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Garden Of Labyrinths

Updated on February 22, 2012

about this lens ...

A labyrinth is a wonderful aid for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. They are excellent for aiding guidance through anxieties, concerns, hurt and mourning, for helping us find ways and answers to simple questions, invigorating creative ideas and casting aside writer's block, and for playing games that take us from isolation to connection and team spirit.

I find labyrinths are fascinating. People sometimes call them mazes but a maze is created to challenge us, there are choices of paths and we may get lost.

I tell people that a labyrinth is reverse of this. It helps lost people find their way. A labyrinth is a singular path with something forming walls or boundaries to keep its walkers on the path.

Here I introduce you to the labyrinths in our Garden Of Labyrinths here in Co. Sligo, Ireland.

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building our first and largest labyrinth ...

more about our Garden Of Labyrinths will be added soon

please click here when you wish to return to my Celtic Ways web site

your labyrinth experiences and questions?

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    • PhoenixV profile image

      PhoenixV 3 years ago from USA

      Your labyrinth is really interesting and I went to your Celtic Ways web site and bookmarked it. Very interesting and cool.