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Updated on December 29, 2011

Latest deals from cars include discount car rentals; compare rental car rates and find the best deal for your travel. All the offers are easy to find, compare, and book with online booking system at This is one of the biggest and well-known discount travel sites which gives its customers a great possibility to save with hot rates for cheap flights, hotels, and, of course, car rentals, as well as other options needed for travelers. Those who plan a trip will be amazed with the variety of available options for each category, and their prices are also very pleasant. So, if you plan a trip and want it to be within the budget, check out the cars.

All the offers and Hotwire travel deals come directly from the network of travel suppliers. For example, discount car rentals are provided by the top providers in the market, including Budget, Alamo, Enterprise, National, Europcar, Dollar, and Hertz. These major car rental companies in order to fill in all their capacities cooperate with Hotwire travel company, thus ensuring the sale of most of the available deals. And, the cars in its turn can offer the discount rates. The same principle is realized for other travel options from this site.

Round-trip or one way car rental deals can be found on this travel site within moments. The user-friendly online searching system needs you to fill in some basic information concerning your requirements for the trip. You need to choose a travel type first (round-trip or one-way), then, the information as for the places of your travel has to be pointed out. Under “Where are you going?” you need to enter the address, zip, city or airport. If you plan to order one-way car rental, you need to specify this info for pick-up and drop-off points. You are also asked to choose the pick-up and drop-off dates and times. In case when you have a special promo code or another coupon that allows you to get a discount, or when you have member number, you also need to put that data in. Clicking on “Find a car” button will lead you to the car rental search results.

The page with the results of the search provides you with a number of options. First of all, the cheapest car rental deals are listed in the top of the list, showing you Hotwire hot rates for cars. The typical deal for a car lists a price for a car per day, the total price for the date range specified, car type (economy, compact, full-size, mid-size, standard, premium, minivan, etc.), distance to the address set by you in the search options, available miles, sitting, and cargo information. Usually, car models and their pictures are also shown for every specific deal. Second of all, the results can be rearranged by the indication of distance, for example. This is especially convenient, when you need to pick up a car at the airport. cars are available in thousands of locations.

Also, this page allows you to compare the found car rental deals with other travel sites. Everyone can subscribe for free price-drop alerts that can be received to your email. Overall, cars are a convenient way to have a well-organized and cost-wise trip with most of arrangements done online at best prices possible. The names, brands and logos listed in the article above are the registered marks of their respective owners, companies. The information is provided only for information purposes and reflects a personal view of the author.

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