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Happy Diwali Wishes With Diwali Scraps And Diwali greetings

Updated on October 19, 2013

Diwali The Festival Of Light

Diwali is an Hindu Festival with around 1000's of years of history. Lord Ram has won the Ram-Ravana War and released his wife from Damon king Ravana. Along with that his 14 years of living in the forest was also finished. While his return to Ayodya to become the King, the people of ayodya lighted the lamps all over Ayodya to welcome their crown prince back to ayodya. From that day on wards ayodya people started celebrating Diwali in every year as a memory.

It was known as Deepavali means lamps in row (deepam -lamp, vali-in a row). It id also symbolising as the win of light(good spirit) over darkness (Damon evils), Win of Gods over Demons. Gradually it has spread all over the India Making it only one festival which is celebrated all over India irrespective of language and culture. The name also taken a short form from deepavali to Diwali

Diwali Scrap -1
Diwali Scrap -1

Diwali scraps for facebook and orkut

Facebook diwali scraps

As diwali is approaching you may be looking for Diwali gifts and Diwali sweets for sending to your friends and relatives. Almost all of india people will be using fireworks on proceeding night and on Diwali day morning they will conduct special puja. After that people will be eating Diwali lunch and then Diwali sweets. Diwali sweets are one of unavoidable part of Diwali.

What about your dears and friends who is not with you on Diwali. You can send an online Diwali greetings to them. Or you can post a suitable Diwali Scraps at their face book wall. There are lot of Diwali Scraps and Diwali Greetings are available now. All these scraps are professionally created for Diwali and almost all webs are allowing them to free download for personal use like posting on facebook and orkut.

Suggested Diwali Gifts

Sending a Diwali Gift is a great thing to do. Please see some Diwali Gifts here

Diwali Gift Ideas :
Send Suitable Diwali Gifts to Your relatives and Friends

Happy Diwali Messages and Diwali sms Messages

AS Diwali is on the corner you may be looking to send some Diwali greetings and Diwali cards with heart felt Diwali Messages. Please Find Some great Diwali Messages

Happy Diwali to you

May This Diwali Brings,

Happiness and Prosperity

to you and your Family

May the Happiness and prosperity,

Comes to you like the lights from Diyas,

to you and your Family.

Diwali is the great Festival

Diwali Brings the Happiness

Peace and Prosperity for you

and your Family

It is Diwali, the Celebration of

the victory of God for Us

Let us Celebrate it with

Sparkles and happiness

May the new year brings you

Happiness like sparkles of Diwali

Prosperity like Light of Diya

Luck like the Sound of crackers

Joy like the Diwali Sweets

Happy Diwali

Selected Diwali Scraps

Some Selected Diwali Scraps from

Diwali Scrap 2

Diwali Scrap2

Diwali Scrap 2 from good lights

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