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Updated on December 29, 2011 is on of the world leading online travel engines providing its Internet visitors with probably the most complete information as for the travel deals for any taste and budget. The principal idea of the operation of this site is that it searches hundreds of travel sites around the web for the results matching your criteria, and within moments shows you the list of matches. The great tool allows you to sort the results for the flights, hotels, car rental, vacations, cruises, and trips by different characteristics. Therefore, the total time you spend on the search for your preferences decreases, and sorting the results helps you make a decision towards the desired variant faster. hotels make it all possible to compare the best deals for cheap hotel rooms at any place you would like. Being at home or at the office, you can see the list of hotels available in the area of your interest with all kinds of their prices. This definitely saves you lots of time, since you get the full information including reviews of the customers of a specific place. The more you look through the results, the biggest confidence you will have as for the overall productivity of this service. Then, the booking process will not take lots of your time.

So as for the search of the cheap hotels. Typical search starts with you given some primary information about the place of your interest. The field “Where” lets you enter any city, specific hotel, particular address, even a landmark. If you still want another option, then you can select a place by picking it in the interactive map. With this “Where” criteria, you can then star a search clicking on a special button. There is a chance to make the results of the search more concrete on the first phase of it by filling in the information in the box called “When” which is optional.

Waiting for several seconds is rewarded with the list of all possible matching results of the search. Now you can use the sorting to adjust the information in the way that suits you best. Every result has a full description about the hotel. It shows its name, the map location, photo, price range, the address, distance from the city center, user rating on a scale from one to five, and customers reviews. The reviews are real once, they can show all the sides about the place, including all its imperfectness. This is always a valuable info that prevents you from having unwanted “surprises” upon checking in or staying at the hotel.

You can easily change the layout and order of the search results by limiting number of stars, setting the number of miles from the city center, choosing specific brands, adding all kinds of the amenities, chose the property type, and even pick the currency. There is also an option of sending the top deals on hotels you liked the best to your email or sharing it with anyone else you would want live. Summing up, it is worth of saying that with hotels the traveling gets much easier.

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    • LBeautystar profile image

      LBeautystar 7 years ago from Far Far Away

      Deborah, you are welcome! I'm always glad to share with other people useful info.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thanks for giving me another search option, for finding affordable accomodations.