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Lake Champlain Islands

Updated on January 19, 2015

Vermont's Champlain Islands

The Lake Champlain Islands are part of what's known as the "West Coast of New England". The Lake Champlain Islands are part of a land chain which include the islands of Isle la Motte, North Hero and Grand Isle [comprised of the towns of South Hero and Grand Isle] and the town of Alburgh, which is not an island but a peninsula extending south from the Canadian mainland . Together these five towns make up Vermont's Grand Isle County.

The islands can be accessed by car via bridges connecting Rouses Point, New York - Alburgh, VT; Swanton - Alburgh, VT, and Milton - South Hero, VT. They are also accessible by one of the Lake Champlain Ferries, connecting Plattsburgh, NY and Grand Isle, VT. Additionally, there are two border crossings from Alburgh, VT into Noyan, Quebec, Canada.

Vermont Spotlight - Champlain Islands - Brief Video Tour of the Champlain Islands.

Doug and Kelley Lewis explore the Champlain Islands. They stop at Snow Farm Vineyards and at Heroes Welcome General Store.

Lake Champlain Sunset Photo

Lake Champlain Sunset
Lake Champlain Sunset

Books About the Champlain Islands

Lake Champlain Islands (Images of America)
Lake Champlain Islands (Images of America)

Pictoral history of the Lake Champlain Islands.


Midway From the Equator to the North Pole - Alburgh - a 45th Parallel Town

45th Parallel Town Sign
45th Parallel Town Sign

Learn more about Alburgh, Vermont "Gateway to The Champlain Islands"

The Monster of Lake Champlain
The Monster of Lake Champlain

Champ or Champy has been sighted for over 400 years. One of the first documented sightings was by Samuel de Champlain. Learn about the Lake Champlain monster.


Chazy Reef: The World's Oldest Known Reef - Isle LaMotte

The Chazy Fossil Reef was formed 480 million years ago, and is the oldest known biologically diverse reef on earth.The earliest fossil record of the phenomenon of succession, and the first time that coral appeared in a reef environment are evidenced in the Chazy Reef.

The most accessible and valuable reef sites for scientists, students, and members of the public have been protected in two geologic preserves at The Fisk Quarry on Isle la Motte, Vermont. The area was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 2009.

Teddy Roosevelt's Visit to Isle La Motte - Isle La Motte

Teddy Roosevelt's Visit to Isle La Motte
Teddy Roosevelt's Visit to Isle La Motte

On September 6, 1901, United States Vice-President Teddy Roosevelt was scheduled to be the main speaker at the annual meeting of the Vermont Fish and Game League. Roosevelt was a noted conservationist and is credited with the establishment of the 'frever wild' Adirondack Park of New york State.

A guest at the home of Vermont's Lieutenant Governor Nelson Fisk, it was here that Roosevelt learned that President William McKinley had been shot in Buffalo, New York by an anarchist.

When McKinley died eight days later and Roosevelt became the 26th U.S. President - taking the oath of office in New York's Adirondacks, where he loved to hunt.

Bird House Forest in South Hero, VT
Bird House Forest in South Hero, VT

Bird House Forest

South Hero

The Lake Champlain Islands are beautiful, historically significant and a paradise for the sportsperson.

...And they have their weird side. Here are some unusual things that you'll find in the Champlain Islands.

'Bird House Forest' in South Hero, Vermont: hundreds of these were built to provide homes for swallows that provided natural mosquito control for residents. More at ..South Hero Bird House Forest

Lake Champlain Islands (Postcards of America)
Lake Champlain Islands (Postcards of America)

History of the Lake Champlain Islands through postcards.

Stone Castles of South Hero, VT
Stone Castles of South Hero, VT

Miniature Stone Castles

South Hero

South Hero, Vermont is also home to a number of 'stone castles'. Scattered throughout various properties are miniature castles and stone houses that are incorporated into planters, fountains and gardens.

For over 30 years, Swiss-born gardener Harry Barber created miniature buildings from local Vermont field stone. Five castles, three houses, and several garden structures still remain. Some feature glazed windows and interior fireplaces, some... dungeons. Others have running water in their moats or are wired for electricity.

Note: All of these creations are privately owned, and public access is not permitted. Some of the castles can be seen from the roadside however.

Learn more about

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    • Unlimited11-11 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom McHugh 

      5 years ago from Lake Champlain, Vermont, USA

      @anonymous: Thanks for the visit and the like. I'm sure you'd love the Lake Champlain region. My Pinterest boards feature Lake Champlain, if you'd like to check them out at Thanks again.

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      5 years ago

      Yes I liked this page. I've always thought that the various New England states have lovely scenery. I've been to Vermont. Just not to Lake Champlain. I post to my Pinterest board for Places I'd like to Go.

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      6 years ago

      interesting. Thanks.


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