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Turkey Holidays

Updated on March 29, 2013

Turkey Holiday

Turkey is one of the most sought after holiday destinations. If you want your holiday to be an enriching experience, Turkey will give you all that and more. History buffs can marvel at the country's magnificent past, leisure travelers can laze around to their hearts' content and adventurers can battle the elements on Turkey's rugged landscape. Here are a few things to do on your Turkey holiday to make it an unforgettable experience!

Enjoy a wholesome Turkey holiday

Take a cruise: On your Turkey holiday, it will be almost criminal if you don't have a firsthand experience of the country's stunning coastlines and azure blue seas. Take a cruise along the Aegean and Mediterranean shores to witness picturesque islands, virgin beaches and lots more. Cruises give you a panoramic view of Turkey's stunning landscape, making it even more remarkable and memorable for you. If you want a quick trip, the shortest tour lasts for a few days. Cruises can even go for weeks on end. Charter traditional Turkish boats or even yachts from Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye and enjoy a blissful time on board.

Visit the Hagia Sophia: This ancient monument/museum has suffered several disasters on its structure, but has endured the test of time. The Hagia Sophia was originally a great church which was constructed by Emperor Constantine in 360 AD. A fire destroyed the building in 404 AD and a stronger one was built in 416 AD. In the year 532 AD, the building was once again destroyed: this time it was anti-imperial rebels and the structure that you see today was built in 537 AD. The building was decorated with a number of frescoes, mosaics and golden tiles. During the 1400s it was converted to a mosque and the paintings were covered. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk renovated this site and the Hagia Sophia opened as a museum in 1935. Its ravaged history draws a number of people to visit this architectural beauty. Include the Hagia Sophia in your Turkey holiday itinerary.

Experience medieval Turkey through Topkapi Palace: This palace is now a museum. It was built by Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet between 1475 and 1478 and was used as the administrative offices for four centuries. Successors added to the original structure and it finally was abandoned in the 1800s. In the Palace Museum you can browse through the Kitchen and Porcelain collection, the Armory, the Treasury, and the Costume display. At the same time you can actually see the splendor and elegance of the palace. You can take a look at the royal harem with a separate ticket. The Topkapi Palace offers stunning views of the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorous and the Golden Horn.

Witness the glory of Sultan Ahmed Mosque: The Sultan Ahmed mosque is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Turkey and is located in Istanbul. The Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 and includes designs of the neighboring Hagia Sophia with traditional Islamic architecture. It is called the Blue Mosque because it is adorned by blue tiles on the interior walls. The mosque is still in use and tourists can still visit when prayers are not in progress. Wrap up your Turkey holiday by seeking blessings from the Blue Mosque.

Turkey offers a very nice vacation, call your travel agent and start to organize a trip for your and your family!


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