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About Lake Champlain

Updated on January 19, 2015

Lake Champlain: The Sixth Great Lake?

Lake Champlain is over 120 miles (193 km) long and, at its widest about 12 miles (19 km) wide. Lake Champlain is a natural freshwater lake bordered by the American states Vermont and New York and in the north by the Canadian province of Quebec.

Lake Champlain is the largest freshwater lake in the United States other than the Great Lakes. In the 1980s the United States Congress briefly designated Lake Champlain one of the Great Lakes, which enabled federal funds designated for Great Lakes clean-up to be used for Lake Champlain.

To learn more about Lake Champlain visit Lake Champlain Life.

Lake Champlain and The Lois McClure

The Schooner Lois McClure  (source:
The Schooner Lois McClure (source:

The 'Lois McClure' is a full-scale replica of an 1862 Lake Champlain sailing-canal boat. These specialized ships were designed to accommodate the special needs of canal travel and lake sailing.

When the Champlain Canal was completed in 1823, it connected Lake Champlain with the Hudson River, and ultimately connected New York City with Montreal and other Canadian ports. Traffic and trade along Lake Champlain boomed. Along with the traditional sloops, schooners and the recently introduced steamboats, Lake Champlain saw the birth of this new sailing-canal boat.

Lake Champlain sailing-canal boats were designed to sail from distant lake ports to the canal on the power of the wind. When they reached the canal, their masts were lowered and the centerboards raised; the now transformed vessel could directly enter the canal.

Read about the Lois McClure's travels around Lake Champlain and the surrounding canals and rivers at The Lois McClure.

Lake Champlain Sunset

Lake Champlain Sunset
Lake Champlain Sunset

What's SUP on Lake Champlain? - Stand Up Paddleboarding Growing in Popularity

SUP on Lake Champlain
SUP on Lake Champlain

What's SUP?

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a watersport that blends surfing and paddling to let you stand and glide over the water on a stable specially-designed surfboard. The sport is fun and easy to learn and provides a range of health/exercise benefits from a full-body workout to a peaceful and rhythmic tour. Derived from surfing, Stand Up Paddling has exploded in popularity on lakes and rivers all across the country.

Here are some Lake Champlain SUP Outfitters to help you get started:

Paddlesurf Champlain Burlington, VT (802) 881-4905

-Lessons, sales , rentals and guided tours. Located at Oakledge Park and Beach in Burlington Bay

Split Rock Outfitters Essex, NY (518)-569-3588 Split-Rock-Outfitters-Guides

- Rentals for beginner and advanced paddlers. Their Lake Champlain beachfront location makes for easy launches, and their proximity to the Boquet River and Long Pond offers a more protected paddle experience for families or novice paddlers.

"Stand Up For The Lake" Race

"Stand Up For The Lake" Race
"Stand Up For The Lake" Race

Have you ever visited the Lake Champlain region? What did you think?

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    • gadifi lm profile image

      gadifi lm 4 years ago

      great lens great information especially about the the standup race for 2013I went to Quebec but didn't hear of Lake Champlain thanks for sharing this with us

    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      Cool, I didn't know the lake had a monster.