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Guide To Bridgetown Cruise Port, Barbados

Updated on July 22, 2011
Beautiful Barbados
Beautiful Barbados

Let's Go Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados has more than its fair share of beautiful sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and warm turquoise waters. And add the friendliness and generosity of the local Bajans, and it's no surprise you have a hard-to-better holiday destination.

During the 18th and 19th centuries the island was run as a sugar cane economy under British management, and there are a few original sugar plantations renovated as museums describing the daily lives of the slaves working on the plantation.

Today the inhabitants of Barbados are called Bajans, and the ancesters of the original plantation system live in relative harmony under a stable government.

Barbados is the furthest east Caribbean island and nomally avoids the terrible effects of the region's tropical storms due to the fact that the island is located just outside the major hurricane zone. Records show that a hurricane only hits the island around once every 27 years.

These advantages make the island a very popular cruiseship port-of-call, and in recent years, partly thanks to the well served closeby airport, it has also become a busy departing port for cruiselines.

Sunbury Plantation House
Sunbury Plantation House

Don't Forget to Enjoy Barbados

Barbados is a compact and easy-to-explore island. Many tourists love to spend their time on a beautiful palm-fringed Caribbean beach, but there are other must-see attractions.

Sunbury Plantation House
A Plantation Great House whose rooms are all available for viewing. The 300 year house is steeped in history, with old prints, original handwritten accounts, characterful funiture and a collection of horse-drawn carriages.

Broad Street
The main thoroughfare of Bridgetown. The street is lined with tax free outlets, banks, large chain stores, and restaurants. Also take a look at Swan Street which features many cheap clothing shops

Harrison's Cave
Barbabos's number one visitor attraction. Get on an electric tram and voyage through a awe-inspiring underground world.

Mount Gay Rum Distillery and Banks Beer Tour
If you like your alcohol go on a tour and tasting at Barbados's main rum distillery, next travel to Banks Brewery to enjoy the island's favorite beer.

Welchman Hall Gully
A gorgeous tropical garden maintained by the National Trust of Barbados. You're also bound to see a colony of wild monkeys.

The island's beaches are open to the public. Just a mile or so from the cruise terminal are the beaches of the Gold Coast. Payne's bay is good for swimming. Nearby lies Fresh Water Bay, with a beautiful threesome of beaches, Brighton Beach, Brandon's Beach and Paradise Beach.

Itineraries Available from Barbados

Thanks to its ideal location in the center of the Southern Caribbean, Barbados makes a brilliant departure port.

Cruises include the Greater Antilles (Jamaica), the Leeward Isles(St Barts, St Martin, St Kitts, Nevis, Guadeloupe, Trinidad, Tobago), the Windward Isles (Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent),  the Netherland Antilles off the north coast of Venezuela (Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire) and even the Brazilian Amazon. For cruise departures from Barbados see cruises from Barbados.

An example of offerings from the cruiselines would be
Southern Caribbean (Carnival) visiting St Lucia, St kitts, St Maarten, San Juan, St Thomas, Dominica
Caribbean and Amazon (PO Cruises) visiting  Grenada, Santarem, Parintins, Manaus, Tobago, St Lucia
Grand Caribbean Adventurer (Princess Cruises) visiting St Vincent, St Georges, Bonaire, WIllemstad, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, St Thomas, St Kitts, St Johns, Dominica

Bridgetown Deepwater Port
Bridgetown Deepwater Port

Useful Cruise Terminal Information

Bridgetown Port, also known as the Deep Water Harbour, was built in the 1960s a short distance to the north of Bridgetown.   In 2002 the central approach channel was dredged to allow bigger ships to dock.) is located on the south west coast of the country of Barbados. The Port handles all of the country's cargo ships, and a large number cruise ships.  Built in 1961, the Deep Water Harbour was formed by a man-made isthmus. In 2002 the central channel plus the harbor were dredged to enable large ships to berth.}

The port deepening work has proved a great success, resulting in an increase in goods and cruise ship volumes.

There are 4 deepwater (draft over 11meters) quays suitable for larger cruiseships These accommodate 5-6 large cruiseships. The breakwater (522m long), the sugar berth (307m long), berths 2/3/4 (total length  550m) and the Esso Jetty (244 meters), situated the breakwater.  The latter is only occupied when the others are full.  

See the official website at

Transferring to the Cruise Terminal

Grantley Adams International Airport is 13 miles from the cruise terminal at Bridgetown port. The airport is served by aeroplanes from North America, Europe and elsewhere in the Caribbean. The journey from airport to the cruise terminal is easiest by cab, and takes around30 minutes.  The cost is around fifty Bds.


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    • profile image 7 years ago from Barbados

      Nice hub. The Barbados port has consistently won international awards as the best port in the Caribbean. In fact many cruise lines choose to 'home port' in Barbados rather than in other ports like say Puerto Rico.

    • profile image

      Peter Clarke 7 years ago

      Long live my Barbados, Iam very pleased to see that my Barbados is advancing with the modern times.

      I am very glad to see the nice Port, ONE of the best in the Caribbean.

      I will be there around the end of Octuber this year.

      Kind regards,

      Peter Clarke.