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Updated on November 5, 2010
Symbol on the flag of Kyoto
Symbol on the flag of Kyoto

Kyoto is a a city in Japan, the capital of Kyoto Prefecture, on Honshu Island, 26 miles north-northeast of Osaka, and 319 miles by rail west-southwest of Tokyo. The ancient capital of Japan and center of her civilization for more than 1,000 years.

Kyoto in modern times has become part of the Osaka-Kobe industrial complex, manufacturing light electrical equipment, aircraft parts, and chemicals. It is still the center of the art industries of Japan and is especially famous for its silk fabrics. There are also crafts making fine embroidery, porcelain, and lacquer ware. Originally called Uda, it was chosen capital of Japan in 794 and was laid out in 805 as Kyoto (Capital City).

The imperial palace was burned down in 960 and again in 1177, and the city suffered greatly from civil disturbances during the next four centuries. Restored to its former grandeur in the latter half of the 16th century, Kyoto has remained the classical capital of the country although the government removed to Tokyo in 1869.

There are many interesting old buildings in the city; such as imperial palaces, Buddhist and Shinto temples, and other shrines.

Kyoto has a population of 1,465,917 (April 2008, Source: Wikipedia)


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