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Leeds Market, Yorkshire, England and Jimmy McCarthy.

Updated on May 15, 2014

Leeds Kirgate Market and childhood memories!

WELCOME to my personal hub about Leeds Market,England.

So why the hub about Leeds Market? Well Leeds Market is a building I grew up loving and fascinated with and for this reason I will be dedicating this hub to Leeds Market. I would encourage any persons visiting Leeds, England to spend time looking round this fantastic building, engaging friendly chat with local traders and grabbing yourself a bargain (by the way,Graveleys fish and chip shop (now called the Fisherman's Wife) at the side of Leeds market serves the best fish and chips I have ever tasted). It's fascinating to listen to the traders shouting to passers by their bargains of the day doing their best to entice shoppers.

As a youngster we used to get treated to a 'small bottle of pop' and when you finished it and brought the empty bottle back to the stall-holder, he would give you back 2 pence. This 2 pence was then used to buy a 'lucky bag' that wouldn't be opened until the bus journey home.

Now when I visit Leeds I enjoy sitting at one of the market tea stalls with a strong cupa, listen to the stall holders shouting out their deals and people watch. So many interesting characters that help make Leeds market a pleasure to visit.


Leeds Market


Leeds Market history

A bit of history about Leeds market - Leeds Kirkgate Market is a fantastic market in central Leeds, West Yorkshire, England located on Vicar Lane. It is the largest covered market in Europe. There are currently 800 stalls which attract over 100,000 visitors a week.

Today’s eye-catching market building has its roots in a design drawn up in the 1850s. Mr Tilney, the city’s Borough Commissioner at the time, envisaged a prestigious new trading centre for Leeds; the new building was to be modelled on London’s famous ‘Crystal Palace’, the steel-and-glass masterpiece of architect Joseph Paxton.

The building was completed in 1857. The markets were an immediate success.

Towards the end of 1975 (13th December) disaster struck when a large part of Leeds market was engulfed in fire. Over 100 fire fighters fought to contain the blaze causing damage at the time estimated at £7 million. I was a 8 year old at the time and with my parents and 2 brothers had experienced the pre Christmas excitment and was in the market just before the fire broke out.

In 1976 and 1981 the new halls were opened and Dutch developers MAB (UK) Ltd proposed to expand and redevelop the market further in 1986. The venture was promoted by Leeds City Council and Norwich Union. The scheme offered £120 million which would increase the market to 400,000 sq ft, longer than the Houses of Parliament, create a new bus station and 2,000 new car parking spaces.

Today, Leeds market boasts some of the finest shopping in the UK, staying inovative with customer demands and choice. As well as the indoor market there is also an outdoor market section boasting a further 200 stalls.

Footnote - I don't work for the market in any way whatsoever. I live in Ireland and Leeds market to me is a childhood memory that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoyed reading...


Leeds Market


Inside Leeds Market


Marks and Spencers - Where it all began.

Dancing in the fresh fish isle of Leeds Market.

Leeds Market of days gone by

Watch my short slideshow.

Leeds Market

A markereastgate,leeds -
Eastgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
get directions

Leeds Market. A stunning piece of history and well worth a visit.


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