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Finding Hotel Deals London Has to Offer

Updated on August 18, 2009

Are you looking for a cheap hotel in London, or perhaps not a cheap hotel, but rather good London hotel deals or a hotel that suits a specific need you have?  Here are some tips on finding some of the hotel deals London has to offer.

You can find all types of hotels in London, ranging from the budget traveller's 1-star choice, to luxury 4-star hotels.  Different on line travel agencies often offer package deals, or special offers on hotels in London, occasionally even with 40 to 50 percent per night savings.  If you're interested in finding a deal, your best plan of action would be to find a good online travel agency that features hotel deals in London and check in regularly.  Some deals only last a month or so, while others can last as long as six months. 

There are also often substantial savings to be made on the price of a hotel room when you choose a package deal from a travel agent, such as a theatre and hotel package deal, or music concert and hotel package deal. Frequently, these types of deals will consist of booking into a hotel very close to the theatre or music venue, discounted hotel room, transport to and from the venue, and include actual tickets to the theatre or concert. Currently some theatre deals offered online now include a room in a hotel near West End, tickets to the show, a director's choice CD, and other discount vouchers for other London sightseeing spots.

With airport parking as expensive as it is nowadays, some hotel packages offer free or discounted parking at your embarkation airport. This is particularly helpful for those travelling within the United Kingdom, as any parking costs are baked into the initial hotel booking fees. Other hotels offer discounted prices for renting a car once you arrive, sometimes substantial savings can be made by booking your rental car through the hotel rather than via a separate car hiring company.

Aside from these more obvious perks and deals, there are always other special deals available from time to time. Recently, hotels that gave away free children's meals were advertised as a special package deal. Now, that's one deal that really could end up saving a lot of money if you're travelling with your children!

Depending on the holiday season, you may also find special Valentine's Day Packages which include a discounted room in a romantically set hotel, free evening dinner and a bottle of champagne.

There are no set hotel deals, as they vary with the season and what's happening in London. The best way to find hotel deals London has to offer is to first of all decide what type of deal you are looking for, what is important to be included in the deal, and then research the options offered online. They are frequently changing and there's always a new deal popping up on travel agencies' web sites. No matter what you're looking for, you are guaranteed to find some of the best hotel deals London has if you regularly keep an eye out for them.


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