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Facts About Hawaii|Hawaii Travel|Hawaiian Fun Food|Hawaii Travel|Art

Updated on June 17, 2015

Hawaiian Travel| Facts About Hawaii|Art| Food|Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos|Hawaiian Art Posters|Hawaii Real Estate


Interested in some fun facts about Hawaii and proper Hawaiian etiquette while visiting the islands... that are more on the quirky side?


Yup there are some interesting things to know that I share with you on this lens.

Hawaiian music lyrics,Hawaiian art prints photos posters, this lens talks to you about those things and more.

Interested in moving to Hawaii? Ahh I am full of thoughts and advice! Smiles!Some more ideas about Hawaii that I'd like to share with you:

* Hawaiian Art. .

* Hawaiian fun food or Hawaiian food tours.

* Hawaiian flower tattoos for fun with henna.

* Unusual facts about Hawaii.

* Tribal tattoos. 

* Landscapes still life portrait commissions, vintage original authentic.  

* Hawaiian prints, Hawaiian art prints photos posters.  A full assortment here.

* Giclee fine art prints. 

Things you may not have thought of!

* How to eat poi and enjoy it.

* What shoes to wear and when to leave them off.

* Hawaiian tribal tattoos and henna tattoos.

* Food, traditional and unexpected fun food like Spam and rice at McDonalds.

* Music and book suggestions Gift ideas Hawaiian Art and collectables.

* Hawaiian language and tons more!



You can never say that too much in Hawaii!





I usually paint from female form photography, pics my husband takes for me, and use real models to create scenes to paint.  All art on each of my Squidoo lenses is mine. 

"ke ala o Pele" (Path to Pele or Pele's Path)

48x36x2 gallery wrap, oil on canvas, 


The painting at the top is called,

"Ho' okalakupua" (Magic)

40x30x2 gallery wrap, oil on canvas, completed 3/06

found at:

Available for purchase in note cards, posters and giclees. The original is hanging at Kauai Products at Lihue Mall,Kauai, Hawaii.




Israel Kamakawaiwi'ole's golden gentle voice


So you can have something BEAUTIFUL to listen to while enjoying my lens.

You will LOVE it!

Listen, watch and be blessed by Israel 's Israel Kamakawaiwi'ole's golden gentle voice and gain a feeling for who he was. Try to look past his obvious weight problem, which is in fact what caused him to lose his life.

Know Hawaii through this little video on Utube.. this is Hawaii and what makes it such a spiritual place.

While there are better versions of Iz singing this song, I picked this one because if shows the Hawaiian culture and because at the end of it is his funeral.

a hui hou IZ

(meaning, "Until we meet again IZ")



Here are the Hawaiian music lyrics

|G D |Em* C |G D |

|Em* |C |

G D/F# C G

ooo-ooo ooo-ooo ooo-ooo ooo-ooo

C Bm7 Em C

ooo-ooo ooo-ooo ooo-ooo ooo-ooo

G D/F# C/B Em7/D

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high

C G/B D/A Em C

And the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby______

G D/F# C/B Em7/D

Oh somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly

C G/B D/A Em C

And the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true______


Someday i'll wish upon a star

D/F# Em C

Wake up where the clouds are far behind me


Where trouble melts like lemon drops

D/F# Em C

High above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me

G D/F# C/B Em7/D

Oh somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly

C G/B D/A Em C

And the dreams that you dare to, oh why, oh why can't I?______

G D C/B Em7/D

Well I see trees of green and Red roses too

C G/B D/A Em/B

I'll watch then bloom for me and you

C D/A Em C

And I think to myself: what a wonderful world

G D C/B Em7/D

Well I see skies of blue and I see clouds of white

C G/B D/A Em/B

And the brightness of day, I like the dark


And I think to myself: what a wonderful world

D/A Em/B

The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky

D/A Em/B

Are also on the faces of people passing bye

C/B Em7/D C/B Em7/D

See friends shaking hands, saying 'how do you do?'

C/B Em7/D C D

They're really saying, I...I love you

G D C/B Em7/D

I hear babies cry and I watch them grow

C G/B D/A Em/B

They'll learn much more than we'll know

C D/A Em C

And I think to myself: what a wonderful world


Someday i'll wish upon a star

D/F# Em C

Wake up where the clouds are far behind me


Where trouble melts like lemon drops

D/F# Em C

High above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me

G D/F# C/B Em7/D

Oh somewhere over the rainbow, way up high

C G/B D/A Em C

And the dreams that you dare to, why, oh why can't I?______

G D/F# C G

ooo-ooo ooo-ooo ooo-ooo ooo-ooo

C Bm7 Em C

ooo-ooo ooo-ooo ooo-a-eh-a-a-a-a-a-a-a

Israel Kamakawaiwi'ole's


Over the Rainbow

The version of the song you have heard in movies and commercials is

Israel Kamakawaiwi'ole''s

golden gentle voice.


Hawaiian Books on Amazon - Books on Hawaii, Vintage Original Authentic Hawaiian Prints, Travel, etc.

All Things Hawaiian. Books on vintage original authentic Hawaiian prints, travel, food, legends, Hawaiian dancers and culture.

One of the books below has my art in it... YAY!

Blessings and Rainbows!

Spirit of Hula: Mana o Hula
Spirit of Hula: Mana o Hula


Kathy Note:

I am the illustrator of the painting shown on page 84 YAY!

The painting of mine in this book is called "Tradewinds in my Hair" I sold the original but still sell giclees of the image. The thing that worked so well with this painting was that she had 'fabulous hair!' Men just love the painting/giclee as well. It was to a man that I sold the original piece to. Smile.

The Art of Gill - A Collection of Vintage Hawaiian Art by Gill
The Art of Gill - A Collection of Vintage Hawaiian Art by Gill


Kathy Note:

Gill is highly collectible... He had a style like non other. I think many are still trying to emulate his amazing style.

Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom
Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom


Kathy Note:

Cards to invite goodness and power into your day

Hawaiiana: The Best of Hawaiian Design (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Hawaiiana: The Best of Hawaiian Design (Schiffer Book for Collectors)


Kathy Note:

Wonderful Hawaiiana. If you are into Hawaiian design of old... this is darn cool.

Paradisus: Hawaiian Plant Watercolors by Geraldine King Tam
Paradisus: Hawaiian Plant Watercolors by Geraldine King Tam


Kathy Note:

I know Geraldine, she is a wonderful lady and honored artist in Hawaii. She lives on the gorgeous island of Kauai.


How To Tie a Ti Leaf Lei- Do It With Your Toes!

Ti leaf leis are tied with both hands and a nice big toe.

How To Tie a Ti Leaf Lei- Do It With Your Toes!

Ti Leaves are sacred in Hawaii. Hawaiians plant a ti leaf plant at each of the four corners of their property. They are used for a zillion things from cooking to using them to fan away flies. They are also used to make leis.

Ever need an extra hand? How about using your toes?

Ti leaf leis are often tied with both hands and feet, using ones toes to hold as leverage, as shown in my painting below.

When making a Ti Leaf Lei one first goes out and gathers ti leaves. Cut out the middle vein so that you have two pieces left. Wash them off and put in the freezer til frozen, then thaw. They will be soft and pliable then. They are then twisted and braided. Often they are made to have an open end.

I have posted books below on leis for your further enjoyment. You can make a lei out of most anything and they make a wonderful thoughtful gift.

"Lei Hilo"

Ua hilo 'ia i ke aho a ke aloha: Braided with cords of love.

30x40x2 gallery wrap, oil on canvas, completed 12/05

$1,400. Plus shipping via Fed Ex/Prices are subject to change. Available in giclee, posters and greeting cards.

Same prices that are on my official website

Contact me through my website or through this Squid lens if you are interested.

Artist's Watch Blog below has more of my Hawaiian paintings that show the above painting as well.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos in Black Henna, NOT PERMANENT, YAY!

Hawaiian Tribal or Plumeria are a couple ideas...

Chinese tattoos, tribal cross tattoos, fairy tattoos,in black henna ... Yay, not Permanent!

While working in a gift store in Hanalei, Hawaii, which is on the island of Kauai I learned the art of Black Henna Tattoo. There is a difference between regular henna and black henna, the most obvious being the color. Red henna produces a lovely color on the skin but does not look like a regular permanent tattoo when done. Black henna resembles a permanent tattoo when applied.

Oh, btw:

I have posted a Henna Tattoo 'Kit' down below. I actually got this kit as a gift from someone once about a year before I really got into it. The kit is great because you have everything you need.. no prob. It is a lot easier than you might think. Practice with toothpaste. I also posted a how to book that has more designs.

Anyway...back to what I was writing...

Black henna does not require the sugar water and extra care that red henna does. They both must sit on the skin to stain it for about two to four hours but black henna is easier to apply. Black henna is applied by using a simple bottle with a cone shaped applicator top to the bottle. Black henna easily mixes with water, and is effective in the bottle for about half a day. It is mixed to the consistency of toothpaste in the bottle. I use a bamboo skewer to stir the mixture inside the small plastic bottle. Speaking of toothpaste that is a good product to practice your newly found artwork with. Keep it simple for the most part with black henna and you will do fine.

Patterns and black henna can be found online and comes with full directions normally. Test the product as soon as it arrives to make sure the active ingredients are still good. Sometimes the product gets old and becomes ineffective I have found. Beautiful patterns can be found online as well. Keep it very simple at first. Black henna is normally done freehand. Map your pattern out on the skin with dots, that helps a lot. Remember first and foremost that black henna is a stain so mistakes are not acceptable. It will indeed stain your clothes 'forever' so be careful what it touches! This is a good reason for practice! You should practice with black henna on your own self for awhile until you feel confident.

A note of CAUTION though... some types of black henna can be very harmful to 15% of the population. Most black henna contains PPD which is a harsh chemical that can burn the skin and leave scars. Also artist that work with black henna for a while (e

Vintage Hawaiian Collectables on eBay


Hawaiiana, with an A at the end is a term used for things that are Hawaiian. I notice the spell check comes up whenever I type it. In Hawaii that term is used a lot for anything that pertains to things being Hawaiian in nature.

Sometimes there are some really great Hawaiian items on Ebay so be sure to check these out.

Enjoy the Hawaiiana below.




"The Warrior's Beat"

The Haka is a traditional dance form. The use of haka in popular culture is a growing phenomenon, especially in New Zealand. Today haka is used in a wide range of public occasions to impart a sense of importance of the event. Art in Progress

Art In Action | Artist's Watch | ke ala o Pele

Below is the text from my blog

The url above is my art in action blog.. I have finished these paintings and this series. Prices for them are on the blog.

Art in action, an artist's watch of the progress of this series "Ala o Pele" is coming along. I finished the second image yesterday. I will post it in its finished state today or tomorrow. I had to finish it up because it is the one I have chosen for my invitations of my show at Wailoa Center. With an opening of April 6 and hanging on the 2nd I need to move along. I totally love how it turned out and the orchids made a wonderful touch. Big Island is know as the 'Orchid Isle" so it if totally fitting.

I send you rainbows and "Orchids"

"Orchids" 40x30 oil on canvas

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


Hawaiian Fun Food-Hawaiian Food Tours-Luaus and How To Eat and Fall in LOVE With POI

Hawaiian food tours or luaus - eat poi! Yummy!

Hawaiian fun food,Hawaiian food tours,Hawaiian food served,facts about Hawaii,travel,food,tours,luau.. this is the info you need to enjoy that yummy poi!

Hawaiian Fun Food-Hawaiian Food Tours-Luaus and How To Eat and Fall in LOVE With POI

Poi is da kine!

Yes I said it... and I am one of those people who are totally in love with poi. Poi is a Hawaiian fun food. I love it with eggs and rice, ahi tuna, lomi lomi salmon, Hawaiian Lau Lau... Ohh yummy!

Hawaiian Poi is a purple root from the Taro plant that is pounded until it becomes paste like. It is one of the most nutritional form of carbohydrate in the world. I had made poi in my food processor which is not very sacred but it does work.

You have to start out right when tasting poi for the first time. Yes the first time with anything is important. You will decide yes or no.

I say yes!

Think of poi as kind of like yogurt, the unflavored kind, a bit sour. Poi when just made is not sour but after a couple days it turns sour, which is the way I like it best. Most Tu Tu's (grandmas) and aunties (name for most Hawaiian women over 50 or so out of respect) love their poi real sour too.

You need to try poi first at a authentic Hawaiian luau or a chance to go on one of the states Hawaiian food tours. Kalua Pig or chicken just out of the 'imu' is the Hawaiian way. An imu is an underground oven of sorts, done with banana leaves and rocks that are hand picked with great respect. Hawaiian fun food while different and entertaining also has many traditions of honor in Hawaiian history.

The feast will also include Lau Lau which is pork or chicken , a bit of salt pork wrapped up in a taro leaf which is covered then with banana leafs and either cooked in the imu or a pressure cooker or at least cooked for a very long time. Taro or lau lau leaves are the green leaves from the taro root. Taro leaves if not cooked for a very long time, at least 2 hours will give you what is called itchy throat, not exactly a Hawaiian fun food when it is not cooked long enough. I have had it before and while it is uncomfortable it is not the worst ever yet avoid it, why ruin a good lau lau or Hawaiian food tour?

Lomi, lomi salmon and rice are both traditional Hawaiian food served in this meal. Lomi lomi salmon is kind of like a tomato salsa.

OK.. so back to tasting. Take a bite of lomi lomi salmon and savor it. Next take a nice bite full of Lau Lau and rice, then finish it off with a one or two finger helping of poi.

Think yogurt at first. Blend the different tastes of all of the above and try to see how they compliment one another. Poi is what brings this all together... really!

Aloha and mahalo nui.

I Stood Inside A Rainbow

Hawaii has double and triple!

There are rainbows galore in Hawaii. I was on a hike once climbing up to "Sleeping Giant" on Kauai. From quite a ways away I could see a rainbow touching the ground. I thought to myself... hey! I think I can almost walk to the beginning of that rainbow. I walked and walked until I actually stood in the very spot that the rainbow touched the ground. I stood there in the moisture feeling the colors. OH! so amazing I cannot tell you. I was blessed that day and I will never forget it.

I wrote the poem below describing the rainbow but also the rain. It is more of a metaphor of the human struggle but my rainbow and that day are most certainly reflected in it. Aloha.

"I Stood Inside A Rainbow"

I stumbled to find myself

wanting to be lifted

and yet

I fell to smell the earth.

I stayed there for hours

me in brown beginnings

researching the treasure

that before

I had only walked upon.

I pointed my finger

into a tiny hole.

I hoped I might discover

one thing different

I had not known before.

Alas I found myself mesmerized

as an ant climbed from its cave.

One ant, one tiny ant

a delicate treasure, and

a focus in my day.

He became like none other

I had ever seen before


I chose to lean my attention

sit in pause

and hear life, and its

unmistakable roar.

A reflection in a pond

beyond the ants tiny hole

I leaned to meet the journey.

Who knew a lake would open

by the magic of my own smile.

I found myself host

to a thousand tiny angels

and an afternoon of solace.

I toasted all the Universe

and from roses

I sniffed a glistening vapor of hope.

I knew thirst to touch the dew on roses

and treasure all they had to say

found comfort in their voices

as the sun met their moisture

of an ever so brilliant day.

I stood inside a rainbow

Its colors met my skin.

Stepping then outside myself

decoding past objections

I accepted miracles were calling

and stood back to watch them grow.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Passages"36x48 oil on canvas

**Check out my website for FREE ART GIFTS...YAY!

My Mailing List... FREE ART GIFTS



Be sure to sign-up for my mailing list I offer free magical gifts. I'll also have a bit of fairy advise on mermaid, goddess, whimsical angel pictures, and other fantasy delights, gifts and ideas! Or sign up just to say, "Hi!"

Sign up and receive a free printable letter from the tooth fairy. Ahhh yes, I know this tooth fairy well, her name is Dallyanna. She is most eloquent with lavender bows and ribbons attached to tiny pink satin roses on a whimsical sky blue chiffon dress. Her hair is held fast by a wreath of stephanotis and lobelia blossoms found from trees on African mountains where she is often seen traveling. She fills the air with laughter and always makes me happy. Soft fairy dust meets her pathway as mist wherever she flies as one might suspect. Once in a while she flutters by just to say hello and offer a bit of conversation or to share her love of poetry. We sit at a round glass table topped with a white linen tablecloth and dine on green tea and crumpets. I always have special jams and jellies on hand to impress my dear guest of magic. Dallyanna often advises me on what gifts my friends, like you, might enjoy. We have a splendid time together as she shares legends of mermaids and her adventures of gifting children in exchange for their treasured tiny teeth.

"Flight" 24x48 oil on canvas


FREE Art Gifts:

Surfing with Whales on the Big Island of Hawaii



This is AMAZING!

If you look at nothing else on this lens? WATCH THIS!



Israel Kamakawiwoole on Amazon Standard - Israel Kamakawiwoole music

Israel Kamakawiwoole was and is the most beloved singer and musician in Hawaii.

As I wrote above:

When Israel Kamakawiwoole died his body was visited by hundreds in Hawaii as his body lie in State. He was and is a Hawaiian hero. Do not be distracted by his weight or image. Ten thousand attended his funeral.

His music will not disappoint you, I promise!

I should tell you though that on a lot of music done by Hawaiian artists there are songs here and there that you might find humorous. On "Facing the Future" by Iz for example he has a song called "Hawaiian Superman". Don't let that stop you from enjoying his music. Before you know it you will be singing along with that tune. I do. As as I do I give honor to Hawaii's Superman Israel Kamakawiwoole.

PS.. the spelling of his last name does not want to be accepted by this site so excuse that. Just call him IZ.. that is how he was and is known.



Facing Future
Facing Future

I have this cd. It was the first one I ever purchased of Iz's music. The first and last song are fantastic!

E Ala E
E Ala E

This is another one that I have. There is a strong sovereignty movement in Hawaii. Some of the cuts on all of brudda Iz's music reflect that. Hawaiians ask for the same rights as the American Indian.. not too much to ask huh?

This cd genuine and beautiful and... so well done.

Iz Over the Rainbow: Hawaiian Tribute Israel
Iz Over the Rainbow: Hawaiian Tribute Israel

Over the Rainbow by Iz is the song that you hear on some movies and commercials... that is Iz! Beautiful voice and spirit.


Another cd I have that I recommend... love it!


Kathy's Other Sites

Artist Watch url:


Be sure to check out my blog on Blogspot:

More gardening on canvas and pen to paper in poems and stories.

"Blue Dress" 24x18 oil on canvas

"The Frog" 24x20 oil on canvas


What to wear on the beaches of Hawaii


Women ( and some men) In Hawaii wear SARONGS. I LIVE in sarongs.

I have a big drawer that holds about 15-20 of them. You can tie them different ways to create a skirt or dress, but I almost always wear mine as a skirt. I wear it with a tank top.

Here is the very cool thing about them. You can put your bathing suit on and then your sarong. When you go to the beach you have a cover up 'and' a blanket to sit on.

Another advantage? Your clothes won't feel tight on you as you gorge on food at luaus! Smile.


Batik Sarong - Dragonflies On Blue
Batik Sarong - Dragonflies On Blue

~*~Kathy Note:

This is really pretty.. or at least I think so. Sarongs are not just for the beach. With a cute tank top you can actually go out to dinner in one. I wore sarongs for about two years 'exclusively'. I have one that is black with sequins that I wear out to dinner that I love. Humm I really do like this Dragonfly on... maybe I will get it. Smile.



Hawaiian Facts.. ON THE QUIRKY SIDE!

This is not your 'normal' travel info spot as you may have guessed after reviewing my lens. I want to share things with you that will not be found in a travel guide book that you can pick up anywhere.

Living in Hawaii is a lot different from living in California where I am from originally. I will be posting more of my insights as time goes on.

Experience what is different from your home from anothers. Isn't that why we travel? The best meal I had when I visited Germany was at a little stand outside a shop, not in some hotel. We travel to see what is different from ourselves right? Why look for the same?

OK then.. check back from time to time and see what new things I have posted.



"Orange Star Bromelaid"

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

18x24 oil on canvas, completed 3/07

$300. plus shipping

Description: Guzmania Lingulata, Bromelaid w/ apple green leaves, orange

florescence rosettes.

Post message here on this lens or contact me directly through my website, if you are interested in purchasing this painting, or any other painting for that matter. All of my works are available in giclee, posters or greeting cards too... just ask!


"Facts About Hawaii - The Problem With Coqui Or Koke Frogs? They All Sing Kokee, Kokee All Night Long!!"

It is six in the morning and I can hear the birds singing like crazy here on the Big Island of Hawaii. The koke, or coqui, frogs have gone to bed for the day. I cannot hear their constant kokee chirping, ah yes they are finally resting. This is an article about the Couqui/Koke and facts about Hawaii.

I am so used to Couqui frogs singing, "Kokee", that I rarely notice them anymore.

My sister was on the phone with me once and said, "WHAT IS THAT!?" I actually had to think for a minute about what she was referring to .. it was the koke' s (coqui's).

Couqui frogs all join together at night and YELL, "KOKEE, KOKEE, KOKEE".. thousands of them! Like crickets with a microphone. It is the boys out there singing away. The little girl coquis are just listening and I guess waiting for the boys to come their way. They must indeed be coming their way because they are multiplying like crazy!

Koke or Coqui frogs are around little, some the size of your thumbnail, really cute looking in a froggie sort of way. They can be green, yellowish, or brown.

They aren't swimmers, no, and have never been tadpoles. They have little disks on their toes like geckos. Geckos are cute yeah? Cute with those little toes adhering to the ceiling even, as they try to capture a mosquito or two inside the homes of people who live in Hawaii. Yup! I admit it, geckos live inside my house and I let them! I actually wrote an article about one that I named Tony, called, "I Thought I Killed Tony! WAAA! But It Wasn't My Fault After All...I Hope!" What would life be like without a bit of silliness I always figure.

They get up at around dusk after snoozing all day. They must be exhausted from all that singing and of course all that sex. They sing till the sun just starts to come up and then its time to rest again. What a life huh? They are actually hurting real estate, I am sure that does not surprise you. If it does you need to come here and take a listen, smile.

Hawaii spays for them sometimes, and then you hear less of them, but that just lasts for a month or two. I tell you facts about Hawaii, it is what it is, spraying seems to be a part of the answer of this invasion.

The newspaper often posts stuff about what to do. Some people, like my husband, put a bottle with the open end right next to the intended victim and they just pop right into the bottle. What can they be thinking?

Then people, like my husband, put the bottle into the freezer! Ewww!

I actually wrote a poem about it and posted it on ezines. It is the one that says, "There's a Koke in My Freezer and a Lizard in My Tub".

It really is not great for the appetite when one goes to the freezer for ice cream and there is a pitiful couqui, literally quite frozen in his tracks! Hey, maybe that is a good thing in a way? I will certainly eat less ice cream.

I have one last thing to add, "Kokee!"

Doze Cwazy Coqui (or Koke) Frogs!

"There Is A Koke Frog In My Freezer and a Lizard In My Tub!"

There is a Koke in my freezer

and a lizard in my tub!

Yesterday the frog was living

and the Chameleon the color of deep rust.

Grown men go out and pursue them

the Koke night brigade is on.

Grown men pursue their manhood

with a flashlight on their head.

They all must be abolished

these frogs who croak all night.

Track them down, 'tis said

'til every last one of them is dead!

They say that where there is one

two more hide sneakily nearby.

It is like grown men have lost their senses

and have become backyard spies.

The Chameleon runs for cover

as my cat intrudes its space

A cats job is to pounce upon anything

invading this place.

None the less I rescued Mr. Chameleon

as he changed to lime green.

I told him never to come back

my tub was not his scene.

Don't take this rescue for granted

I still have freezer space

You could wind up without a tail

next to the Koke's place.

I am not a relentless hunter

like other humans I know

I draw this line between us

and ask you now to go.

My husband is outside now

I hear him in the bushes.

He still maintains it's a man job

as I let him carry out his wishes.

In the morning once again

I will find berries for my smoothie

and there beside the plastic bag

another Koke in a jar, gloomy

Count your blessing Mr. Chameleon

Eat bugs and mosquitoes without delay

be glad you are not a Koke

as my husband would have to say.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


"Mahalo For Removing Your Shoes"

Never ever step into someone's home in Hawaii wearing your shoes!

Facts About Hawaii -Traveling to Hawaii? "Mahalo For Removing Your Shoes!"

One thing that we all hope for when we travel is that we don't 'look' like a tourist, at least I do. In Hawaii the idea is to 'dress down', especially in the shoe department.

It is a tradition in many cultures to not enter someone's home with your shoes on. This is the case in Hawaii as well. Locals usually just wear flip flops or thongs.. commonly called slippers or slippas in Hawaii, one reason being they are easy to take off.

Unless you plan to hike or dine out in a posh restaurant in Hawaii...

wear slippas!

Slippas are easy to remove when and if you meet up with a Hawaii resident and are invited to their home for a little 'Ono Grinds' (yummy food) and some 'Wala' au' (talk story another term used in Hawaii that means to have the gift of gab with each other, share adventures and thoughts).

NEVER, ever, enter someone's home in Hawaii without removing your shoes first, not even if they have dirt floors. Ya just wouldn't do that out of respect for their home and person. Normally you will see a whole slew of shoes and slippas outside the door of Hawaiian residents. It is pretty darn cute.

Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian), for removing your shoes is often posted on a lot of Hawaii residents homes just outside their front door. Craftspeople wisely take advantage of this opportunity by making signs out of tiles or wood and other materials. Plaques saying

"Mahalo For Removing Your Shoes"

are for sale all over the Hawaiian Islands.

You can find "Locals" or "Surfahs" brand names for the most hip, yet cheap (under $5.00 normally) at a lot of grocery stores even, all over Hawaii. Ya might want to go ahead and wait till you arrive to purchase what the locals wear, yeah? Make your first stop at the local grocery store or quick stop.. too funny huh?

Whatever ya do, unless you have extreme athletes feet or something, don't wear shoes and socks, that is a dead giveaway that you are from the midwest and your aim it to fit in right?

Aloha! A word that can never be said too much in Hawaii.

More IZ


If you want to know Hawaii, feel its culture and what Aloha means?

When you visit Hawaii, know that you have stepped on to Hawaiian land and be respectful of Hawaii's ways and culture. Be mindful and show honor to the beaches and every single rock.

This is Hawaii.



Hawaiian Music Lyrics Sing Aloha To Their Ohana-Colt Brennan,June Jones & UH Football Warriors

Hawaiian music lyrics often speak of aloha. 'Aloha' in Hawaiian means affection, love, peace, compassion, mercy, goodbye, and hello. Colt Brennan, Coach June Jones and the Hawaii Warriors football team know this word 'Aloha' well. The voices from these college locker room men, who hoped for so much for the state of Hawaii sang out Aloha.

OK.. so Colt Brennan and Hawaii Warriors did not win the Sugar Bowl, but WOW they gave the State of Hawaii soo much to be proud of!

Hawaii Warriors did not win the Sugar Bowl, score was 41-10, but they have indeed won the hearts of the people of Hawaii. The team showed Aloha, often offering their hand to the other team. You would have to live in Hawaii for awhile to understand this.. you really would.

"If you go to Hawaii, I'll guarantee I'll be there."

~Colt Brennan

The tears from Brennan are now being criticized. The pressure on Colt Brennan was tremendous, not only for the game but because to the whole State of Hawaii he was made a hero. Every child knows his name. Hawaii also considers Colt Brennan and the Warrior football team as part of their 'Ohana. In Hawaiian culture, ʻohana means family, both blood-related or extended. It is an honor. it means caring for one another. It has been used to describe not just what Warriors players feel about each other but also how the state has come to feel about them.

"This is everybody's team, which I knew would happen if we got it going. It could take over the whole state. And it has."

~ Coach June Jones

Colt Brennan's career, nonetheless, is still one of the best in college football history.

Outside of the 41-10 loss to Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, Colt had an outstanding 2007 season. Hawaii has now won 22 of its last 24. Colt Brennan broke Tye Detmer's TD record of 122 touchdowns and has broken 33 other NCAA records. This season he has a 71.40 completion percentage and has thrown for 4,174 yards and 38 touchdowns with 14 interceptions. Brennan has completed an NCAA-record 70.4 percent of his passes for 14,193 yards and was responsible for 146 total touchdowns.

Also to be taken into consideration in their loss to Georgia is the fact that UH recruiting budget is only $50K, barely a tenth of Georgia's. Coach June Jones had one team, while Georgia had what was equivalent to several, able to swap out team players continually, while Hawaii could not. All those players from Hawaii played their hearts out for the whole game.

There were penalties that should have been noted as well. Brennan was often sacked even after he had thrown the ball. Hawaii players were often knocked down after time was called. Because of their experience of brotherhood within their team and the understanding of what 'aloha' means in Hawaii, they were stunned by it. Hawaii Warriors were seen offering their hand to Bulldogs when they were on the ground after time was called. Their hands of 'Aloha' were refused.

“I'm proud of him and the career he had,” Jones said. “I wish he could have finished, obviously, better than he did tonight. But I think that had a lot to do with Georgia and not so much him.”

~ Coach June Jones

Aloha, does this matter? Is the 'spirit of aloha' within football or outside of Hawaii something that has no place? Or is it a reminder that society has somehow lost its way? Has winning become the only thing that is important? In the State of Hawaii, people have taken their champions and embraced them as they always have. Why? Because in Hawaii the 'spirit of aloha' is indeed the most important thing. These young Warriors have learned something that cannot be compared to and that is a love for their fellow man and all that encompasses. Hawaiian music lyrics often speak of aloha because the spirit of aloha IS Hawaii. The voices from these college locker room men, who hoped for so much for the state of Hawaii sang out Aloha and did us proud!

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

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Secondary Vacation Homes - To Buy Or Not to Buy?

by D.B.Wilson

There's a lot to take in these days when considering the idea of a secondary vacation home. With the surplus of foreclosures in some of the prime US vacation markets, folks are wondering if now is the time to buy. But, there are still important questions to ask yourself before diving into those balmy vacation home dreams.

Due to the rapid decline of the once booming housing market, you're simply not going to get rich quick by buying a second home. So, does this mean you just scratch the idea all together? Not necessarily- but you may need to truly evaluate your reasons for wanting to invest in a secondary vacation home.

The rule of thumb for such a purchase in today's unstable market, is to buy for the immediate love of a vacation home, for the desire to own it and use it, with money and investment as much further considerations. Basically, you have to be prepared to hang on and hold on to what you've purchased for a while. You must be prepared to sail through the dips and dives in the economy, and like all things real estate, you'll eventually be rewarded for hanging in there. Or maybe you'll fall so deeply in love with your home that you'll never want to let it go!

So, if you've had a specific dream for a particular vacation home- say you've always dreamed of owning a piece of oceanfront or a ski condo- well then today's market may be suited to your dreams perfectly. Again, a smart vacation home purchase today, is one that you purchase out of love, and not for money.

The good news is, if your priorities are aligned right and a secondary vacation home is just the thing for you, well then you as a buyer have struck it lucky. As houses in today's market are certainly taking longer to sell, sellers are eager to move their properties and are more prone to offer incentives and to be extra willing in negotiations. If you find something you like, you're just about guaranteed to get it for less than asking price.

Another bonus for those considering a vacation home purchase is that the rental market is steadily on the rise. So, if you plan on helping pay those mortgage payments through rentals, then you've hit the right time.

Also, these days you can take your time shopping for the ideal home, in the perfect place. There's a lot on the market and again buyers have the power to negotiate.

Another consideration to be mindful of is a financial one. Can you really do it? While mortgage rates have come down, second-home loans are a tougher deal. They're a half to one percent higher than for principal homes and this is because banks know someone is more likely to walk out on their secondary home if in crisis. Banks are covering themselves as best they can in light of the current subprime mortgage debacle.

All things weighed and considered, if you're truly looking for a vacation home to love and enjoy over a relatively long term period, then the time is right for you to go ahead, shop and purchase your dream. Go for it!


Aloha and mahalo nui for visiting



To really get a feel of a place ya gotta spend some time there, hang out with the locals, research the nooks and crannies, take you shoes off and wiggle your toes. I hope that I have given you a few insights you may not have thought of.


Like maybe what's it like living next door to an active volcano?



Planning a move to Hawaii and have a few questions?

Feel free to ask me.

Aloha.. ALWAYS say Aloha in Hawaii!


Traveling or moving to Hawaii? Questions, Thoughts? - Did you like my lens? Questions?

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      I am already planning my trip...I can't wait til I can go! I love Hawaii!


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      Big Island of Hawaii



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      Mahalo Kathy! This site has brought back so many treasured and precious memories. It's also brought jealousy! I wish I was there with you! I've got to tell everyone that visits this lens........if you ever get a chance to go to Hawaii, DO IT !!! My 7 day 'girls' vacation in 2000 with my Mom & Sister to Honolulu will never be forgotten. The luau, the pork, the poi, the lovely friendly people, the FLOWERS, the fruit, the rainbows, the coastline, the beach, the trees, the very hot men, traveling the mountains, the homes near the ocean, the night life and funny/strange mimes & musicians on the street, Everything, Everything....go SEE it!

      Gods Love and mine,


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      Since my childhood in Russia I have been dreamt about Hawaii. It was something out of my world.

      Now I am close, in Canada. Maybe my dream is closer too.

      I saw Muori dancing at a multicultural festival in Australia. It was like warriors or hunters dances. Singing was very specific.

      Your lens reminds me my dream.

      Go to Hawaii this summer with Kathy's tips for Hawaiian exotics, music, food, and sure for new colors, art, paintings (my passion)

      Make it true.

      Mahalo Kathy

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      We have visited Hawaii twice and I would love to come back. It is a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for introducing me to of the sweetest voices I have ever heard. I loved his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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      Your artwork is stunning. I've only been to Hawaii once, but the memories are still as beautiful as when we visited there.

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      @ShariBerry: Yes IZ was the best!

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      the video abaout the fat man quite funny.haha :)

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      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      @niceman91 lm: hello, niceman91, fat guy is IZ, a great singer from hawaii. did you hear his song, somewhere over the rainbow? heavenly.

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      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      @niceman91 lm: hello, niceman91, fat guy is IZ, a great singer from hawaii. did you hear his song, somewhere over the rainbow? heavenly.

    • kathysart profile image

      kathysart 5 years ago

      @niceman91 lm: It is always better to try to say something nice. I just left comment to you about your comment here. Bruddha Iz, whose name was Israel Kamakawaiwi'ole, was/is a HERO to the people of Hawaii. You need to go back and listen to him sing my friend, as you obviously didn't, because there is nothing funny about him. As I wrote to you in my message, when he died his body rested in STATE.. as the people of Hawaii passed by him to HONOR this man.

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      kathysart 5 years ago

      @goo2eyes lm: For sure.. thank you for that comment. YES niceman need to "listen"

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      @kathysart: Hye miss kathysart,i'm sry for being rude.I know about the facts that he's promoting hawaiian rights and hawaiian independence through his song.Yup i can aggree he'a a hero for hawaiian,but the thing is i don't say he is bad people,use obscene language or being racist.i just say he's fat and quite funny.and i dun really quite remember his name and i'm lazy to copy paste his name,so i just type 'fat man' and i just say he's funny.That's all!I'm quite sure you also refer someone who you can't remember his/her name according to their skin colour,body shape etc.I'm sorry if that's bothers you too much.Glad you willing to explain to me.Just don't take it too serious. :)

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      An inspired, beautiful, wonderful and refreshing experience you have created here Kathy, love it and have been here a while and coming back for more. My sister just introduced me to IZ a couple weeks ago and said I should put Rainbow on a lens and I did, so it was a particular delight to meet him again here, what a wonderful legacy he left us...and many broken hearts when his light went out too soon. He held Hawaii and Hawaii honored him as a statesman and hero which was just so right. I am, of course offering my blessing on this beautiful labor of love in tribute to Hawaii.

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      TLRaghavan 5 years ago

      Lovely art and imagery on Hawaii. Missed my visit to there while visiting the US back in the seventies!

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      I do not believe there is a prettier version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" Thank you for the great lens.

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      June Parker 5 years ago from New York

      I have been here before when I wasn't a Squid Angel, so I came back to bless it. I am so in love with your paintings and am so appreciative of you allowing me to use one of them for so long on my Haunted Hawaii - Spirits of the Pacific lens. I will be doing a lot of traveling this year, then heading back to Kona in 2013. Hopefully we will meet of then and I'll be able to buy a few of your paintings! I don't want to get them yet because of the transporting issues. But when I get home they will be used in my new resting space. Aloha, lovely lady, and ka'u makamaka makule online!

    • kathysart profile image

      kathysart 5 years ago

      @Kailua-KonaGirl: Ohh it would be so lovely to meet but I moved from Hawaii to CA. Have major fun on the islands though.. so magical. ALOHA!

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      Maybe after my time in Brazil is over I'll finally have a chance to get to Hawaii! Thanks for a great lens!

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      I am so fulfilled that I got to visit Kauai and understand the magical mystery of Hawaii! Oh, and the last trip, I actually got me a hawaiian tribal tattoo!

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      Hawaii is such a beautiful place, I'd love to visit some day and get a Hawaiian tribal tattoo and try some Poi, thanks for giving me a little taste of Hawaii (and your paintings are gorgeous).

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      I love this lens. I lived in Kona for a while and miss it, but fortunately I get to visit once in a while. Your paintings are beautiful!

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      Been to Hawaii on three separate occasions. I would love to move there permanently one day. BTW, I loved "the frog". How sweet. Angel blessed.

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      Hi Kathy...Aloha! You are one truly gifted person and artist. You have brought Hawaii alive through your art and writings which I really appreciate. As I was reading your lens and seeing your beautiful Hawaiian paintings I was starting to get a feeling of wanting to go back to Hawaii as I had previously lived on Oahu for about four years. I guess it is due to the fact that the last time I was there the lei I tossed in the sea must have floated back to shore and here I find your lenses that brought back fond memories of Hawaii. Thank You Kathy for visiting my Best Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Recipe lens and giving it a "thumbs up" as I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the mac-n-cheese. Bon Appetit & Mahalo!

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