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Istanbul Palaces

Updated on September 14, 2014

The Many Palaces of Istanbul, Turkey

In my visits to Istanbul I was fascinated by the beauty of the many Palaces located in the city. This amazing geographical location which was home of many Empires holds many Palaces from many Empires and cultures that have conquered the city and although some of them have become ruins degraded by the force of time or the force of conquest, many Palaces have been restored and preserved. Today these preserved Palaces have become museums where we can not only visit, but most importantly we can experience the glory of a time of wealth, luxury and power. In my opinion each palace is able to tells us a different story and captures in form the style and characteristics of their time. Most of the palaces I visited were built by the Ottoman Empire which ruled the world for over 600 years, however in Istanbul you will find palaces and ruins that go as far back as the Ancient times. Here I will showcase all the Palaces located in Istanbul that were build by both the Ottoman and the Byzantine Empire since these are the ones that have been preserved and can be seen by tourist and visitors from all over the world.

In this picture I showcase my happiness while visiting the Dolmabahe Palace. One of the most beautiful Palaces that I have been in the world.

Lens in progress.

Last updated: 07/17/13

topkapi palace
topkapi palace

1 - Topkapi Palace Istanbul

One of the most visited Ottoman Empire Palaces and also the largest of them all is the Topkapi Palace. Build in 1459 right after the ottomans conquest of Constantinople, this Palace was the primary home of the Ottoman Sultans for over 400 years and today it is one of the major tourist attractions of Istanbul.

The Topkapi Palace is located in the historical area of the city and is open to the public. The Palace itself was build in 1459 but was gradually enhanced by many sultans throught the centuries and with it it grew in size and in variety of styles and decorations. The complex itself is quite large and consists of 3 main courts and many buildings and pavilions.

In 1924, after turkey was declared a Republic, the Palace has become a museum and today the Palace showcases to many visitors from around the world the authenticity and complexity of the traditional Ottoman empire architecture and culture.

Image credit:

The Beauty of Topkapi Palace

Dolmabache palace
Dolmabache palace

2 - Dolmabahce Palace Istanbul

One of the latest Ottoman Empire Palaces to be built in Istanbul is the Dolmabahce Palace. Completed in 1856 with a very strong French influenced architecture the Palace is located in the Beşiktaş district and faces the channel of the Bosphorus. Surrounded by the sea the beauty of this castle is simply outstanding and its design is quite eclectic with Ottoman influences as well as Baroque, Neoclassical and Rococo style. Today the Palace is a museum and can also be visited, but given its magnitude it is recommended that you dedicate few days to see the Palace in detail.

Image credit:

The Beauty of Dolmabache Palace

Ciragan Palace
Ciragan Palace

3 - Ciragan Palace Istanbul

One of the most charming Palaces along the coast of the Bosphorus is the Ciragan Palace. Built in 1871 by the order of Sultan Abdul, Aziz the Palace was constructed using the ruins of the Old Palace by the Architect Serkis Balyan. The interiors are very luxurious and today it holds a High End Hotel that service guests while preserving the beauty and the authenticity of the Palace.

The Beauty of the Ciragan Palace

Yildiz Palace Istanbul
Yildiz Palace Istanbul

4 - Yildiz Palace

Commissioned by Sultan Abdullhamid II in the 19th century, the fantastic Yildiz Palace is a very large Ottoman style complex and today it functions as a museum. The Palace name translates to "Star Palace" and in my opinion the Palace truly is a star when it comes to showcasing Ottoman Architecture. In addition to building a Palace and a Villa with many kiosks and pavilions, the sultan Abdullhamid also built inside the complex a porcelain factory that can also be visited as a part of the museum attraction.

The Beauty of the Yildiz Palace

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