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How to choose a restaurant for party

Updated on February 21, 2015

You might have imagined a great time together with friends and family or just planning to celebrate a special day such birthday, marriage anniversary or Christmas.While enjoyment is important look for all the aspects that together contributes to a memorable evening. We cherish great memories but we often foresee the various elements that contributed to an enjoyable party.

When planning a party primarily one has to choose a destination and for a party you have to think beyond "choosing a restaurant". You have to think about your friends who will be attending the function their likes and dislikes, about their comfort even about parking spaces for their vehicles.

Reading this will give you greater insight about choosing a restaurant, hotel or party hall

Know Your Audience

Who are Your Guests?

Think about the kind of public who will be attending the function their social status, their age-group, which kind of food they will prefer, where are they coming from. A deeper review of your guests will give you more ideas. Knowing your audience is the key to every successful party.

Quality of food and portion size.

Whether a restaurant or a party hall chooses a brand that you trust. Choose a reputed catering company that follows food standards and standard portion size. Ask the opinion of your friends who often visits restaurant or who has a better idea of the local restaurants.

Menu-personalize it!

Every Hotel and Restaurants have their own menu but you can always suggest a dish or cuisine to be included or ask for a personalized menu and you decide the menu.If you have a good knowledge of food then take the initiative or ask the help of your friends,I say this because most hotels and restaurants are cost conscious and make every efforts to reduce food cost.Don't forget to consider your vegan friends and those with food allergies.


Choose a location that suits all priorities like distances,local transport facility and parking lots.Driving back home will be a major concern for most of your guests.Avoid isolated locations.See for a place with enough public transport.

Type of Entertainment

Entertainment is the backbone of every successful party. Check with local DJs or other entertainment platforms.You can even ask for your friends who would like to showcase their talent.This will give a more personalized.To make the event more interactive try to include competition and awards example: best dancer or best singer.

Share your Wisdom!

Did you ever planned a party? if yes we welcome you to share your experience

Magazine Review and Ratings

Go through travel magazines and websites to check the review of various restaurant.Personal review of people is an excellent source for selecting a outlet.Also check the restaurant review on various subtopics like restaurant decor,quality of service,quality of food etc.Some sites also give rank to restaurants and outlets based on the reviews and ranking.


Make a list of all expenses and look for how much money overlaps your budget.If you are very happy with the services you are provided then think of increasing your budget.

Your Opinion

How do you choose a spot for Party?

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