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learn more about Quito, Ecuador

Updated on January 15, 2013

A magical country Ecuador lies on both sides of the imaginary line on the globe. One of the most unique countries in the continent, in which territory there is a huge mountain range of the Andes with a lot of dormant and active volcanoes, exotic Amazon, with its diverse natural world and unique tribes, long sea coast and dozens of mountain resorts, Ecuador is considered to be one of the best places in South America for active recreation. In this case, the historical heritage of the country is also very diverse, which makes it the perfect destination for lovers of cultural tourism.


The capital of Ecuador is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Quito is located at an altitude of 2,850 m above sea level and only 22 km south of the equator, which ensures a very pleasant climate and breathtaking panoramas of mountains with snowy peaks, visible from everywhere in the city. From the west the city is surrounded by steep walls of the volcanic massif of Pichincha, the eponymous main volcano which periodically throws ash clouds above the capital city, and the east street is pretty cool to escape to the wide valley known as Valle de Los Chilos, gradually going down to the Amazon pool. Quito is said to be the most visited (ciudades de Ecudor) cities in Ecuador and now you will learn why.

Quito, founded by Indians "Kara" (ancestors of the modern "otavaleros") in X in n. e., in its heyday rivaled by Inca’s capital of Cuzco (Peru), and was considered one of the greatest cities of the ancient empire. But in the middle of the XVI century, Quito was completely destroyed by local residents led Ruminyaui that he went to Spain. And in 1534 the Spaniards under the lieutenant de Sebastyana Benalkasara began construction on the site of the ancient city of the new Quito, which was to become the center of the captured by conquest of Indian lands. Architecturally modern Quito is a picturesque blend of old colonial buildings, modern buildings and poor areas suburbs. To the main attractions of the Old Town ("El Historico"), which in 1978 was declared a World Heritage Site, is a complex of historical buildings around Independence Square, Santo Domingo and San Francisco.


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