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India Tomorrow C2C__Journey to Discovery

Updated on October 7, 2012

A Search For Family Spiritual Inheritance__India Yesterday

India Tomorrow C2C was originally designed as a eMagazine dedicated to A Spiritual Journey to Past, Present & " Future Magic".

As a person who came to America as a boy with my parents, my memory of the first 10 years in Old Calcutta in a middle class family culture remains to this day an overwhelming influence in my own identify and aspirations for the remainder of my life.

The inheritance of an ancient spiritual tradition rooted in Hindu/Buddhist cultures that is millenniums old still overwhelms me in the search for my own identify, roots and the spiritual heritage handed down to me that I still seek to understand, experience and pass something of that wisdom to the next generation before it is time for me to go.


A Life Changing Event__Father's Passing

Part of this quest for this Journey to Discovery for me now is motivated by my father's recent passing after a long life of over 90 years.

Father's training was in scienc. He was a good student in India and struggled under financial difficlties when grandfather took an early retirement as a civil engineer.

In America after finishing his study, he was a faculty member at a university in North Carolina in rest of his life.

Our family consisting of father, mother, and two young boys journey to America was made possible by my father's spiritual vision and his scholarly abilities to enable him to leave India to come to USA .

His scholarhip was for a Ph.D.scholarship at the State University, and he chose tobring his family with him, 2 young boys, and the wife.

In those early days and also when I returned to Calcutta for a family visit in the ensusing years, I have heard the family stories of his spiritual calling all my life .

And I have seen the evidence of his unshakable faith from an earlier part of his life before I arrive in the world and that influenced his spiritual nature in the remainder of his life with which I am familiar.

So, this is the background for India Tomorrow C2C__ A Journey to Discovery.

The Main Train Station in Calcutta - Many Pilgrims Travel here to the Spiritual Points along the Ganges going West from This Rail Station called Howrah


Photo Album 01 India Tomorrow - A Journey to Discovery

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Ancient Spiritual Heritage__India


South India__Kerala Living Heritage


Lost Years of Jesus__In Search of My Father - Wildlife of Galilee__Worth Preserving While Strengthening Forestry


I like to take the reader with me through the eyes of my fictional charcter of a short novel I have written in South India, Thomas Mathai III, Kerela, India

Thomas Mathai's Christian culture that existed for millenium in south India is also ancient. And there is a parallel between Mathai's experience and the experience of the author of this fiction, though the culture rooted in Hinduism and Buddishm out of which my own roots is being searched is a parallel existence for me through the emotions and spiritual experience of Thomas Mathai III.

Thomas Mathai Speaks:

"For me as an amateur scholar of archeology during most of my life, and a scientist, this journey has more than one purpose, mixed and colored by my emotions I feel now in my father's recent passing.

Most important reason for this travel, perhaps is for me, my immediate family, mother, Annamma, wife, Mariya, and my 10 year old son, Koshi, is for us to connect past, present and future. That is the main reason in my mind for this short visit to the land of my fathers, Province of Galilee."

Thomas Mathai III, Kerela, India

Photo Album 02__ Galilee, Land of My Ancestors - Thomas Mathai III, Kerela, India

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India Tomorrow__A Spiritual Journey to Discovery


Swami Haridas__A Scholar of Vedas - Memory of Two Generations__Grand Father to Father


Photo Album 03__India Tomorrow - Magic Future when Heritage of Sprituality & Demoracy Fostering Knowledge Economy Meet In Cultural Harmony__Not War

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