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I Wish I Could Live in Hotels Forever

Updated on March 13, 2011

In March of 2009, my family and I took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for a convention. After a long ride on a chartered coach bus, our hotel suite was a welcome gift. It had a living room, two televisions, refrigerator, microwave,a bathroom and two queen sized beds. Room service was splendid. I can understand why business people and stars demand the best, when they are traveling across the United States and Overseas.

Yes, I am sure there are those of you who have traveled a lot and say what's the big deal. The big deal is when you are treated with respect and consideration. And you are given the best service, you can ever imagine, and it makes you want to never leave.

There are some hotels that are not even concerned about their patrons well-being, especially when you are just a commoner. The rooms would be dusty from being closed up. The televisions aren't working. The news have even reported that some of these hotels have bed bugs, which is not healthy at all. The food also is distasteful, making you feel as though you might as well gone to the kitchen and cooked yourself.

So, thumbs up to the hotels who appreciate the common man and woman and treat them as though they are a star or important business man/woman. This is why I am taking the time to thank the hotels in Atlanta, Georgia for my family's wonderful stay.

I am in the process of putting together another trip for the family, and I hope I will luck up on another wonderful hotel.

The last time you stayed in a hotel was your experience wonderful or a nightmare?

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    • Sure2purr profile image

      kim masterson 4 years ago from southern CA

      for about two years I did live in hotels and I did enjoy it very much. I didn't have to make my bed for 730 days!!!!! I had pretty good experiences I'm lucky to report even had the misfortune of staying at a lovely place in Ventura CA that had a bad infestation of bed bugs. I learned much about those nasty night time creatures. Most travelers aren't aware that they have slept in an infested bed. The bites resemble flea bites and so people think of other factors not bed bugs. Usually a traveler who's staying longer than three days will show the signs of being bit by these tiny brown spots if they are there. The place I encountered these bugs looks and smells very clean. But I began to scratch and show small bites every where on my body. I took my dog in for professional flea bath and grooming and was told my dog had no fleas. My dog threw up later that night about 2am and was in my bed when he did this. I woke up and was totally grossed out and tore off the sheets after making sure my dog was alright. That's when I spotted tiny brown things on the box spring. I carefully brushe these tiny things into a small container I had that had a lid. I got out my glasses and my travel magnifying glass and held the container up in the lamp light. What I saw really made me ill. I could have sued the place as I was covered with about 200 bites. I told the fill in manager who was covering for regular manager for a couple weeks. I was concerned too that I not carry these gross bugs some place else. This is how they get from one place to another and usually it's back to peoples homes where they go undetected until they populate and you are completely infested. I went to the store and bought a double pack of foggers and set them off in my hotel room and opened my suit cases and allowed the foggers to reach all my clothes, clean and dirty. The people next door who had been in their room for now a week started to show bites on their body. I showed them my bug collection and said I was leaving. The management offered me nothing back. I really should have gone to my doctor and sued the Viking Hotel. I saw the room I was in dark for about a week. I had gotten the phone number of the guests next door. They were a young couple who just became homeless and had no place to go. Days after I left I saw that they were renting out that room again and I called the guests next to that room who said that nothing at all was done to any of the rooms. They just didn't rent out the room I was in for a week was all. They should have treated the entire hotel for bed bugs. But they chose not to. It was a shame too because I really loved that quant cozy beach community "motel". I now check first between the box spring and mattress for tiny brown spots before taking a room I'm going to be sleeping in. I love the hotels like the Laurin finds too that are the most customer pleasing. And as "Moon Willow Lake" says that the truth of those places is about smack right in the middle is right. I'm a person who now takes the time to write both praise and complaints when paying for services where customer satisfaction should be the #1 focus. And the training of all staff in proper customer handling skills is seen in such event's as my bug bite experience. I received not one call from anyone with that hotel/motel I had spent money on staying at a total of 27 days. That was the last time that business got my hard earned cash. I hope you continue to love hotels Laurin. Any updates?

    • Anthea Carson profile image

      Anthea Carson 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      I love hotels, I wish I could live in hotels forever too. I love your hubs!!

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago

      It sounds like you have experienced both extremes of hotel/ motel stays. I am sorry to hear that it seems as though you have experienced the not-so-nice places a bit too often. My ex-husband and I stayed in way too many hotels and my experience is a lot of hotels are somewhere in the middle of what you have described.