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Hotel in Cyprus – My Top Tips

Updated on January 23, 2017

Beaches and Sea

Sea View Honeymoon Hotels in Cyprus
Sea View Honeymoon Hotels in Cyprus | Source

So, it won’t surprise you when I say that many of have become very used to apartment holidays or villa holidays in Cyprus and with that have almost taken it for granted that Wi-Fi is included as part and parcel of the villa or apartment rental.

In fact whenever I have rented through Tourist Information Cyprus this most definitely has been the case, I have never need to pay for a hotspot or pay per minute, it has always been free…gratis

So, it comes as a bit of shock when you book a hotel in the same country that the Wi-Fi arrangements can be oh so different.

Some hotels will have totally Free Wi-Fi or will advertise Free Wi-Fi and if you are lucky it is Free in your room, but more often than not it would be in public areas, like the lounge, lobby, restaurant or very occasionally by the pool.

However, many hotels in Cyprus offer a complimentary amount of time on the internet, after which you have to pay for it and this is normally in chunks of 5 minutes or ½ hour and can become quite expensive.

So the other option is to turn to your smartphone, android phone or IPhone and use your data, but if you are working of a UK Sim then this can be very very expensive.

If you have a phone with dual sim card slots there is a very easy solution. Purchase a local sim card , slot it into your phone and use the data rates provided locally, which will still be expensive, but cheaper than the hotels rates and much cheaper than your UK data rates. If you don’t have a dual sim, you can either take out you UK sim (if your phone is unlocked to all network operators) or pick up a cheap phone in Cyprus for as little as €19.99. If it’s the later then you get what you pay for and features will be limited, so check before you go this route.

Let’s presume (for the sake of this article) that you have the local PAYG (Pay As You Go) sim card in your phone, you now have a local Cyprus mobile number and local rate data. Depending on your phone, you can setup your phone to be its own Wi-Fi hotspot (tethering) and connect any other Wi-Fi device through your phone and across the internet over your new local Cyprus data plan. This is great for Emails, Facebook, Viber etc but no good for downloading and streaming movies or watch UK TV in Cyprus, it will zap your data and your Hotels in Cyprus Holiday will become very expensive.

Also you need to choose between MTN or CYTA which are the mobile network operators in Cyprus. My top tip is I have always been an MTN PAYG customer and would have all my phones with an MTN Sim card in and just make a topup of €10 and these sims would last a year before needing a new topup. But just recently without any forewarning MTN have put expiries on their tops ups, so if you Top Up €10 it expires after 30 days…so to keep the sim alive for one year they want a whole €50.

Top-Up Cards

Included Airtime Free Minutes of Airtime* Free SMS Free MBs

Validity Period of top up value

Validity Period of All In One Bonus

Top Up €1** €1 €0.50 - - 24 hours -

Top Up €5 €5 - - - 30 days 30 days

Top Up €10 €10 40 100 30 60 days 30 days

Top Up €20 €20 120 250 60 60 days 30 days

Top Up €35 €35 240 500 90 90 days 30 days

Top Up €50* €50 400 750 150 120 days 30 days

So I have dropped MTN like a brick and I am now with CYTA and once you purchase the sim and top it up once, the sim remains active for a year and you just need to top it up towards then end of the year and it will then last for another year.


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