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Hawaii Clocks

Updated on September 4, 2014

Desk and Wall Clocks of Hawaii

Imagine a tropical beach, a beautiful ocean view as you relax and sip on a fruity drink or get yourself a clock with Hawaii on it and feel that way every time you look at it to see what time it is. What a great feeling!

Here are some great desk and wall clocks to decorate your home of office with and put that feeling of traveling to a beautiful locale.

My Trips to Kauai

Inspirational Paradise

I love Kauai! It is a smaller island of Hawaii. I have been there twice. Once in 2007 where I stayed in a condo in Princeville. The second time I went was 2014 where I stayed in Lihue at a nice resort type hotel which was right on the beach.

Kauai is beautiful and lush. If you love nature you will love it on Kauai. I had my trip mapped out the second time with places I wanted to go to photograph. I sell my photography so I had a goal of going certain places there each day.

The first time I went I went to two different luaus which was a cool experience. I loved the shows at both. Both times I went to Spouting Horn and saw the blow hole where the ocean waves come up through a hole in the rocks. It is a cool place to go to. They have a row of booths to shop at also.

I snorkeled the first time I went. It was cool to see the fish. I also went to Napali Coast on a small but fast boat the first time. It took hours to get there and the ride on the boat was rough. You sit on the edge of the boat and have to hold on tight. My hands hurt that night from holding on so tight. Seeing the sea turtles on Napali was a very cool experience.


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Sunset at Poipu in Kauai

sunset photo taken by me
sunset photo taken by me

Sunset on my Birthday

In my 2014 trip to Kauai I had dinner on the beach at a restaurant called the Beach House where you watch the sunset as you eat. It was the best birthday ever! You have to make reservations before you get to Kauai because getting it at sunset time is booked ahead of time which I did.

© 2014 Patricia

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    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 3 years ago from USA

      What a great birthday trip gift and a clock to help you remember those beautiful scenes.