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Download iPhone Travel Apps For Your Next Holiday

Updated on April 10, 2014

The Best iPhone apps for travelers

Did you know there are now over 14,000 apps for travellers. iPhones are now an every day travel accessory and many travellers have decided they are an indispensable item on their packing list. I am one of them. While I hate the idea of spending my travel time staring at a screen I think they are a perfect planning tool both before you travel and once you arrive.

As long as you turn off 3G roaming or buy a local sim card there is no reason to leave your iPhone at home next time you head off holiday.

itunes lonely planet app
itunes lonely planet app

Guide book apps

Most of the major guidebook companies have been releasing guidebook apps for a while now. Lonely Planet and DK are leading the way at this stage with the number of titles available. I have both DK and Lonely planet apps on my phone for Paris at the moment. Comparing them is hard because they both work offline, have maps and list, and include lots of great information from the books. In fact I am more likely to use the Lonely Planet app than any of their guidebooks because they use such small font in the print books.

Note: recently both companies have offered their apps for free for short periods of time - Keep an eye out if you a planning a trip. I usually come across them by checking the travel section in i-tune store under free every week or so when I am planning a holiday.

Nomads Learn Italian App
Nomads Learn Italian App

Learn the Language

There is an app for almost every language

I think it can really make a difference to your experience if you put in some effort and learn at least a dozen or so words.

For most travellers one of the free language apps will be enough. If you do want to learn more than just the basics there are plenty of paid apps to choose from.

There are also a variety of phrasebook apps on offer by most of the big guidebook publishers like Lonely Planet and Rough Guides.

Of the free ones I have most used the Nomads guides.

How much does it cost?

exchange rates in seconds

The only currency app I would use is's app. It allows you to store multiple currencies and is easily updated when you have wi-fi access.


Help! I am lost

Mapping apps to help you find your way

A mapping app or a free city map of the areas you are visiting can save you a lot of money in Internet access fees when using your phone's map tool. Make sure you choose one that can work offline.

A great one for Sydney is called True Maps. They have apps for other cities too.

Free City walk apps
Free City walk apps

Take yourself for a walk

Download a walking app and head out exploring

I have downloaded quite a few walk apps to take on my travels. Even if I have not always followed the suggested walks they made great reading on the plane and over breakfast each morning when planning our day.

There are a few good free ones and more appearing all the time. Try a Google search with "free *insert city* walking app" and you are sure to find something. Many city and country tourism boards are producing free apps that are every bit as good as the big name brands.

Here is a link to some of my favourite walking tour apps for Sydney my favourite walking tour apps for Sydney.

I also loved Rick Steves apps for walks in Europe - these are not free but not expensive either at under $4 each

but the ones I have used most are the City Walks collection - these used to be free but I think they are charging for some of them now

Get Googling and find some for your destination.

Will you take an iPhone on your next trip?

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Agoda Hotel App
Agoda Hotel App

Find a room for the night

read hotel reviews on the go

Recently almost all of the websites that offer hotels online have produced apps. I have been looking for hotels for my Vietnam holiday recently so have given most of them a whirl and to be honest there seems to be very little difference.

Agoda - I have used this one the most for searching and short-listing hotels although I have not booked online.

There are also apps for and and the various chains like Accor and Starwood


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