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Importance of Agricultue of Pakistan

Updated on December 24, 2007

Importance of Agriculture for Pakistan

Agriculture is very important for Pakistan. It helps the country in the development of economy. Every country has a vast land, which is used for agriculture. Pakistan is also an agricultural country. Its total area is 7, 96,096 square kilometers. 70% of our total population is living in the villages. The major source of their living is agriculture. Agriculture employed 66% of the total workforce in 1950-51 but by 1999-2000. This figure dropped to 47.3%. This shows that people are now not interested in farming. They are doing jobs in industry and other fields.

They are leaving farming and migrated to cities. Because cities have more chances of jobs. There are more factories and more development project offices. So, people move from villages and settle in the cities. Another reason in the villages is that, people are using tractor and machinery, so they need less people.

In Pakistan, the best area for agriculture is Punjab. Its soil is very fertile and its irrigation system is very fine. Its total is equal to quarter of the total area for Pakistan. But it has 57% of the total cultivated land. In Pakistan, we have two main crops, which are Kharif crops and Rabi crops. Kharif crops grow in Summer while Rabi crops grow in Winter.

The most important food crops in Pakistan are as following:

1. Wheat:- Wheat is a major need of our country. It is grown on a large area. This crop is sown in October and November and harvested in April and May.

2. Rice:- Pakistan produces over 4.3 million tons of rice.

3. Maize:- Maize is a Kharif crop that grows in warm places.

4. Millet:- These crops can grow even in poor soils.

5. Pulses:- Pulses are good source of protein.

The most important cash crop in Pakistan are as following:-

1. Cotton:- Cotton is our leading exports. Pakistan produces 9.8 billions bales of cotton a year.

2. Tobacco:- Tobacco is also an important cash crop. The best tobacco growing areas are in Mardan and Peshawer.

3. Lives Stock:- Most of the milk comes from the buffaloes. Cow produce almost a million tons of milk a year.


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      Agriculture is one of the many fields adversely affected by the poor management in the government. Costs of cultivation are extremely high. And there's no policy regarding the prices of produced goods, resulting in very low returns or even loss to the farmers. So that's why people are turning to other options for making their livings

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