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Las Posadas Christmas In Mexico

Updated on December 20, 2015

Las Posadas And Christmas Time In Mexico

Christmas time in Mexico is celebrated with old religious traditions. It is a warm, friendly and very family oriented time. It's an interesting mixture of Mexican traditions blended with some foreign traditions. Elements from other countries like Santa Claus and Christmas trees are present in bigger towns and cities along with traditions that originated in Spain. The most famous of these is Las Posadas.

This is a nine day celebration starting on December 16th the festivities go on until December 24th. Each night the journey of Mary and St. Joseph to the town of Bethlehem is reenacted. The night I know as Christmas Eve is known as Noche Buena or Holy Night in Mexico.

The Las Posadas celebration includes:

  • The Las Posadas Song
  • Traditional Food
  • The Pinata

Las Posadas Photo Credit

A Las Posadas Celebration Is Filled With Processions

Christmas Mexican Style

Las Posadas is celebrated in many areas of Mexico, especially in the smaller, rural towns. You will also find Las Posadas processions and festivities in Guatamala and the tradition is spreading to the South Western United States too. It's a nine-day festival and it symbolizes the nine months leading up to the birth of baby Jesus. The celebration of Las Posadas concludes with acted out processions lit by the soft glow of candle light, these celebrations tell the Nativity story and keep the story alive for future generations.

It is usually children who take part in the processions and it's a reenactment of the Nativity story. The main characters are:

- Virgen Maria - A small girl usually riding atop a live burro

- San Jose - A small boy child playing the role of Joseph along with Maria

- Pastores y pastoras - Shepherds and shepherdesses dressed in beautiful costumes

- Santos Reyes - The famous Three Kings

- Santos Peregrinos - Holy Pilgrims who walk along looking for shelter for Maria & San Jose

Have You Ever Participated In A Las Posadas Celebration

Las Posadas, Feliz Navidad, Christmas time in Mexico - Have you ever been to a Las Posadas celebration? If so, tell us what was your favorite part!

Las Posadas Song In Spanish

Las Posadas Tells Us The Story Of The Nativity

The Las Posadas procession is symbolic of the story of the Nativity, and it's told through a procession of children who walk along knocking on doors looking for shelter for Maria and San Jose, (Mary and Joseph). They are turned away at the first place they stop and at the second place. When they reach the third place, however, they are told there is room, but only in a stable outdoors. Well, it's a symbolic stable ... the third and last place can be a private home, or sometimes it's a church. It's a beautiful way to remember the struggles of Mary and Joseph before Jesus was born, and a most exciting way to show kids the Nativity story.

After Maria and San Jose have found shelter there is a party. Everyone says some prayers, they sing some traditional songs, there's some dancing music, a pinata game, treats are served and the evening ends with some fireworks. Buena Noche ends with families celebrating a traditional holiday meal together. Sounds a bit like Christmas here, doesn't it? It might be celebrated with different customs, but it's about the birth of Jesus Christ and family ... that's just what Christmas time is like in my house too.

Here's A Video To Show You A Bit Of Las Posadas

Christmas Celebration In Mexico - Find Out About Las Posadas

Traditional Mexican Noche Buena Menu

Feel like Mexican foods this year at Christmas time? Here are some delicious traditional holiday food ideas for you.

Ensalada De Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Salad)

Bacalao a La Vizcaina (Biscayan Cod)

Langostinos con Salsa Rosa (Shrimp With Pink Sauce)

Cordero Asada (Roast Pork)

For more wonderful ideas check these Mexican cookbooks - they also make a great gift idea for the celebration of Las Posadas!

Search For Mexican Las Posadas Gift Ideas - Feliz Navidad

Next It's Las Pastorelas

Another Uniquely Mexican Holiday Celebration

Another interesting Mexican celebration around Christmas time is Las Pastorelas, translated that means Shepherd's plays. These plays are performed throughout the holiday season by both professionals and amateur acting groups. They are meant to dramatize the time after the birth of Jesus when an angel announces the birth and Wise Men, guided by the stars, bring gifts to the newborn Christ child. Sometimes these plays aren't always serious, they can often be funny and that makes them so entertaining.

Las Pastorelas

Other Interesting Mexican Traditions

Poinsettias grow in Mexico and they are believed to be gifts for baby Jesus. Want to read a story about a young Mexican girl and the Pointsettia flower?

Pinatas are broken during the Las Posadas celebrations! Pinatas are a party game in Mexico and many kids in the United States play the pinata game at parties too.

In the urban areas of Mexico, like Mexico City, many of the influences of countries can be seen during holiday times. A perfect example is that of the Christmas tree. You can find lots of Christmas trees in Mexico City around Christmas time. On street corners, Santa Claus is found in booths so children can have pictures taken with him. In a uniquely Mexican twist, the three Wise Men are also there for photos.


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