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A guide to the different Disneyland Resorts

Updated on February 12, 2013

Disneyland Resorts - A place the children will never forget

A visit to Disneyland is a great way for a family with children of any age to spend their vacation. In fact, a Disneyland vacation usually ranks as one of the top memories that most kids have of their childhood. There is an easy reason for this, Disneyland goes over the top and delivers everything an amusement park should, and then some. Part of the Disneyland experience that is sometimes overlooked but shouldn't be if anything can be done about it is the chance to stay in one of Disneyland's resort locations. Disneyland offers three choices for the family who would like to stay in a Disney owned property.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

A stay at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel is a stay in absolute luxury. While the kids may want to run around the park all day long, this hotel offers parents the ability to be pampered with fine dining, luxurious pools and hot tubs, and spacious hotel rooms. The legendary Mandara Spa at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel offers some of the best relaxation experiences in the area including full massages and many other exotic therapies. The hotel offers a program called Pinocchio's Workshop where children ages five to twelve can be entertained with a variety of activities like computer games, Disney films, snacks and meals, as well as arts and crafts while the parents take some time to themselves. Disney's Grand Californian Hotel is a wonderful choice for the entire family. Book your next adventure on disneyland hotel on expedia. Use an expedia hotel coupon code and save even more.

Grand Californian Hotel. A look at the view outside.

Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is the original Disney accommodation property and has entertained and housed families coming to the Magic Kingdom for decades. The hotel features many special Disney themed areas including the famous Never Land swimming pool. Children and adults alike will love the fact that around every corner is a reminder that they are staying in a one of a kind hotel. Among the many features that families can find at their disposal is a swimming pool with an actual sandy beach located nearby, complete with a beach volleyball court, the 5,000 square foot Never Land pool, Safari Adventure Remote Controlled Jungle Cruise Boats, as well as many scenic waterfalls and koi fish ponds. The Disneyland Hotel is also home to a state-of-the-are fitness gymnasium, Team Mickey's Workout Room. Families who book a stay at the classic Disneyland Hotel are ensuring that everyone on the trip will be immersed neck deep in everything Disney.

A look inside Disneyland Hotel

Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel

One of the nicest experiences in the entire Disneyland area can be had with a stay at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel. This hotel contains everything a visitor would expect to find at a world class resort including a business center, conference room, casual and fine dining options, spacious rooms, and more. But a stay at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel is anything but full of what a traveler would expect to find. The hotel is home to a beach themed theater that shows seemingly non-stop Disney movies, Mickey's Beach Workout Room for the athletically inclined, and more. One of the highlights of Disney's Paradise Pier is the rooftop pool and spa which features stunning views of the surrounding area and fun features like an actual water slide. A stay at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel is a great way for a family to spend some relaxing and comfortable time while visiting one of the most popular places on Earth.

Staying at a Disneyland Resort Can be the Experience of a Lifetime.

Staying at any of Disneyland's luxurious resorts entitles guests to a number of extra experiences and features too including possible early entry into the amusement park, a child activity center, in-room babysitting, learning programs, property-wide charging for purchases, and the very convenient ability to re-enter the park after a mid-day break back at the hotel.

A visit to Disneyland can be the type of vacation that every member of a family always dreams of. It can be made that much better though if the lodging is handled through one of the three Disney owned resort hotels that are located adjacent to the amusement park. Staying at a Disney Resort completes the vacation in ways that can only be seen and experienced while it is happening. One of the biggest benefits to staying on-site is the feeling that the vacation is a Disneyland vacation, and not just a vacation to Southern California that features a visit to the Magic Kingdom. Visiting Disneyland is a special time in any child's life, it can be made extra special by staying at any of Disneyland's fabulous resort hotels. Book your next magical vacation on Expedia and save on Couponloco. Use an expedia coupon code from for additional savings.

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