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Legoland Discovery Center Westchester

Updated on May 6, 2014

Our Trip to Legoland in Yonkers, NY

My family had the opportunity to experience this attraction first hand. I have to say that my son is obsessed with these blocks, and we had to go see just what it was all about. I know that many other people, and not just children love Lego, so I figured I would share our experience in this lens. I hope this gives you an idea of whether you would like to visit this location or perhaps a similar one near you. Good activity for school breaks or weekend fun.

Some things to know.....

Before you make the trip.

Try to make your visit early, as the later you wait to show up the greater the chance that the line to get in will be longer. They recommend going on a weekday afternoon or evening. We arrived early as soon as they opened, and there was still a very long line. As you can see from the photo I took of the lobby there were so many people waiting to get inside. There are two lines, as one is a pre-paid line (order tickets in advance online), and guest registration. We chose to just show up and register there, as we had heard that you would wait in line regardless. One bonus was that there was a parking garage right next to the site, and they validated parking, but left you to only pay $1.75, as long as you left before 3hrs of being there.

To enter you must be with a not worry if you are an adult who likes Lego but does not have child. They do offer an adults only night on a Thursday that they announce on their website. Admission for adults was $23 after tax, and $18 per child. If you subscribe to the free Lego Club magazine they often feature free child coupons. Once you have paid for entrance you can leave and return at any time that day. They do offer membership rates that you can find on their website, or while you are there.

I'll admit it was pretty exciting getting in, and there is a lot to look at while you wait. For instance the lanes had bricks inside of them, and there was plenty of brick art on the walls to look at. The entrance into the inside area was shaped like a mini figure too. The cashiers registers were even constructed of blocks.

For more information and to make your reservation please go to -

"The Factory Tour"

First area once you enter......

As soon as we had passed thru the minfigure doorway we were met by an "instructor" who told the kids a brief explanation of how the toys are made. As an adult you realize that it is all just for show, and there really no hands on. They just simulate the process with flashy buttons, and sounds, but the kids all seemed to enjoy it. Yet again there are plenty of decor to keep your attention, and the kids each got a special brick that said the name of the site. While it was not individualized to that specific location it was still a nice keepsake for my son.

Kingdom Quest Laser Ride

ride and laser shooting fun!

Upon leaving the factory simulation we arrived upon a darkened hallway which leads to this next area. I really think they could have lit it up a little better, as it was too dark at first, but I got the feel of ambiance that they were trying to instill. Here you wait in yet another line in order to get in one of these carts. (Please see the picture I have included of the car) Honestly this was pretty cool. I had fun shooting the different images that would flash on the walls as the cart made it's way thru the hallway. I found the Knights & Dragon theme to be an interesting enough of a story to keep me from getting bored, and this will keep kids happy, as it was not too fast paced as to seem rushed. At the end the say what your score is and even offer an chance to get a snapshot of your ride.

Mini NYC

replica of some NYC landmarks...

By far this was my personal favorite part of this place. To see this replica city is amazing, and I later noticed details that I had missed when I had walked through, such as the subway system below the table. The amazing detail put into each building, and there surroundings is simply breath taking as the real deal. Some of the tiny details were flashing lights on police cars or rc cars that really moved. This is a site that should be explored in a proper amount of time to see all that there is. So much skill, and artistry.

4-D Cinema

3-D with a PLUS!

I have to admit that I had not seen any 3D films since back when they used the blue and red cardboard glasses. So this was my first experience with the new digital 3D technology using what look like funny sunglasses. Beyond seeing images rush at the screen this was greatly more than that, because there were added effects such as fans blew at you simulating helicopters racing past. Also they used confetti to simulate snow. While this was not the best 4-D experience I had done that weekend this was still very exciting. Given the price paid visitors should spend the extra bit of time to waiting in line to see this short film. I also have to add that the line for this was not that long at all, and the wait to get in was only five minutes. This made me feel that the ticket price was somewhat more a value.

Merlin's Apprentice Ride

Peddle to fly......

This was another unique theme ride that my son seemed to enjoy. The line was very short, and the staff were very accommodating in letting parents take pictures before the ride started. This seemed a little close to a wizard themed children's book that I will not mention, as the surrounding walls are decorated with bookshelves. Riders are belted into cars, and much like a carousal it spins around. The key to flying though is that the more the riders in the individual cars pedal the higher they go. With the lights and darkness it looked exciting, and my wife said that she even thought it was fun.

Lighter side of the Bricks

Friends..., academies, cafe, etc.

They had a section of the big open area that was dedicated to their Lego Friends theme. In here kids could do karaoke, build cupcakes out of blocks, and flowers for the garden. I'll admit that I didn't really explore this section all that much.

There was also a section where you could build your own race car, and try it out on a couple of big ramps. While this seemed like a cool concept it was so cluttered by the bricks being all over the bins, and there were just not enough wheels to go around for every kid to make their own.

Another area that we did not explore was the Master Builder Academy. In there kids could learn from instructors different building techniques, and tips. I would think that this part was better suited for older children, and most adults waited outside.

There was an eating area, such as the cafe, and plenty of seating. Prices of meals seemed to be very pricey, and I would recommend going elsewhere or packing a lunch.

In the center of this big area was a soft play area( Fire academy). This had tunnels, and mazes that kids could run through. There were slides, and bikes made out of bricks that they could ride on.

For the smaller kids they had Duplo Village with very soft blocks in a ball pit type of pen, and a slide that little ones could use. There did not seem to be too many children in this area, and possibly this may be a good thing for those who have younger children to do while their older siblings play in other areas.

The center area had so many things to do for kids of all ages, and this is pretty much the end of the tour, as once you have explored everything this has to offer there is the exit to the gift store.

My video Collage of our experience there.....

The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination
The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination

I love books that can encourage kids to be more creative.

The LEGO Book
The LEGO Book

Book about Legos.....yes please!

LEGO Education Community Minifigures Set
LEGO Education Community Minifigures Set

Some kids just love minifigures.


Have you been to Legoland before? - Thinking of planning a visit?

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    • JoleneBelmain profile image

      JoleneBelmain 4 years ago

      My kids would love going to Legoland. I've heard of some sort of lego race land or something along those lines, and that would be super fun too. We don't have anything like that around where we live, but it would sure be neat. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, it was fun joining you :)

    • LaptopLeader profile image

      LaptopLeader 4 years ago

      Woo! Hope I have a chance to visit a Legoland one day. Fantastic lens! Thanks for sharing!

    • leatherwooddesign profile image

      Marisa Horn 4 years ago from Rintown Pa

      I would love to visit this place

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 4 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Legoland looks like so much fun!