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How to travel from Prague to Budapest

Updated on May 8, 2012

Prague to Budapest by rail and bus

So you're in Prague and wanting to continue onto Budapest, Hungary but are wondering which transportation method is ideal. While driving is certainly an option for some, for most travelers, it is less stressful to take the journey without the hassel of renting a car or driving in a new country. There are also daily flights between the two cities, but after you factor in the journey to and from the airport, early arrival requirements, and security, taking ground transportation is a more economical way to travel between the cities.

For information on how to travel between Prague and Budapest by train or bus, continue reading and I'll fill you in! :)

By Bus:

Getting to Budapest from Prague by bus is easy, affordable, and actually quite a comfortable ride. While multiple bus companies offer the route, the best companies to travel on are Student Agency or Orange Ways.

These busses offer:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Overhead Movies (and personal headsets for use onboard)
  • Free Coffee and Tea (with options to purchase other food and drink)
  • Multiple Daily Departures
  • Discounts for students, youth, and seniors - and are quite affordable without any discounts.

The cost of a one-way bus trip is around $25 (USD) and takes around 7 hours.

Purchase your ticket online and print your receipt. Show up to the Florenc bus station in Prague around 15 minutes early to load your luggage, show your receipt to the bus attendent, and you're go good to! You will arrive at the drop off point (located in the map below) and can easily use the wonderful Budapest public transport system to get to your final destination.

Czech Train
Czech Train

By Train:

Departing Prague by train is another simple and efficient way to arrive in Budapest.

The Benefits of Train Travel:

  • The ability to get up and walk around
  • Meet other travelers and/or locals
  • Dining carriage
  • Bathrooms are separate from seats (unlike on the bus)
  • Multiple Daily Departures

The cost of a one-way train ticket from Prague to Budapest is around $38 (USD) and takes approximately 7 hours.

Round trip tickets are cheaper. I also suggest that you book online at least 3 days in advance, otherwise tickets can cost twice as much at the station. You may also opt to reserve a seat on the train to ensure you are in a section you enjoy and can sit with your travel partners as sometimes the trains can be crowded.

Depart from Prague's main train station (Hlavni Nadrazi) and arrive in the conveniently located Keleti Station in Budapest (see map below).

Google Maps - Bus and Rail Stations

show route and directions
A markerFlorenc Bus Station -
186 00 Florenc, Prague, Czech Republic
get directions

B markerMain Train Station Prague -
Hlavn� n�draž�, Prague-Prague 1, Czech Republic
get directions

C markerBus Drop Off Point Budapest -
1091 Budapest, �llői �t 129, Hungary
get directions

Cool Idea!

Purchase a round-trip CityStar ticket between Prague and Budapest. This allows you to stop in any city along the train route such as Brno, Breclav, and Bratislava, and to continue your journey from this point anytime within a month. It's a convenient way to experience more cities, breakup your travel time, and save money.

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