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How I Traveled Looking Wheelchair Fabulous

Updated on August 2, 2013

Lookin' Fabulous in My Wheelchair or Stumbling Around With My Cane

When I first became very sick, I spent most of my time wearing yoga pants, extra-large t-shirts, and looking like hell. My body was falling apart and I felt more dead than alive. After not getting better and not getting better, I finally took a look in the mirror. No wonder people looked at me in alarm! I looked as bad as I felt!

I instantly decided that needed to change. This sickness may have control over my body but my mind would not give up! I would put aside my pride and shop in a wheelchair. My make-up would have to change. I would do new techniques, bringing out my eyes to distract from the rest of me. People would tell me, "You look really good!" and it would hide how I was really feeling. Doing this, would mentally bring me back to myself and maybe, just maybe, heal me physically.

I am happy to say, I am able to move with a cane short distances but I require my wheelchair to travel or do anything requiring long periods of standing. This is an improvement to me! I used to be dependent on a wheelchair 100% of the time. On my trip to Egypt & Israel, I was wheelchair bound but I tried not to look it in pictures. However, I like to think I looked fabulous whether in my wheelchair or standing with my cane!

I Have An Amazing Brother Who Keeps Me Looking Fabulous!

My brother has always been one of those..."I go hunting and fishing in negative degree weather, can live off the land, and carry a boat all at the same time." Maybe not the carry the boat but he is very strong. When he saw me look longingly at the entrance to a pyramid, he put me on his back and carried me in. One place had over a hundred and fifty stairs to go up and back. He willingly offered to piggyback me all the way down and up without a second thought. Sometimes I felt to sick to leave the bus but when I was feeling up to it, he would push my wheelchair or carry me when the ground was to rough. I looked wheelchair fabulous without the wheelchair because of him. Thank you so much nii-chan!

Looking Wheelchair Fabulous Began With A Healthy Glow! - A Little Makeup Goes a Long Way to Looking Healthy in That Chair!

One of the ways I travel looking wheelchair fabulous is by drawing attention away from my disagreeable body to my face. A blend of eyeshadow shades, an eyelash curler, a little lip gloss, mascara, and a powder to give life to my skin. I don't forget a dab of blush or bronzer for healthy glow. A ten-minute process and tada! My body is miserable and half dead but my face was says, "I feel like a million bucks despite having ridden on a tour bus for five hours!"

Clinique Eyeshadow, Mascara, and More! - Fabulous Make-up to Make You Say Hello to Healthy Glow and Good-bye to Sickly Pale

I Was Open to Unique Wheelchair Options!

I try to be open to more than just being fabulous in my wheelchair. Camels are an effective and unique wheelchair alternative. My brother was there to help me on the camel, hold me in place if I got dizzy, and he didn't even have to push me! I will admit I prefer the wheelchair to the bobbing of a camel but how often do I get to look fabulous on one?!

I Worked the Fabulous Wheelchair Smile!

I refuse to remember myself looking gloomy because I feel awful. A smile says, "I'm Having Fun! So Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It Sickness!" I WILL look wheelchair fabulous and happy! People are going to remember my smile and NOT my wheelchair.

Wheelchair? This Dress Says No Way!

My brother maneuvered me through the cobble streets of Jerusalem for me to get this beautiful dress. Notice you can't see my other hand? It's on my cane helping me support my weight so I could have a wheelchair fabulous clothing moment. I didn't need long. Just enough to show everyone the intricate dress. I wanted people to see me looking fabulous if only for a moment without my wheelchair.

The Amazing Sofft Brand Flats - aka Fabulous Wheelchair Flats

I once counted and found I owned over thirty pairs of high heels. They were all well and good but not really needed when getting pushed through Israel and Egypt. I discovered the Sofft brand shoes. They are super-comfy and come in a lot of cute styles! I love wearing them because my feet are happy and I don't get a lecture on my heels!

I Gave A Wheelchair Fabulous Pose

So I have my cane and my brother had to help me out of the chair. Despite all that, I tried to strike a fabulous pose with some flying hair and my body in motion. Instead of looking like it was a struggle, I gave a smile and a turn. I like to think I looked like I was emerging wheelchair fabulous!

Choose a Cane to Keep You Looking Fabulous

You don't need one of those super-old-my-grandfather-had-one-like-this canes. Mine breaks into four pieces so it can be sealed away in a purse when not in use. Get one that fits your style!

I Kept Up Looking Wheelchair Fabulous With Fabulous Food!

Keeping up the fabulous wheelchair look and making it through a stressful day of bus rides and fast tours required fabulous nourishment. Of course, one must not look grungy while eating such fabulous food! My happy smile says, "Look sickness. I WILL enjoy fabulous food and you WILL not stop me!" Sometimes, the sickness did win and I felt to sick to eat.. I refused to get depressed over it! The sickness would just make me appreciate being able to eat fabulous food even more!

Wheelchair Fabulous in the Rain - No one told me it would be cold!

In case you have yet to notice, I'm wearing a peacoat in nearly all my pictures and a scarf. Why? Evidently, January is cold even for Egypt and Israel. The only time it felt warm was at the Jordan River in the middle of the desert. So the majority of my clothes packed are hidden under my jacket and scarf. Still, I refused to get all grungy in sweatpants and a sweatshirt just because of the rain and cold!

By now you should have also realized I am wearing sunglasses no matter what the weather was. This is because my condition has made my eyes very sensitive to light. To me a cloudy day is like a sunny one for you and when it's sunny, It hurts them a lot so I can only go sunglass-free long enough for a quick picture.

This picture was taken on the coldest and only rainy day of the trip. I used my scarf as a hood and even wore gloves because I was so cold. Notice, the sunglasses are even present in the rainy weather.

Designer Sunglasses, Retro Sunglasses, or Polarized Sunglasses - Choose the one which keeps you looking fabulous!

I am always in need of a new pair of sunglasses. This was the first trip where I actually did not lose or break a pair!

So tell me...

Was I a Wheelchair Fabulous Success?


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