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How to Move a Storage Shed

Updated on March 7, 2015

Do it Yourself: Moving A Storage Shed

This lens is a how-to guide to moving (relocating) a storage shed. There are 2 options when moving a storage shed. The first option is to hire professional movers to do it, saving you time, hard work, and frustration. If that is not an option, then the only alternative is to move the shed yourself. This lens will help get you through this daunting task and hopefully save you from some of common slip-ups and mistakes people make when attempting to move a storage shed. Good luck and happy moving!

Move A Storage Shed
Move A Storage Shed

Reasons To Move A Storage Shed

There are many different reasons to want to move your storage shed. You may want to reposition the shed because you are rearranging your yard, or you may have a drainage issue around the building that would be fixed by relocating it. Depending on the size of your shed this can be a relatively easy task or one that requires the help of friends and equipment. It might even be such a large job that you need to call professionals.

Below are the basic steps to help you figure out how to move storage shed.

Step 1 - Provide Support
Step 1 - Provide Support

How to Move a Shed

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is provide support for the shed by placing jacks under all four corners. This often requires a little digging so that there is enough room under the shed to get the jacks on stable ground.

Now that the bottom of the shed is supported you should support the inside walls to make sure that the shed retains its shape when being moved.

Attach long 2x4s to the studs. Do the same in a cross pattern along the bottom of the walls. This will help it keep its structural integrity when being moved. Doing this correctly should mean that no matter where you end up lifting it it should not bend or flex at all.

Do not skimp on this step.

Use more 2x4s than you think necessary just in case. Make sure you measure the inside walls at the bottom before getting your 2x4s. They should be the same length as the interior wall for best support. The older the shed is the more support it needs.

Step 2 - Load Shed on Truck
Step 2 - Load Shed on Truck

How to Move a Shed

Step 2

Depending on the size of your shed you may be able to lift and move it just by using your friends, but chances are you will have to use a tractor or large truck.

You will need a tow rope or chain attached to the two front corners of the shed and the truck or tractor's hitch. Be sure that whatever the chain or rope is attached to on the shed is sturdy enough to take being pulled by a truck or tractor.

After you are sure the shed is properly attached to the vehicle, you are ready to go. Be sure to prepare the new foundation before attempting to move the shed. Be sure to keep the speed slow and steady so that you don't jolt the shed. It is very easy to damage your shed if you are not careful while pulling it with a vehicle.

If your friends are lifting the shed be sure that everyone is safe because the possibility for injury is high. Do not let anyone try to help you lift the shed if they have a history of back problems.

How to Move a Shed
How to Move a Shed

In Conclusion

If you really need to move your shed the above tips should help. To be sure that no damage is done to your shed you should think about hiring a professional moving company that specializes in moving large objects such as storage sheds. This way your shed is safely relocated and no one gets hurt.

Hire Professionals to Move Your Shed - Professional Moving Companies

Use these links to find professional moving companies in your area that can move your storage shed for you. This is the recommended option if you can afford it because these companies employ professional movers who handle tasks like this on a regular basis and know what they are doing. Don't risk personal injury or damaging your shed if you don't have to, leave it up to the insured professionals.

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