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haunted places in India

Updated on January 24, 2011

Haunted Places in India

Probably everyone is interested in Ghosts, even though they dont believe in their existence. As of me, err I have to leave the lights on if I ever see a horror movie before sleeping. (thats when I am alone of course) But there is always a hard to suppress curiosity associated with haunted places. I am now creating this lens for India's Top 10 haunted sites. They are more from a adventure and nature travel perspective than a horror perspective. I hope you enjoy reading this lens and use the information to include one of them in your itinerary when visiting India.

TOC for the Haunted Places in India Lens

read carefully bummer

I am warning you in advance. Nothing in this lens is to be taken as light humor. I am not responsible for the outcome of your visits to these places nor to I guarantee your meeting with the Ghost at any of these places. This lens has been compiled for those adventures kind who would want to shake hands with Mr Ghostie in one of these place. By agreeing to read further you grant me and my ethereal contacts the right to haunt you in your sleep or walk.

My list of haunted places in India is based on local reports of surreal activities and recorded cases of mishaps in those places. I will do my best to back up my claims with citations from trusted sources. But as you can see it I am not in a position to give you the phone numbers or email ids or twitter handles of those scary entities claimed to be inhabiting these places.

Thanks to steel ghost for the outstanding scary image .

The Ruins of Bhan Garh - Rajanthan

curse of the dying sorceror that destroyed an old city - the curse that lingers

"Mortals who stay here after sunset shall never return" That is what the local saying warns every visitor to Bhangarh. It still retains its place as the most haunted place in India. Historically it has a very vivid story to back its claim. They say the city was destroyed overnight because of the curse of some crazy wizard who wanted to seduce the Tantric Queen Ratnavali but failed every time. While another story that is popular claims that the city was devastated from the wrath of ascetic Sadhu Balanath who had warned the rulers of dire consequences if the shadow of the Palace ever reached his place of meditation.{reference}

Ghosts be there or not its no doubt an awesome place to visit. Make sure you take your camera and some friends and go enjoy this place. If the ghost turns up, say Hola!

In recent years no one has ever seen or heard ghosts around that place. Its only the spooky notice put up by Archeological survey of India office in that area. The Notice claims - Staying at this place after sunset is strictly prohibited.


the spirits in the Jungle

I have a personal bonding with this place. I did my 4 years of engineering and my college was in the Doddabetta area.

Ooty has been hailed has a haunted place by many travelers and writers. Duirng my stay I never had one live experience of unholy or holy spirits. But one day my room mates claimed that a light source like that of a candle flame was hovering above my head while I was sleeping and it seemed we were in a conversation. May be they had too much whiskey on the roof. LOL.

Again in the collge hostel we had three/four incidents where people got severe scratches on their body. Two people in the same room were attacked by some element.

One of my own classmates was moving around the room with his new wireless headphones at about 2 in the morning (yes that is normal for engineering students) and it was holidays time. His room mates were yet to return.This guy ran out screaming, banging against doors to open up and shouted for help. He claimed there was someone sleeping in the empty bed with long hair and white saree.

Sure enough that lady only liked this "wireless headphone guy" because when the rest mustured courage and went inside in a group she had left the scene.

There are numerous stories around and the locals always sacre us and their children about ghosts in the jungle. Personally I loved the Jungle out there. We had a treking group named VFAR and we made it a point to discover as much forests and conquer as many hills as possible on weekends. We never found ghosts but yes there are lots of eerie places.

Finally I would like to mention this sad fact which to a large extent is true. Being a cold hill station with a huge tourist inflow a bit of flesh trade is not unheard off. Reports are that in Hotels and Farm Houses outside the main town young girls are brought in from different parts of the country and misused. So say they die young when they don't cooperate or try to flee. Of course I would haunt everyone around if you do that to me, and yes in broad daylight if possible.

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    • profile image

      sweetnats-joy 5 years ago

      Yes even i have experienced the same goosty feelin in Ooty. I was studying there for 3 years Der are some incidents i have to share.. It was wen i went to ooty initially.. Me and ma room mate wer given a Cottage a 2bhk Cottage she n i used to stay in seprate rooms.. One nyt it was around 12 ma friend was talking to her Bf nd i was sleeping suddenly we heard sumbody knocking our door.. dat too very badly we gt scared did nt go to open the door we wer looking at the window nd suddenly seen a lady lookin @ us from the Window.. Phew...Horrible...i Almost fainted.... V dnt sleep all nyt.. The Scene was horrible..

      There One More Incident:

      One nyt, it was during my Diwali Vacations, all my friends had gone home only ma warden n me wer in the hostel. I was watching a movie suddenly @ around 2 in the nyt i heard sum noise like somebody was climbing the stairs near ma room...i gathred sum courage and lookd outside n seen a shawdow of sumbody walking.. OMGG oh i gt so scared. Nd d next dat i packed my bags nd came to Mumbai.. That was a terrific incident. these are just 2 incidents there are mainy to share i guess I cn write a Book on the experiences ma friends and me..

    • rooturaj profile image

      rooturaj 6 years ago

      Hey guys thanks for the Comments. If you are aware of other haunted places - real haunted. Let me know. It should be in India.

    • profile image

      indiavacationplans 6 years ago

      I am packing my bags now....blessed!

    • Auntiekatkat profile image

      Auntiekatkat 7 years ago

      great lens


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