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Why island Krk, Croatia is a must-have place to visit?

Updated on September 25, 2015

I was traveling all over Krk many times this summer for work and I dear saying I got to know it pretty well. I want to share with you some of my favourite spots and therefore also reasons, why visiting this great place is an absolute must.

Magnificent Island Krk, Croatia
Magnificent Island Krk, Croatia

Are you a lover of an amazing natural sights?

Island is a real paradise for all the beautiful nature inhabiting the place. It consists of various types of vegetation which makes every corner of the island different and unique. The parts of Krk exposed to the strong winds around the island are mostly rocky and free of vegetation, due to strong erosion which is cause by bora. The absolute top of the island, where the Krk bridge leads the road onto the island and the south of the island where Baška town is located are so to speak “quite naked”. There is almost no vegetation except for lower bushes, which makes those parts of the island really unique-looking. The best part is that the colors of the rocky hills make such a perfect contrast to the turquoise green and deep blue waters, which is a sight I can never get enough of. Then there are inner parts of the island, full of thick vegetation, where a lot of hiking and biking trails are placed, which is a perfect setting for all kinds of outdoor activities. I went for a hike in Baška called a “Moon Path” leading to one of the highest tops in Baška, named Hlam. The name of the trail comes from the moon-like looking grounds on the path towards Hlam. At the beginning of the path there is conifers wood, mixed with big white rock of limestone, which all looks gorgeous, makes you feel like being in some fairytale land. Krk is actually very famous by its hiking sites, which there are many and are immensely popular amongst all the hike-lovers. There are countless biking trails, with views like no other. They even have climbing walls there, ski lift for wake-boarding and many more sporting opportunities.

Arriving to Island Krk, Croatia via famous Krk Bridge
Arriving to Island Krk, Croatia via famous Krk Bridge

You can also see sheep all around the island, since they are appropriate for the kind of terrains that exist on island Krk, Croatia, and they also give quality milk and dairy products. A lot of people on the island also make honey from the local plants, where my absolute favorite on is lavender. We all know lavender as a plant that smells nice and prevents mosquitoes and moth coming into the space, but not many people know how popular lavender is becoming in culinary aspect. I got lavender honey as a gift from one apartment owner on Krk, she makes it herself from the lavender that grows around her house. I am telling you, you have to try this, it is just simply one of the best honey you can possibly imagine.

Island is full of birds and interesting lizards, some snakes, deers and I even saw dolphins while sailing next to the coast of the island, which is such a pleasant experience to be a part of. Dolphins are such wild and untameable animals, which cannot be forced into coming near people if they don’t want to and that’s why I felt so lucky and excited to have seen them.

Map of island Krk, Croatia

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Island Krk, Croatia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

The island never ceases to amaze with the most amazing gulfs, I have never imagined can exist in the Mediterranean. I always thought turquoise colored seas and sand beaches are reserved for the tropical islands, but turns out I should’ve known better. The most famous amazingly light blue beach is definitely “Vela Beach” in Baška, which is one of the most famous, most visited, most beloved and the most times seen sight of the island Krk. Croatia has many beautiful beaches, therefore knowing that Baška’s beach is so well-known amongst so many people, speaks about the fact, that it really must be something special. Especially when you head hiking above town and look towards that gorgeous bay, there is simply no words to describe how beautiful this is. It gets to me every time I see it and I already have thousands of pictures of that beach, cause I cannot seem to stop taking pictures of it. I can guarantee you, you will absolutely love it.

The second beach, which I absolutely adore is a beach, well, it is hardly called a beach, it’s more cliffs rising above the sea. That beach is in Šilo, in the near vicinity where the ruins of an antique roman vila were found. Ask local people about it, they will head you towards the right place. I was there on a windy day after the storm, which made the scenery even that much more amazing, since the waves were hitting the cliffs with a wild power of the mighty nature, it looked absolutely beautiful. You just jump into the water from the rocks and on the way out you climb back up. The terrain there is so interesting, I found some caves accessible only from the sea and filled with water. Gosh, so exciting, you start feeling like some kind of Indiana Jones or something:) Absolutely a beach worth going to.

Virtual Tour of Island Krk, Croatia

And another beach I also love is a beach in Stara Baška, which is a small white pebbles beach which also cover a few meters of the sea bottom, which makes it so easy and fun to go into the water. There are a few thatched umbrellas there on the beach, again making the scenery look like some tropical beach. The beach is surrounded by high hills on which there are some individual trees growing above the sea. Gosh, it is so indescribably beautiful - my favorite time of the year to go swim there is in either in June or September when there are no more crowds and you can many times enjoy the beach completely to yourself. A paradise, I’m tellin’ ya!

Not to even mention the most amazing sunsets one gets to experience while being in those places. Heaven on Earth and a perfect place to share with your partners for some romantic moments.

WHO DOESN’T LOVE GREAT FOOD AND KINDS PEOPLE? Island Krk, Croatia has plenty of both.

With me being such a foodie, exploring the culinary aspect of every place I travel to is an absolute must. With all the travel blogs out there nowadays and plenty of review sites, there is no problem anymore to find the not-so-hidden-anymore culinary gems in all parts of the world. I love to check different websites to get the idea where to go spoil my taste buds with local specialties. As you can probably imagine on island Krk, Croatia seafood is obviously one of the main foods to eat there. You get everything from the healthy, fresh fish, to calamari, shrimps, anchovies and different kinds of mussels, which many people adore. But do not get mistaken, this is not everything the island offers. They have a lot of their own local prosciuttos there, which are absolutely amazing and since they have bora wind on the island, of course that makes it for a perfect place to dry meat appropriately. Another delicacy there is sheep cheese, which is a healthy protein source and I adore it the most when some delicious truffles are added, there is nothing better. What I also love is the local pasta, called “šurlice” which are some kind of mixture of gnocchi pastry and thick spaghetti shape. They mostly prepare them with tomato and shrimp sauce or with delicious beef goulash.

Sometimes when we go visit our business partners on the island at their homes, some would surprise us with home-made feasts. Oh my gosh, how I LOVE when that happens, nothing you can do to make me happier.

Learn more about island Krk, Croatia

Amazing Sunset

Beautiful sunset on the Island Krk, Croatia
Beautiful sunset on the Island Krk, Croatia

And here we come to the local people part - as you can imagine, people there are great. I met many locals and I have nothing but enjoyed spending every second with them. They are all kind, communicative and opened, since they are all used to have tourists at their houses all the time. They love spending time with visitors and talk to them about every day life on the island Krk, Croatia. They are all very hospitable and have always invited me for drinks, coffee and at least some sweet treats. I always enjoy meeting new people, especially people from different countries than mine. I love hearing their stories, finding out about their lives and getting tons of useful advice and suggestions about what is great to see and experience on the island. I live two hours of drive away from the island and this is one of the reasons I was never really interested into going there, which now I see was a big mistakes, since it has quickly become a very special place in my heart, I know want to explore as much and as often as possible. I am already planning on taking my family and friends there, show them all the gems of the island and try out all the gorgeous hikes and drives all the great bike trails with them, so experience everything the island has to offer at its fullest.

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