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How to Spend Three Days on Santorini

Updated on September 10, 2014

Santorini Luxury Hotels, Beaches and Places to Visit

Santorini island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and as such is flooded with tourists each year. For many visitors it can often be just a short three day visit as a part of a larger tour of the Greek islands and with so many different things to do and see on the island it is worthwhile to have plan how to make the most out of a short stay at one of the Santorini luxury hotels.

The most popular attraction on the island is the village of Oia and a chance to see the breathtaking sunset which is one of the most romantic events many people will ever see. Most of Oia hotels are built on the Caldera cliffs, 100 meters above the sea level. Exploring the village of Oia and the harbor below is an excellent way to spend a day. Not only are the restaurants fantastic but if you are staying at one of the Santorini luxury hotels the hotel restaurant itself often rates as one of the better restaurants in the village.

For day two it's worthwhile to travel to the island capital of Fira and explore the town and the port of Fira. Of course there are many Santorini luxury hotels here too. Fira is also built on the cliffs of the Caldera, at 300 meters height above the sea. Fira is always busy with tourists from the various cruise ships in the port. The port of Fira is connected to the town with a teleferik taking you up to the city. Another way is by feet through the steps (600 steps), but a better way is by donkeys and mules!

Fira is also the home of the Museum of Prehistoric Thera which has exhibits from various excavation sites that are scattered across the island. This is also the best location to take a trip by boat out to the volcano. There are plenty of boat tour to chose from, organized by the Travel Agents in Santorini.

Another option for day two is to stay in one of Santorini luxury hotels in Imerovigli, a picturesque village lying just 2 km south of Fira. Imerovigli has become very popular the late years and offers some of the best hotels, built on the cliffs at 300 meters height above the sea.

On day three it would be worthwhile to spend some time at the bottom of the cliffs exploring the fabulous beaches and in particular the Red Beach, names due to the red colored sand that was created by a fusion of molten lava and sand and is a spectacular site of natural beauty. The Red Beach is situated on the south western part of the island, near the ancient site of Akrotiri. If you arrange to get up early in the morning, then you will have the time to visit some of the Black beaches lying on the eastern part of the island, like Perivolos beach and Perissa beach.

Santorini Akrotiri Excavations Site
Santorini Akrotiri Excavations Site

Another Option - Visit the ancient settlement in Akrotiri won't be disappointed!

Another option is to visit the Akrotiri Excavations Site which re-opened for the public (since April, 2012). This prehistoric settlement had been covered by lava and volcanic ash by the eruption of Santorini volcano (1500 BC), one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. The settlement discovered in 1967 by Greek archaeologists.

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