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The fishy fisherman fishing in Knysna

Updated on April 21, 2013

Like a fish in Knysna living with the fishing man

We can only understand fishing in Knysna if we understand the fishing man from Knysna.

There are eleven supposed dimensions of reality that scientists have found to be probable..

Well, I can bring up another dimension, as misterious as those discussed by modern scientists and the same elusive type. It is not documented yet formally but well known by the fishing humankind- it is the dimension of fish- with strange singularities, with time-space properties and the high vibes of passion that mistifies reason. Fishing in Knysna is easy, but to understand the fishing fisherman! now that is pure philosophy. I guess, there is a fisherman's philosophy. By the laws of nature, in Knysna it is the same as everywhere else.

But for me Knysna was the place to learn and truly comprehend a fisherman's love for his fish.

Knysna fisherman
Knysna fisherman

Hobby or not hobby? That is the question!

Sometimes hobbies are just late discovered talent

This article will show the reader how fishing can become a nice hobby for anyone. No skills necessary, no work necessary, no exercise is necessary. In Knysna, determination and time will sort the dedicated fisherman and his loving wife. If the hobby turns into a consumig passion, the wise wife keeps quiet as a fish, because a hobby for a man is his pride that nobody can deny.

I will also refer to the fact that the size of the fish is in the eyes of the beholder.

I also wish that readers would see how interesting life in Knysna is and think about it as a place to come for a holiday or more, and relax. Knysna is beautiful place for tourists as much as for its residents.

There is plenty of fish in the Knysna lagoon, but where do they go? When do they come? - The real question is: how to catch them?

There is plenty of fish in the Knysna lagoon. The wreck of the Paquita in the Knysna lagoon is a favorite place of the fish for their promenades. The fishermen wait for them further down but sometimes the fish just wouldn't go there.

fishing gear - for your holidays and for every possible fishing occasion - the good master has his best tools

The tools of the trade will make the difference!

The fishing competitions in Knysna

Monster fish caught in Knysna

Fishing competitions in Knysna are organized for the keen fishermen. The local fishermen and visitors that try their hands at Knysna fishing have reasons to smile when they catch the big fish. All fishermen are after the big fish in Knysna and they encourage themselves even when a small fish is caught. Some mysterious fate that is at work most of the time in Knysna, would protect the big fish from the fishermen. The fishermen try hard, try the various baits, various times, various fishing spots, various fishing gear and sometimes all that effort pays. There are fishing competitions to inspire the fish but sometimes it is the pure luck and determination that chooses no special occasion to give the fisherman what the fisherman wants -- the big fish! The real fishermen will fish without the competitions that take place in Knysna. However -- winning the prize is any fisherman's hope, even though the taste of the fish will be the same no matter what.

Know Knysna and know yourself - discover with excitement what life keeps in store for you

Knysna for two
Knysna for two

I moved to Knysna four years ago from Botswana, following my marriage to a South African resident, German citizen.

Knysna is a coveted place to live, with the lagoon at the bottom of a community built on the surrounding hills, the Garden Route cutting through the town and bringing the lively activity and excitement of a tourist destination. There are also many residents, citizen from other countries who decided to buy properties for their retirement or for holidaying. They enjoy their lives and split the year between their home country and Knysna., getting the best of each.

We moved to Knysna and knew nobody here. I have my friends and family scattered all over the world.

So, all we had for a start, my husband and I, were the two of us and the fish in the lagoon.

The new fisherman from Knysna - a new place inspiring new horizons

fish counting
fish counting

After a week of unpacking we had a stroll through the town and arrived at the waterfront of the Knysna lagoon..

My husband looked lovingly at the water and said. I am going to fish here!

Why, I was thrilled to have such a wonderful husband and he is going to be a fisherman.! I love fresh fish but in Botswana we only had fish in a can or deep frozen several times during a long transport from neighboring countries through borders that are not open all the time.

But do you know how to fish? I asked with admiring eyes looking into his, as I did not yet discover any fishing gear among his many things which we packed together for three month in over 500 boxes and crates, before moving house from Johannesburg, shortly after getting married.

Ag, of course I know- he said without a worry and smiling to the many big fish he was catching in his mind, a true fisherman already. Where there is fish one will catch them, he added - a wise man telling the truth.

And so we went out fishing, after going to ask for advice from the professional fisherman, that is the owner of specialized fishing items shop. The shop owner told my husband exactly what he needs and as a sign of respect for the customer he also indicated the best places for fishing around. More to the point, he took out a map of the city and the tidal calendar, and pointed a finger to the side of the lagoon next to Rex Drive and said-here, you go tomorrow at half past two and get your fish.

fish undersized
fish undersized

The fish and learning the tricks of fishing

fishing the small fish

My husband happily bought the fishing stuff that he wanted.. They were not the same with what the specialized fishing gear shop owner recommended. I asked why, he said, ag, the owners always only want to sell their stuff. I said yes, but you would have bought anyway. He just made the by now familiar gesture with his hand and half arm.

Those first years have been of learning to know the tricks of fish by trial and errors, because he never ever would listen to others. But that only showed his strong character -- it all would have discouraged me, but my husband sticked it out. Nowadays he would catch nine to eleven fish in one sitting of seven hours. He now has his own tricks, worked them out by himself. I only have to ask, he goes out and never comes back empty handed.

Before he became the successful fisherman of today, he used to watch others when he was fishing and cry out with outrage:: that is undersized!! From all fishing matters, he best knew at the beginning the sizes of fish officially considered good for keeps and he could appreciate by a quick glance which fish should be thrown back into the water, exactly which one was the dreaded undersized fish.

Fishing in Knysna -- tips, regulations

Where is the fish in Knysna?

Read below about fishing regulations and fishing tips for fishing in Knysna. It is not easy to learn everything at once -- but there is a place to start for everyone. Fishing tips are shared by other fishermen and regulations by officials from Sanpark,

The topics are:

-- Fishing guide for Knysna lagoon

-- Winter fishing in the lagoon

-- What species of fish live in the Knysna lagoon

-- What bait to use in Knysna

-- What are the best fishing spots in Knysna

Find below the information you need, check the tidal times and fish happily ever after!

Cob caught on a live chokkaGrunter, 7,5 kg, KnysnaFishing in the Knysna Lagoon

If you want to go out for fishing on a boat you might want to check on safety information and sea rescue regulations.

Guess the size of the fish in the pic! - under the size, a fish with the small whisky bottle

fish size
fish size

The rules are harsh in my view. Personally, I found it difficult to believe that I would comply if I would fish: the minimum sizes vary between 45 and 60 cm , according to the type of fish. There is also a limiting number of fish for an amateur fisherman or woman they could keep, provided they catch. I used to voice my own virtual disobeyance as in support of those catching only small fish. I like small fish, fried till they are crunchy.

THE TIDES -- VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR FISHERMeN IN KNYSNA - check the daily chart of tides in Knysna

The best time to fish is at the change of tides. When high tides are at their end and the low tide is coming into the lagoon, the serious fisherman should already be in position and fishing with an hopes kept high.

The officers working for the Parksboard , situated at the very best fishing spot in Knysna, inspect now and then the fishermen and women for their respective licenses. The fishing license can be bought at the local Post Office, for a small amount of rands. There are temporary licenses available for tourists or there are the annual licenses available for the committed fishermen or women. The cost of a license is fair and it is well worht paying in order to avoid the risk of being caught while fishing illegally.

The tricks of the fish and fishermen - You can do it !!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The clever fish is hiding at Brenton on SeaWho is the best fisherman? Hans Joachim Feldberg in Knysnahardware for fishing -- boats and jetty in Knysnakeeping up appearances.Fish gone sleeping.Looking for the Knysna lagoon -- visit Knysna and fishHe had fish on his mind.- the baits are mud prawns, red bait and bloodwormFish, you are mine.On a date with the fish -- what to do in Knysna?Fishing in the Knysna lagoon
The clever fish is hiding at Brenton on Sea
The clever fish is hiding at Brenton on Sea
Who is the best fisherman? Hans Joachim Feldberg in Knysna
Who is the best fisherman? Hans Joachim Feldberg in Knysna
hardware for fishing -- boats and jetty in Knysna
hardware for fishing -- boats and jetty in Knysna
keeping up appearances.
keeping up appearances.
Fish gone sleeping.
Fish gone sleeping.
Looking for the Knysna lagoon -- visit Knysna and fish
Looking for the Knysna lagoon -- visit Knysna and fish
He had fish on his mind.- the baits are mud prawns, red bait and bloodworm
He had fish on his mind.- the baits are mud prawns, red bait and bloodworm
Fish, you are mine.
Fish, you are mine.
On a date with the fish -- what to do in Knysna?
On a date with the fish -- what to do in Knysna?
Fishing in the Knysna lagoon
Fishing in the Knysna lagoon

The Best Fishing spots in Knysna, known only by the local residents

1 The best spot for fishing in Knysna is the Old Harbour, the industrial Jetty. It is the place where the Parksboard --responsible with the lagoon and fishing-- has its offices and watches out for the undersized fish.

2. The second best place to fish is on Leisure Island facing the Heads at sunset.

3. The third best spot is at the White Bridge, at the entrance to Knysna Town, where the waters are warmer during the Winter.

Sea Rescue -- information that is good to know if you fish from a boat

Fishing from a boat gives extra flavor to the activity -- but know all the risks that come with it!

The fish comes with the fisherman - when the fish falls into place

many little fish
many little fish

It is undersized!! My husband used to say and even try to take pictures of the offenders. Unfortunately the fish size did not show proper in the pictures and the local old Knysna fishermen also did not take kindly to being photographed by strangers with angry faces loitering around between loud complaints about how fish becomes scarce and impossible to catch, from an honest fisherman's point of view.

Well, time went by and we all get wiser with age.

Nowadays my husband is a real fisherman. Today he went out fishing early in the morning. He came home with nine nice fish. He was very proud about how he managed to keep them from the loitering friendly parks board people who have their offices right next to the best fishing spot in Knysna.

Living in Knysna! Life is certainly beautiful.

And let's face it: it is better when men fish than when they hunt. =))

Best fishing spots in South Africa

South Africa is a great country and South African fishermen are blessed. There are good fishing spot everywhere one turns and every fisherman can use a favorite technique for a favorite kind of fishing. There is fish in the fresh water, fish in the seawater and fish in between the two waters. South African climate is also on the fishermen's side as one must not freeze like the fishermen in faraway places when they make their a tent over a hole in the ice in order to get their fish. Choose your favorite fishing spot in South Africa and go for the fish!

A smart way to travel. South Africa from a distance - know Knysna and come see it!

To see Knysna is getting to know it. It might be a future holiday destination?

The following links are taking you to Knysna.

Knysna is a beautiful town on the coast of South Africa

Knysna is a hot Winter holiday destination for many and maybe more - When winter is raging in the Northern hemisphere, sunny days are waiting in Knysna for you.

living on the waterfront of Knysna
living on the waterfront of Knysna

Knysna is a lively coastal town in South Africa. It is the best holiday destination in wintertime for a tired human, living in the freezing Northern hemisphere.It is not a place only for fishermen, there are many more and really exciting activities, once here, like kite flying, sky diving, surfing, saling, abseiling, horse riding, etc. Kindly find and check the links, they will take you close to this place, the best to consider for a holiday, said to be one of the most beautiful on Earth, considering the surrounding tourist destinations, the historical meaning of it and the environment that South Africans enjoy and protect with pride, love and respect.

See you soon in Knysna for a hot sunny Winter holiday.

The South African wines are the best in the world. They come at an incredibly low price here, in Knysna.

And there is always the fishing in Knysna -- love and fish will never die all!

Get prepared for a trip abroad - Shopping items for a trip is halway there

Be sure you have everything you need to be happy.

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Out of the Box 10 Days In Europe Game

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Are you a fisherman? - Do you want to fish in Knysna?

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    • JohannDog profile image

      Johann The Dog 

      5 years ago from Northeast Georgia

      This is really interesting! Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get to play with the trout in the mountain stream. But I just can't seem to catch 'em!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I grew up on a fishing lake and walleye are still my favorite, especially that shore lunch cooked over a campfire. I enjoyed the story of your husband becoming a real fisherman and your good hearted humor along the way. There are men everywhere that just can't get enough fishing and I've always heard of their wives called "fishing widows", it they didn't share the love of casting a line. Delightfully done!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very nice lens on a fishy fish! : )

      Thanks for sharing!

    • viscri8 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Do yourself a favor, grant half your wish -- do fishy things and smell like a fish!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I wish I were a fisherman; to smell like fish, and to do fishy things, and to keep fishy people on their 'tender hooks'.... :)


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