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Kerala -100 Unseen Spots for Travelers

Updated on July 13, 2013

Natural Wonders

Kerala is one of the wonders of the world. Natural beauty of evergreen plains, hill stations, large paddy fields, big plantations, rivers, backwaters, and beaches, enchanting fairs and festivals, boat races, cities with cosmopolitan culture, world class infrastructure and high social and health indicators are some of the fascinating features of Kerala. 100 unseen places of Kerala are listed here.

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Nature - Pure and Serene

1. Aruvikkara, Thiruvanthanapuram - A beautiful place with pristine nature.

2. Peppara, Thiruvanthanapuram - A beautiful forest area with a Wild Life Sanctuary.

3. Agasthyakoodam, Thiruvanthanapuram - A peak ,1890 meters above the sea level.

4. Chenthuruni, Kollam - A wild life sanctuary.

5. Palaruvi, Kollam - Beautiful waterfalls.

6. Ashtamudikkayal, Kollam - Backwaters.

7. Jadayupara, Kollam - A vast rocky area and a small temple on the top of the rock,

8.Perumthenaruvi, Pathanamthitta - Water falls

9.Vagamon, Kottayam - Hill station

10.Llaveezhapoonchira, Kottayam - The hilly area for mountaineers.

11. Lllikkal'kallu', Kottayam - Hills.

12.Maramala waterfalls , Kottayam

13. Panchalimedu, Kottayam - Hills.

14. Peerumedu, Idukky - Coffee and tea estates.

15.Anamudi, Idukky - The highest mountain peak. It is the second highest in India.

16. Mattupetti, Idukky - A place of natural beauty.

17. Marayoor, Idukky - The sandal forests.

17. Kumili, Idukky - A place of natural beauty. Famous for mountaineering.

18. Thekkadi, Idukky - Wild Life Sanctuary and a bird sanctuary. Boating facility in Periyar river.

19.Cheruthoni, Idukky - - A place of natural beauty. Famous for mountaineering.

20. Devikulam, Idukky - Hill station with tea estates.

21.Eravikulam-Rajamala wild life sanctuary, Idukky

22.Thattekkadu bird sanctuary , Idukky

23.Wild life sanctuary -Chinnar, Idukky

24. Meenuli, Idukky - A famous evergreen fore. Famous for mountaineering.

25.Thommannkuthu, Idukky - A beautiful water fall and a Famous for mountaineering.

26.Malankkara dam, Idukky

27. Valaakuth, Idukky - Beautiful water fall.

28.Thenmarikkuthu, Idukky - Beautiful water fall.

29.Bolgatty Island, Eranakulam - A historical palace built by the Dutch.

30. Wellington Island, Eranakulam - A man made island.

31.Kodanadu, Eranakulam - A place famous for training elephants.

32. Bhoothathankettu, Eranakulam - A place well known for mountaineering an trekking.

33.Periyar valley, Eranakulam - A place famous for natural beauty.

34.Vaipin, Eranakulam - An beautiful island with a lighthouse.

35.Athirappali Waterfall , Thrissur - Beautiful waterfalls.

36. Vazhachal, Thrissur - Beautiful waterfalls.

37.Peringalkuthu, Thrissur - Beautiful waterfalls.

38.Annakkayam, Thrissur - A place famous for natural beauty.

39.Chiminni wild life Sanctuary, Thrissur - A place famous for natural beauty.

40.Malampuzha, Palakkad - A dam built in the Bharathapuzha. There are snake park, rope way, rock garden, aquarium, garden etc.are worth seeing.

41. Siruvani Dam, Palakkad - A dam and a beautiful place.

42. Nelliyampathi, Palakkad -The hilly area for mountaineers. It is also a land of orange estates.

43. Pothudi Dam, Palakkad - A dam and a beautiful park.

44. Silent valley, Palakkad - A national park with a variety of flora and fauna.

45.Meenakara, Palakkad - A dam and a beautiful place.

46. Attappadi, Palakkad - Large plantations of of coffee,tea, orange and cardamom are found.

47.Thirunelli, Wayanad - A famous pilgrimage site of Hindus.

48.Pakshipathalam, Wayanad - A bird sanctuary.

49.Pookkode Lake, Wayanad - A natural fresh water lake.

50.Kuruva Island, Wayanad - A riverine island with a treasure house of flora and fauna.

51. Brahmagiri, Wayanad - A place of natural beauty. Famous for mountaineering.

52.Wild Life Sanctuary,Aralam, Kannur

53. Snake Park, Parassinikkadavu, Kannur - A sanctuary for snakes.

54. Dharmadam, Kannur - A beautiful island full of coconut trees.

55. Kottancheri,, Kasargod - A beautiful rain forest.

56.Madathumala, Kasargod - Hill station.


57. Kovalam , Thiruvananthapuram.

58. Shankhumugham, Thiruvananthapuram.

59.Chowara , Thiruvananthapuram.

60.Poovar, Thiruvananthapuram.

61. Cherai, Ernakulam.

62. Natika Beach, Thrissur.

63. Padinjarekkra, Malappuram.

64. Varkala Papanasham, Thiruvananthapuram.

65.Thirumullavaram, Kollam.

66. Alappuzha Beach, Alappuzha.

67. Fort Kochi Beach, Ernakulam.

68. Kappad, Kozhikode.

69. Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode.

70. Beypore, Kozhikode.

71.Payyoli, Kozhikode.

72. Vadakkara Sandbanks, Kozhikode.

73.Payyambalam -

74. Kizhunna beach, Kannur

75. Meenkunnu - A beautiful beach.

76. Muzhappilangad - A place for watersports.

77. Bekal fort beach - An enchanting beach.

78. Kappil, Kasargod

Historical and Natural Spots

81.Arakkal Palace, Kannur - The 14th century palace of Muslim royal family.

82.Fort St. Angelos, Kannur - The fort built in 1505 by Portuguese.

83.Kalady, Ernamkulam - Birth place of Sree Sankaracharya.

84.Anathapura lake temple,thiruvananthapuram - Famous lake temple.

85.Sri Pdmanaba Swamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram - The richest temple in the world.

86.Burial caves, Kandanissery, Thrissur - Related with pre historic age.

87.Umbrella stone, Ariyannur, Thrissur - Related with pre historic age.

88.Thirunavaya, Malappuram - The venue of Mamankam.

89.Muniyara, Wayanad - Pre historic stone vaults used for burrying the dead.

90.Malayattoor - A place of Christian Worship which is believed to be visited by St.Thomas, the apostle.

91.Aranmula - Famous for world renouned metal mirrors.

92.Maramon - The venue of the mammoth religious convention of Christians.

93.Sabarimala - Pilgrimage centre where millions of people visit during the festival season.

94.Vembanad Lake, Ernakulam

95.Pathira manal Island -

96.Kottenchery Hills, Kasargod.

97.Mangrove Forest, Kannur

98.Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctury, Palakkad

99.Peechi - Vazhani Wild Life Sanctury,Thrissur.

100.Thanur - Earliest Portuguese Settlement in India.

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      vinu 2 years ago

      good list nice collections

      psychologist Vinu

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      techrolla 2 years ago

      I am regular visitor to Kerala. This list of kerala places is an amazing compilation. Its sad that these places are left unknown to the kerala tourists. The only other site where i saw with similar compilation was . Thanks for your great initiative. Wish kerala tourist department promotes this site in their main circuit