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How HOTELS.COM Succeeded In The Out Bound Japanese Travel Market

Updated on February 16, 2015

Where Others Have Failed is now one of the Big 8 Japanese Travel Companies having muscled its way into a position of dominance in the local outbound travel market.

It would be a stretch of the imagination to conclude that all this has been possible as a result solely of professional Japanese translation. So much goes into creating a successful ecommerce website; back-end operations, front end operations, content development, translation, localization, research, the right marketing and online marketing strategy, and…the list goes on and on. Yet, has succeeded where so many other foreign companies have failed to even gain a foot hold in the Japanese market.

The Asian division of LLC contacted SAECULII for the research and development of original Japanese content and for the Japanese translation and localization of existing content covering popular travel destinations (cities) for the website. With an eye to improving search engine ranking and user conversion rates, placed particular emphasis on marketing, and required copywriting and search engine optimization of this content. Primary objectives of the project:

  • Content had to improve users’ experience on the website as well as provide users with a more informed decision making process when booking travel.
  • Content had to provide greater visibility of travel related information, and have a positive impact on user conversion rate(s).

The Right Professionals For The Right Job

Selecting the right native Japanese professionals was critically important. However, with a highly complex and challenging project that’s easier said than done!

The project team was comprised of just 7 members gleaned from a proprietary database of 741 multi-lingual Japanese professionals – Less than 1% of the highly skilled and experienced professionals on hand! Even highly skilled people are not immune to dropping the ball, though. That’s the reason why not only professionals with travel experience, but professionals who had travel experience in the actual destinations they would be researching, developing, translating and localizing content for were assigned to the project team.

Ultimately, content for over 60 global travel destinations was created in Japanese. And, each travel destination was handled by a professional who had actually traveled to that particular destination.

Integrated Japanese Language Solutions

The project was an unmitigated success because of the high caliber of native Japanese professionals assigned to the project, and because of the integrated translation solutions approach made possible through the participation of a number of service departments.

Integrated Japanese Language Solutions are the broad range of Japanese language skill sets across multiple disciplines –translation, localization, web development, design, market research and online marketing- which we bring to bear on your marketing projects.


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