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Hilton Head Weather In Spring (March, April And May)

Updated on October 21, 2016


For some, Hilton Head's Spring season begins in February. But if you compare the analysis table of March with that of February then you can see that the weather really takes a turn in the Month of March. Spring season is also the blossom season all over the world and the same is true for Hilton Head. Live oaks get new leaves and the island is covered with blossoming flowers. But what about the things to do in Spring? And when can I start swimming in the ocean? Does the weather change significantly in April? All these questions can be better answered by looking at each month individually.


I like to drink wine, I like it more when I am in the company of others who enjoy wine. If you are like me then March can be a perfect time to visit Hilton Head because the Annual Winefest and Food Fest is held at the beginning of the month. Great chefs go out of their way to create culinary masterpieces that perfectly compliment that glass of wine on your table. During this same week you can also appreciate the talent of young pianists at the Hilton Head Piano Competition.

Sounds a little too sophisticated for you? Would you rather drink beer and munch on some chicken wings? Did you say wings? Then you can still have fun because the Annual Wingfest is held in the same month. During this festival local restaurants create a family friendly atmosphere and make that extra effort to cook some delicious wings. This is a great option for families with small kids as there is something for everyone.

I am real dog lover which is why if given the opportunity to visit the island in the first week of March I will just pack my bags and walk out of the door and hop onto a plane. What is so great about the first week of March? The Annual Dog show! The show will be held for the 16th time in 2012 and is organized by the Hilton Head Island Kennel Club. This can be a great event to take your kids to. And if you want entertainment for the whole family then there are only a handful of things that can beat the Annual St Patricks day celebrations on Hilton Head.

Get a proper understanding of the weather in March by looking at the table below:

Weather In March
Weather In March


Contrary to what a first timer might think, April can be a busy month in Hilton Head for two reasons. First, it is the month of the Heritage Golf Classic PGA tournament that draws in a lot of visitors. Second, Spring break and Easter are in April which gives people from the cold areas an opportunity to spend time in a warm place such as Hilton Head and many do in fact come to the island just for the that reason. So, if you don' like huge crowds then avoid the first few week of April and visit the island in the last week. Last week of April is also the time for the Annual Seafood festival which gives you food lovers a great opportunity to satisfy your palate.

However, the annual Seafood festival is not the only event planned for April. April is when the summer long Harbourfest starts and just like every other night in summer you can be a part of it at Shelter cove. Its Easter and you are with your kids on a vacation, your kids expect to have fun on Easter, to be honest they will be really disappointed if they can't be a part of an Egg hunt. Well on Hilton head, they won’t be disappointed because they can enjoy two different events on Easter day. First is the Annual Easter Extravaganza called "Eggstravaganza" that takes place at Shelter cove in the afternoon and the second is the Salty Dog's Easter Egg hunt where children can look for hidden Eggs all over South Beach Village. If you can’t come to Hilton Head on Easter Day then your kids need not be disappointed because every child’s favorite entertainer, Shannon Tanner, starts performing his shows in mid August and continues to do so for the entire summer.

In terms of weather April is still a part of the spring season. A temperature analysis in done in the following table:

Weather In April
Weather In April


This is the month that falls in the middle of a busy April and a busier June. It is the month when the locals are occupied with preparations for the summer season and visitors have satiated their appetite with all the activities in April. The crowd level is at the minimum and the island has a laid back feel to it.

May starts with the Annual Yacht hop where guests can hop on a state of the art yacht and indulge themselves with some great wines and palatable hors d’oeuvres. Then at the end you can enjoy the Annual Bluffton festival which like any great festival has its share of great music, food, activities and vendors. If you want to enjoy something quiet and relaxing then you may want to go to the island in the last week of May and catch the Annual Hilton Head Art Festival which showcases works by the best local talent.

The weather is very similar to what you find in April. Again, swimming can be a hit or miss and will depend on how much direct sunlight the ocean water has received during the week.

Weather In May
Weather In May


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