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The Island of Ibiza, Spain

Updated on December 2, 2015

Ibiza, The Island

The famous little music Island in the Mediterranean, one of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza. The Island is 220.47 sq mi (571.04 sq km) Its 79 km off the coast of Spain.Ibiza is an ever changing Island of trends, from the world of music and dance to five star hotels and spa resorts. The Island has something for everyone.Island is has some of the best clubs in the world and some of the best beaches in Europe, just a two hour flight from England, its become a top destination for UK visitors.We help you discover this Island and find accommodation of all kinds, we can also point in the right direction for activities, sports, best beaches to go to, sights and sounds and a whole lot more of interesting things to do.

The Ibiza white Island 4 all to see with everything from A to Z a complete spotlight on this little Island. Everything or whatever you search we can help you find with a the biggest selection of villas, hotels and apartments for Ibiza 2015


Ibiza Introduction to this Mediterranean Island

Known as the White Island

Ibiza is a jewel in the Mediterranean Sea has an amazing natural beauty, a superb climate and definitely has something for everyone.

Music from the world's best DJs, clear sea, warm sun attractive coves and coastal walking trails and quiet deserted beaches.

You can explore the blissfulness of this Island by Day or by Night. The island of Ibiza is a popular tourist destination easily catering for people from all walks of life. From the sophisticated rich and famous to spiritual sun worshippers, fun loving party people or simple a good family holiday the island has everything to offer.

Not only does it boast magnificent weather, spectacular sunsets and white sandy beaches the island offers an extensive range of exclusive bars, sophisticated nightclubs and wide variety of restaurants and choice of cuisine. Accommodation ranging from bargain priced apartments, hotels, beautiful villas, or luxury apartments, located in all areas of the island to suit your individual needs is here.

The Magic or White Island of Ibiza as it is called has the reputation as being the party island of Europe but there is lot more to Ibiza than its world famous nightclubs.The Island has become a top destination for weddings, a fairytale wedding on the Island has made many couples dreams come true. The island is the closest of all Balearic Islands to mainland Spain and its natural attraction has a 200 km coastline, hosting many hidden coves, over 50 stunning beaches and plenty of ultimate chill out spots to choose from. You can choose a villa in a quite location amongst the islands inland countryside to relax and unwind, near to the coastline with a stunning view across the sea or close to the busy bussing towns.

For those seeking more action and adventure, the islands mountains, full of Mediterranean plants, trees and wildlife offers you the chance to go horse riding, mountain biking, quad biking or trekking. The opportunity to endlessly explore Ibiza's exclusive coastline by boat, or visit the neighboring nature reserve island of Formentera and its soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters is at your disposal.

Ibiza is host to one of the best preserved medieval towns in the whole of Europe, the main Ibiza town, the largest and most beautiful town on the island including a stunning cathedral, with views to the neighboring islands and beyond. An evening strolling through the romantic, cobbled streets of the old town, visiting some of the unique boutiques, fabulous restaurants and chic bars where you can sit and enjoy watching the beautiful people passing by is not to be missed. Experience the cosmopolitan true Ibiza vibe by visiting the North of the island's famous Aguas Blancas or Benirras beach, where after a seafood paella you can watch the sun go down on a Sundays drumming session from the old Ibiza hippies.

Ibiza is a place to enjoy and experience a new style at your own pace, either you require a low budget apartment or a classic Ibiza luxury villa or simply plan to come and camp out on the beach the island endlessly attracts different people from all over the globe who come here in search of the for ever filling experience of the true authentic Ibiza vibe….. A place to experience, a place to see or be seen!

Ibiza Town at Night
Ibiza Town at Night

Ibiza Town, The Oldest working town in Europe

Also known as Eivissa

Ibiza town really comes as a surprise to many people - it is stylish, sophisticated, intimate yet bursting with life. THE most colorful and fascinating part of the island, day or night. A large amount of the islands population live here, enjoying the island's best restaurants, shops and nightlife as well as a thriving arts scene and a lively cafe society. Ibiza towns masterpiece is its Roman cathedral, rising out of the old city walls which mark the edge of the sea. Amongst the old town in its maze of narrow streets hide many museums, art galleries, antique shops, boutiques, fine restaurants and courtyard cafes. In its streets, in its shops, in its people - that's where you will find the true heart of the city. You can only get to know the main city of Ibiza by visiting its heart. And all of these by walking, shopping, browsing in the shops, wandering around its narrow streets or simply watching the world go by at the outdoor cafes. There is no beach near the town but just a 15 minutes walk along the recently developed yacht marina will bring you to the peaceful resort of Talamanca with its beautiful white sandy beach and selection of quality seafront restaurants.

Fiqueretas A short walk west from the main Ibiza town will lead you to the busy suburb of Fiqueretas. Hosting a wide variety of bars and restaurants, a selection of cafés, shops, boutiques and nightlife, this busy area caters for all tastes. A long sandy beach is lined by the attractive palm tree promenade. Figueretas is the beach area of Ibiza Town.

San Antonio

The second largest resort on the island and home to the famous Café Del Mar, it really does offer something for everybody, with its good value nightlife and stunning sunsets. The town has been recently developed with an attractive promenade and yacht marina. Plenty of classy bars and restaurants can now be found along the marina stretch of the town. Further around the bay towards the sunset strip is another wide range of fantastic bars to choose from, all designed exclusively for the simple idea of watching the spectacular sunset to a backdrop of ambient, chillout or electric music provided by some of the best djs in the world. The perfect combination of beautiful clear sky, fantastic scenery and chill out music make every sunset a spectacular one. You can certainly understand where the musicians got their inspiration from. The famous Café Del Mar music was created at this very location and is now sold worldwide however, a few moments of peaceful silence still falls upon the bar each evening as the sun slowly gives up its last rays, and ends the day reluctantly, before vanishing below the horizon.

Santa Eulalia, quieter side of the Island

Ibiza's third largest town and is a beloved destination for families and those seeking a quieter holiday. The town has undergone a considerable amount of advancement in the recent years, improving its newly built promenade and recently developed yacht marina. With plenty of pastime and water sport activities available including a white sandy beach, beautiful palm tree promenade and wide variety of shops and boutiques the town simply has everything to offer. Santa Eulalia is also much loved by the locals for its peaceful and laid back attitude. Cosmopolitan mixtures of people are resident to Santa Eulalia creating a colorful variety of shops and craftsmanship from all over the world. Away from the seaside and in the heart of the town, along the famous restaurant street a further selection of fine restaurants and evening shopping can be found.


Ibiza Beaches

There are lots of popular beaches here on the island of Ibiza . Choose from hundreds of quiet bays, secluded coves, and white sandy beaches, discover that wherever you are on Ibiza it is no more than half an hour to your chosen alternative vibe, even if it's on the other side of the island where you can swim naked if desired, watch the beach babes and posers, whether you fancy waves to play in, or a sheltered cove to enjoy snorkeling with sunlight illuminating the seabed below or simply relax and bask in the Mediterranean sunshine. The island has 300 days of fantastic sunshine a year and from every type of seaside atmosphere to choose from, including nudist beaches, chilled out chiringuitos by the sea where you can enjoy sangria, fresh seafood and ambient music, or just find plenty of flat quiet sandy bays where you can have the entire beach to yourself and can relax in peace while listening to the sea lapping gently on the shore. Follow the small dusty, pathways through the pine trees to discover these sought after bays

Ibiza Activities - Things to do

Although much of the fuss about Ibiza revolves around the nightlife and its reputation for being “the entertainment island of the world” there are other things to be done, places to go, people to meet and experiences to be enjoyed

The natural beauty of Ibiza’s landscape boasts an enormous choice of outdoor leisure activities. Walking, hiking and trekking are popular ways to soak up the scenery and sunsets on a villa holiday. Ibiza’s coastal walking routes take you from seaside bay to seaside bay, and a trip into the mountains offers spectacular sea views from the cliff tops. A sports paradise, the island has a choice of watersports, a golf course, horse riding, scuba diving and boat trips. The opportunity to explore the islands exclusive coastline with its many hidden secret, bays and coves is a fabulous opportunity if you decide to hire a boat for the day. Taking one of the many tour trains is also a great way to see this Balearic Island away from its bustling beach resorts.

We have listed the enormous variety of other adventure activities available under three categories - water sports, land sports and motor assisted sports.

Ibiza Fiesta dates, holidays and festivals

5th January -3 Kings Parade (All Ibiza)

6th January -3 Kings Day (All Ibiza)

17th January - San Antonio

21st January -Sant Agnes

12th February - Santa Eulalia

1st March Carnival

19th March -Sant Jose

2nd April - San Francesc

5th April - Cala San Vicente -

Easter -Ibiza & Santa Eulalia

23th April -San Jordi

1st Sunday in May - Santa Eulalia

21st May - Puig D'en Vals

30th May - Fiesta de Sant Ferran de Ses Roqu

24th June -San Juan

29th June - San Pau

10th July - Es Canar

16th July - El Carmen

25th July - Formentera

5th August -Santa Maria

6th August -Sant Salvador de la Marina

8th August -Fiesta de San Ciriaco

10th August -San Llorenzo

15th August -Cala Llonga

24th August -San Antonio

28th August -Fiesta de Sant Agusti des Vedra

8th September -Jesus

14th September -Santa Creu

21st September -Sant Mateu D'Albarca

24th September -Day of the Tourist

29th September -San Miguel -12th October -Fiesta de la Mare de Deu Del Pilar de La Moia

15th October -Es Cubells

24th October - San Rafael

4th November San Carlos

16th November - Santa Gertrudis

3rd December Formentera

6th December -Dia de la Consitutucion

8th December -Dia de la Inmaculada Concepcion

26th December -Fiesta de la Sagrada Famiua Can Bonet

Ibiza Google Map, Island in the med.

Ibiza, Spain:
Ibiza, Spain

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Accommodation - Book hotels online with this new site

The Island of Ibiza has loads of accommodation, here are some sites to help you find the best hotels, apartments and villas.

Ibiza Holidays - Some great sites to check out - A guide to the Island

A complete Island resource for travel and holidays thse links will help you find more information about Ibiza. This loving Island of fun, sun and style.

Tell us why you love Ibiza

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