time

Sat 10/9

Sad to say that we left Vermont and New Hampshire and all the beauty of the leaves, mountains and villages. Happy to say that we headed for Mass. for a visit with our Son and his family. The trip was short (about 3 hours) and we got to the campground in Miles Standish State Park on Fri in plenty of time to set up and enjoy a couple of hours of outdoor sitting before it dark and started to cool off. The sites at the campground were huge, big enough for a horse trailer and a couple of tents; there are horse trails in the park and many of the campers are the horse riders. Temp got down to 41 degrees so it was a bit nippy to take the dogs out and even to go to take a shower in the unheated bathroom....BRRRRR. Had a nice visit with the family on Sat., even our granddaughter from Boston was able to come and join us. Our Son made homemade pizzas, which were really really good and we had a lot of good laughs as we enjoyed each others company.

Sun 10/10

The day started with a dog walk at 7 am in 35 degree weather, neither the dogs nor I took much pleasure in that experience. But then there was the Dunkin Donuts breakfast, that helped to get the morning off to a good start. Right now there are 4 dogs here, our 2, our sons' one and our granddaughters crazy, wild, but very loving, Spaniel. So far they all seem to be getting along OK. We camped in the back yard and an electrical cord was run from the house, so there are all the comforts of home in our little trailer. The dogs got a treat when we took all of them for a walk down by the ocean, sun was shinning and there was a beautiful blue sky, nice and warm also. Football in the afternoon pretty well closes out the day. Everyone is off on Mon, so there will be another day of family fun and togetherness.



Hook up TV and clock

Set refrigerator

Turn on refrigerator fan

Open shower drain in closet

Move Joey from truck

Put out dog water

Get dog crates from truck

Get dog leashes from truck

Get any food from cooler in truck

Turn on hot water heater

Amazon Raincoats - Don't forget the raincoats, travelers must always be prepared

Rain, rain, rain, don't get caught without a good raincoat. These are some of the best.

For a weekend or 6 weeks - A Casita will give you all the comforts you need

Keep an eye on the highways and you will see many happy Casita owners on their way to another great adventure.

Massachusetts and Cape Cod

There Is No End To The Fun In A Travel Trailer

10/12 Fun In Mass.

We have been spending some quality time with the family here in Mass. There are a lot of great places to go around here for sightseeing. Sun afternoon we went to Ft. Phoenix, which was an old revolutionary war fort that guarded the entrance to New Bedford bay. We watched a wedding that was taking place on one of the greens of the fort, a little blustery up on that promontory for a half naked wedding party Mon. was a holiday so everyone was here and we went to Falmouth, out on Cape Cod, for some small village touring. Eric wasn't able to come as he had football practice and next weekend we'll have a chance to watch him play. Of course everything here dates back to the 1700's and Falmouth has a long colorful history. This is the end of the tourist season and there were some pretty good bargains in hats, sweatshirts and other touristy stuff. One of my favorite things to buy was the discounted ice cream cones and handmade fudge, talk about pigging out. We have had good weather here, warm during the day and cool at night. Very nice.

10/12 10/13 Cape Cod and Provincetown

Tues. 10/12

This was another very short moving day. Since everyone in our son's family was either at school or working, we decided to move to a close campground and do some sightseeing from there. The move was only about 15 miles, so we were done setting up and showering etc by 3 pm. We went to our grandson's football game, but he had played in the varsity game and couldn't play in the JV game until the second half. We had to leave at half time to head for Boston, to have dinner with our granddaughter, but we will see him in another game on Sat. Our GPS did a fine job of getting us to Boston and to the parking garage that was close to the Four Seasons Hotel where our granddaughter works, so we could meet her. Once we connected with her, we all (my wife, granddaughter our two dogs and me)walked to her apartment in Beacon Hill. Nellie (our Dachshound) really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Boston, but we kept Daphne in her crate to avoid any problems. The walk around Beacon Hill was really interesting, beautiful old buildings, quaint shops, people walking all over the place with dogs and hundreds of cars parked on both sides of the street, which seemed to go straight up and down, I guess that's why it's called Beacon HILL. The three of us went to dinner at one of the colorful local Italian restaurants. The eating area was small and was packed with people enjoying their food and each others company, much noisier than you find in Texas places. Naturally, we joined in with our fair share of chatting and catching up. My wife said that everyone there sounded like they came out of the "Sopranos". The meal was great and we even went with dessert, so it's a good thing we had some hills to climb to wear off those calories. The evening was beautiful and on the way back to Diana's apartment we were amazed at how many people were out and about and how many people were still jogging. All in all, this was a great night out in Boston.

Wed. 10/13

One of the things in my wife's bucket list, was to go to the end of Cape Cod and visit Provincetown. We had been to the Cape a couple of times but not all the way out. Provincetown is now considered to be the San Francisco of the East because of all the artsy people, small gallaries and the large gay population. On our way there, we took the roads that would put us into the small towns and along the seashore. By doing this we were able to see many of the huge summer homes, lighthouses and great views of the ocean. I was kind of surprised at how many cars and people there were on the roads and in the villages; I figured the season was over and we would be pretty much alone. But the real shocker came when we got into Provincetown and started driving down main street. All the shops and gallaries were teeming with people, the roads were packed and 5 mph was about as fast as I could go. This is a very old town (1700s) so the roads are narrow and the houses and shops are built within a couple of feet from the road, which meant that there were hundreds of people walking in the road and you couldn't move unless they cleared a path for you. I had my extender mirrors on and I was afraid that I might hit someone who misjudged the width of my truck. There was no place to park unless you went a long way off the main drag, but we had the dogs with us and couldn't leave them that far away. I would have liked to have looked in some of the shops, but I probably saved myself a bunch of money by not getting to shop. On the way back we stopped and got some chowder and lobster wraps in a little place in one of the quaint villages. We even found a nice village green where we could walk the dogs. They have been good little travelers and I think they are enjoying the change as much as we are. I have discovered that there are not that many McDonalds up here, but I have also discovered that they have a lot of Dunkin Donuts, which have some really great pastries. There must be some sort of magnet in the stores, because my truck always goes straight for the Dunkin Donuts whenever there is one close. We don't have TV reception at the campground so we spent our evening reading our books and drinking wine, not a bad way to end the day.

Thurs 10/14

Today was a great day. I love places that are old and historical, and Plymouth Mass. qualifies in both areas. The Pilgrims landed there in 1620 and established a settlement that has been occupied to this day. We started off by going to see the Plymouth Rock, where the first Pilgrims stepped off the ship and touched land. No one knows for sure if this is the actual place they landed or if it is where they tied up their boat, but Hey, it was very interesting to see. The Mayflower II, which is an exact replica of the original ship that the Pilgrims came over on, is harbored close to the rock. It is now set up as a floating museum but sails around the harbor once or twice a year. We walked around Plymouth to see some of the old buildings that date back to the early 1700's. Many are still being used, some as homes and some as shops, the old Mill is still operational and the churches still hold services. We went to the Burial Hill which has the oldest graves in the US, back to the early 1600's the old markers were wooden, so they didn't survive, but they somehow know the location of the more important people from those early days. There were many headstones dating from the 1700's. many listed "consort of...." followed by some man's name. Sadly many , many babies and children.

About half of the original settlers died that first winter and there is a memorial to them listing their names. Well not quite, the mens names were there but the women were listed as "John and wife" or "John's family".

We found a little tea shop "The Blue Blind Bakery" that was located in one of the very old sections of town and had raspberry scones and coffee. Nice to get warm after being in the cold wind at the harbor. There were English tourists in there, like everywhere else we visited. They may not rule the world anymore but they sure do travel it.

Fri 10/15 Sat 10/16 Sun 10/17

Remember the song "Oh Suzanna Don't You Cry For Me", the part that says "it rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry, sun so hot I froze to death, Suzanna don't you cry". That's kind of what has been happening here. All Thurs night it poured with rain and when we got up Friday morning we were surrounded by huge puddles, since we were on a high piece of ground, we were like an island in the sea. Fortunately, we had packed everything up, unhooked what could be unhooked and were almost ready to pull out to go back to our son's, in anticipation of the rain. The rain had stopped by morning so we didn't have to complete the hookup in the rain. We finally made it out and didn't have to use paddles to move the trailer through the water puddles. We set up at Stephens' , took the dogs out and were ready for a night with the family. Our granddaughter Jacqueline, passed her drivers test that day, so there was high excitement in the house.

Sat. And Mon are birthdays for two grandchildren, lots of cake and ice cream in the future. One grandson is on the varsity football team which meant that the whole family got to go watch the game out in the cold (this is the part where the sun's so hot etc.) the sky was blue and the sun was shining, but the wind was freezing and I thought I would freeze before the game was over. Our team lost, but the hot chocolate was really good. Janice and I spent a fun evening playing BlackJack with our other grandson and once again grandpa came through as the big winner. Since we were playing that the red chips were a billion dollars, I ended up as a very rich billionaire, which I always knew was my destiny!!!!!

Sun. began with a run to Dunkin Donuts for a sugar jolt that the whole family could enjoy, and enjoy we did. Janice and I did our last minute grocery shopping and gassing up of the truck in preparation for our homeward journey that will start about 8 am Mon. This being Sunday and our son being a lover of football, the afternoon and evening were consumed by Patriots football and then Cowboys football. One game we all enjoyed and cheered the team to victory and the other game, well, we tried but the Cowboys just couldn't get it together. Part of the departure preparation was done during half times, so for the most part we are ready for the big hookup and journey south. I'm sure Daphne will be glad to get to some warmer areas, she starts to shiver when the temp hits 70 degrees and it has been as low as 37 during the night. It is late Sun. and we have said all our goodbyes. Tomorrow morning we take off and may not have WIFI for a few days.

Satellite Radio is a Must on the road - Never run out of a radio signal when traveling in a trailer

One of the best things you can do for your entertainment, is to get a satellite radio, either for your truck or a portable one that can be used in all your vehicles and at home.

Love the tourist stuff, check out this ship replica of the Mayflower

We had a great day at Plymouth and things like this are the reason.

One beautiful waterfall
One beautiful waterfall

When the party's over

It's time to head for home

Mon. 10/18

What a great first day for the start of our journey home. We made 460 miles and still were able to set up before 5 pm. For us Texans, 460 miles would be from Austin to El Paso and you would go through 3 or 4 counties and still have a lot of Texas left. We went through 7 states in just one day, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Along our route were places such as Hershy Pennsylvania, Gettysburg,and Antietem, and we crossed both the Delaware and the Potomac. The leaves were still in great color which gave us many WOW moments. The campground we stayed at was close to Hagerstown, Maryland, which was right in the middle of a lot of Civil War battlegrounds. There was a beautiful river running through the campground and it made for a pleasant walk to end our day.

Tues. 10/19

Our plan of action was to get up at a reasonable hour, take a shower, have breakfast and then head for the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Well guess what.....that's exactly what we did. Since we only had about 75 miles to travel we weren't in too great a hurry, which made a nice change from the previous day. We made our way to the Skyline Drive where we started our trip through the Park. The drive goes through some of the most gorgeous scenery I have ever seen.Skyline drive runs across the Appalachians at an altitude of 3-4000ft. In a 51 mile trek, there were 41 overlooks and each of them had breathtaking views, hills, valleys and mountains all joined together to make beautiful Post Card scenes. It's hard to believe that you can drive so far, see all that beauty and then come around a bend to be WOWed even more. We are staying at a campground in the National Park and plan to do more sightseeing in the next couple of days. Janice wants to hike to a couple of waterfalls, that should take up most of Wed. Because there is so much to see, we have to be a little selective and do what gives us the most bang for the buck.

Wed 10/20

As luck would have it, when we got up we discovered that we were completely fogged in and could barely see 10 feet out of the trailer. We decided to take a very slow drive to the lodge at Skyland (about 10 miles away) and have breakfast. We hit some spots that were clear as a bell and then right back into the fog. We did manage a short 2 mile hike in the afternoon, but weren't able to do much else until the evening. We sat outside with a glass of wine and enjoyed the cool 45 degree weather. We did see some deer in the campground, they were much bigger than the ones in SunCity and had no fear of us or the dogs.

Thurs. 10/21

We woke up to a beautiful clear sky, quite the opposite of Wed., but this was a moving day. We gathered our belongings and hit the road by 8:30 am. Our drive started with 55 more miles of the Skyline Drive and in the sun it was just plain glorious. At every turn we saw vistas and views that literally took your breath away. The speed limit in the park is only 35 mph so you get to see a lot and there are pull offs about every mile. This was truly one of the most beautiful drives we have ever been on. Our drive through Virginia was very pretty, mountains on each side and beautiful valleys with farms and cattle dotting the landscape. Our day ended south of Knoxville in eastern Tennessee, which is on the edge of the Smokies. Our 400 miles today along with the lower alttitute have brought us much warmer temps. and Daphne is one happy camper (she hates the cold). Janice also decided that she hates the cold more than she hates the Texas heat.

Looking forward to seeing friends and neighbors back in Sun City, sometime Sunday.

10/24 Home

As they say, all good things must come to an end and so it is with our great trip. We arrived at home at 5 pm on Sat. after 2 days of fairly hard driving. After we left Shenandoah we had no more places we wanted to stop and tour, so we just headed south and made for home. I think the dogs are really happy to be here and have their own "spots" back again. It was a great trip, but Janice is already planning for our next one. Today we will clean up the trailer and truck and try to remember what we did in our everyday lives before the trip, now Janice is going around singing "HOW YA GONNA KEEP EM DOWN ON THE FARM AFTER THEY'VE SEEN BROADWAY". I think that means there are a lot more trips in our future!!!

Don't forget the dog pens - Keep your traveling buddies safe

Never put your pets at risk, keep them close and keep them on a leash or in a pen.

Far too often I see campers that chain their pets to the RV and walk away leaving them to get wrapped up in the chain or worse. The best way to keep your pet safe is to put them in a dog pen. This way they can enjoy the freedom off the leash and confined to one place.

Most dogs don't bark when they are in a dog pen as opposed to being on a chain. Do yourself, your dog and the other campers a favor, put your dog in a dog pen and keep them happy.


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      9 years ago

      Nice Lens, very useful tips


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