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New Hampshire Lakes Region History in Pictures

Updated on November 10, 2014

Vintage Photos Turned into Books about the History of the Lakes Region in New Hampshire

Learn about the history of New Hampshire with these informative and entertaining books filled with old-time photos. They make fascinating reading and are a great addition to your home library.

Arcadia Publishing helps individuals and historical groups publish local histories filled with vintage photos. These books make available a wealth of historic photos that have languished in drawers and boxes for sometimes a hundred years. Quite a few communities in New Hampshire's lakes region are showcased in Arcadia's Images of America series.

This vintage photo shows Paddle Wheel Steamer Mt. Washington by mapshoppe.

You'll Find Scenes from New Hampshire's Past - Like this photo showing "Haying in New England 1900"


Vintage scene available from Zazzle: Haying in New England - Vintage 1900 by scenesfromthepast

Towns in the Lake Region with a History Book Published by Arcadia

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Brookfield NH
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The Mount Washington Still Takes Passengers on the Lake


Lake Winnipesaukee - New Hampshire history in photos

From the early indians to the frontiersman to the hardy people of New England living in small villages, this history has them all covered. The author documents the region with 150 old photos. Learn about the start of the summer camps, the businesses and recreation around Lake Winnipesaukee in the early days.

My Photo of a New Hampshire Lake


Boats and Ports of Lake Winnipesaukee - New Hampshire History in Pictures

Summer visitors have flocked to the Lake Winnipesaukee region for generations. With views of the mountains, clear water for pleasure boaters and the steamboats for passengers and many summer homes, the area has many attractions.

It's history goes back very early and this book features vintage photos of the ports on the lake and the variety of watercraft.

A Cemetery Photo That I Took in NH

This isn't from the book, it's a picture I took in the lakes region. The old stones in the cemeteries are fascinating to me.
This isn't from the book, it's a picture I took in the lakes region. The old stones in the cemeteries are fascinating to me. | Source

Cemeteries Around Lake Winnipesaukee

There are fascinating stories to be learned about the old cemeteries around Lake Winnipesaukee. Find out from this book about the Native Americans who preceded the early settlers. There are pictures and stories of ministers, old soldiers, doctors and colorful deaths and sad stories.

I find old cemeteries and the carved headstones quite intriguing. This includes cemeteries from Wolfboro, Meredith, Laconia and so on around the lake.

The Doctor's House in Wakefield, NH

Beautiful colonial era houses line the street in the village of Wakefield.
Beautiful colonial era houses line the street in the village of Wakefield. | Source

Wakefield and Brookfield

Filled with delightful images of long ago New Hampshire, this photo history does an excellent job of entertaining and informing. The old photos are well-captioned and lead the reader through the development of the Wakefield-Brookfield villages including colonial experiences, the mills, early camps around the lakes, the importance of the railroad, and the ice industry. I was amazed that 25 railroad cars of ice left the area daily during the peak of the ice harvesting, before modern refrigeration.

What a treat to see long ago families in their old-fashioned clothing, old schoolhouses, and other scenes of bygone times. I loved it. (review by Virginia Allain)

The Lower Mount Washington Valley - New Hampshire history with photos

Delight in the historic photos of Tamworth, Albany and Ossipee, New Hampshire. The scenes include old schools, libraries, general stores, railroad stations, churches and a lumber mill. I liked the photo from 1900 showing a horse-drawn stage bringing summer visitors to Tamworth.

© 2010 Virginia Allain

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    • LesleyOC profile image

      LesleyOC 5 years ago

      I'm about to move to the lakes region and as history is one of my biggest interests I was really glad to find out about these books.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Nice lens! I live in Keene and don't get over to the Lakes Region as often as I should. Right now I'm living in Brazil and writing about it here on Squidoo. I'll do some NH writing when I get back!

    • JohnMichael2 profile image

      JohnMichael2 5 years ago

      An excellent snapshot of Arcadia's published work and underlying mission. I too have become part of the Arcadia family of authors and they have published my book "Images of America - Fort Myer" which I have a complementary website

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