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iPhone Tour Guide App

Updated on March 31, 2011

Introduction to an iPhone Tour Guide App

Not many travelers have used iPhone apps, however for the traveler on the move they can quickly become an indispensable travel companion. If you have been traveling in the past you will have undoubtedly shirked carrying around the 'I'm a target for pickpockets' guidebooks, and shied away from the 'free' tours which invariably cost more than you would have spent on a 'pay in advance tour'.

Trying to get the best from a new city can be a thankless task, with nearly everything targeted towards visitors over-priced or obscenely poor quality. Fortunately an iPhone tour guide app will help you avoid the charges, and help you find the hidden gems.

In the following guide I will be giving you the top reasons that iPhone tour guides provide you with the perfect way to travel and explore, without getting caught out.

Use an iPhone tour guide app to find your way.
Use an iPhone tour guide app to find your way.

Why use an iPhone Tour Guide App?

There are plenty of advantages that you will gain simply by using your iPhone as a guide rather than using traditional guide books. From convenience to common sense, you really should be using a simple iPhone tour guide app.

The first real benefit from using an iPhone guided tour app is that they really are discreet. When you are traveling around the world you have to remember that most criminals are not necessarily looking for people who are rich, or have expensive possessions on them. They are looking for people who look like easy targets. Unlike a guide book, a pair of earbuds looks relaxed and as though you are listening to music. As you walk along guided by your iPhone's inbuilt GPS, you will practically look at home compared to those using an open travel guide.

The second thing is the convenience of having a tour guide for hundreds of cities in your pocket. Rather than buy a tour guide for each city, you can pick a tour right out of your pocket, and even better, you can choose a tour which is about points of interest which you are interested in.

Continuing on from that, you will soon find that many of the tours in an iPhone tour guide app are actually written by local people. This means that instead of dealing with a list of the tourist traps you will be able to visit the places frequented by locals, and unlike the tourist trails you will get to meet the locals, instead of just hanging out with other tourists and travelers.

As well as being on a GPS guided audio tour of a city, you will also receive information about places you pass on your iPhone screen. Pictures, written information and more can tell you a little bit more about where you are if you find something particularly interesting.

The GPS also has the secondary benefit of helping you stay on track. It is all too easy to get lost with a guide book. But with GPS keeping you on track, you can stop wasting time wandering around!


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