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Updated on December 29, 2011

A good trip always starts with a good planning. Now there is no lack of web sites on the Internet that relate themselves to be the best among the best travel engines. Still, only few of them can be truly referred to as a “perfect place” to plan, search, and book the trip matching all the needs and satisfying the travelers for a 100%. Hotwire, being one of the leading engines for travelers worldwide, can provide all the best tools for everyone who wants to save time and money on the travel deals with getting the best offer at the same time. hotels, hotwire flights, car rentals, vacation packages and other travel deals make it possible for us. Hotwire tools for traveling save you time and money and include the following ones.

1. Flexible Date Search. If the airfare is a part of the trip which is still to book and there is a possibility to agree for the flexible departure date from you side, then this is an option for you. This great interactive tool does the job for the customer – it finds the lowest airfare within the 30-day time period for the trip length and time window set by yourself with just one click. It gives the results for the lowest fares so there is no need to conduct multiple searches.

2. Trip Starter. If you have a favorite destination you’d like to get to, then finding the best time of year to visit it is easy with this online option. It allows you to check out many details for the place: form the lowest prices for hotels and accommodation and weather trends to local attractions and sight-seeing places. Therefore, you will have even a better-planned trip: you are insured to avoid the fluctuation of prices for hotels and other deals; you can review the maps and photos of spots of interest to envision you vacation before you go for it, etc. New destinations are continuously added!

3. Hotwire Hotel Rate Report. hotels are represented by hundreds of cities and places. With this monthly report featuring the top 10 cities with the largest reductions in hotel price, a customer has a chance to find the cheapest hotel rooms and make a hotel reservation in the time of the biggest discounts. Also, these drops in room prices can be combined with the already discounted accommodation deals, thus maximizing the budget of a traveler. The pricing trends of previous years and monthly price fluctuation factor are counted when compiling these reports.

4. Double the Difference Hotel Guarantee. This policy is really something almost hard to believe in but still it exists here. Customers can get up to 60% off the rooms in many well-known hotels. If they find a lower hotel price, then Hotwire pays them back double the difference between the price values.

Shopping for hotel deals is always easy at Hot wire. The discounted top offers sometimes are incredible, for example, Las Vegas hotels from $33, New York hotels from $99, Chicago hotels from $79, etc. The shopping for a room by theme also is available in variants of 4-star hotels under $59, 4.5 and 5-star hotels from $79, sunny destinations from $45, and more.

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