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New Years Eve Las Vegas

Updated on March 8, 2015

The New Las Vegas Strip

Given a number of options to select from year to year, my company and I decided to venture to Las Vegas to bring in the New Year of 2013! We chose right by picking one of the most celebratory venues for a New Years occasion! Regardless of the range in Las Vegas shows to take in and the grid lock of traffic at the very heart of the eve, we were most intrigued of the newly developed strip and how much it had grown and impressed us all!

The constant trekking of this fabulous city was most adventurous for us. While the natural crisp air was uplifting on weary feet, pure oxygen at certain bars and all the dazzle and magic kept us more than sleepless ... rather, wide awake!

statue of liberty NY Hotel in Vegas by KV
statue of liberty NY Hotel in Vegas by KV

NYE Block Party

It was since March 1992 I last visited this amazing city and the New York Hotel made front page for it's blue prints. Wonderment and thrill of what that could be like resonated in me for years. Having preceded the now ever stunning Bellagio, Venetian and Paris Hotels, the New York Hotel has it's lifelike facade and Statue of Liberty to be most impressed upon! A peek not far from this central nucleus was the Imperial Palace soon to have it's alteration replenished with a great new corridor for more world class entertainment!

Getting to and from some of these fine hotels and casinos was overwhelming at first, but between monorail and a lot of foot work, we were able to find our way through most walkways and overpasses. My suggestions is that more city (strip) maps come available at the front desk of all venues. Regardless, the augmentation of this landscape is without a doubt a major improvement overall! Many entrances of the hotels and their casinos will lead to you to continuous corridors of shopping, dining and concert halls for your pleasure and convenience.

After a late plane arrival and a line up at customs, we were more than anxious to checkin and bolt to the MGM Grand and see the later half of what was a great Eagles Concert!! Prior to our entrance into the hall, we discovered there was no record of our purchased tickets. But for the 15 minutes more delayed in trying to find those tickets through guest services, they soon blessed us with 3 complimentary cocktail tickets that wowed us with the best triple lime margaritas to start our amazing adventure and tour of our own.

The next day, we embarked are quest to the fullest in familiarizing ourselves to the Strip. Reserving our shows such as the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur while having dinner is a must see and terrific family experience at least once in your lifetime! Following that we made great efforts to get centered to Treasure Island and catch what is now one of their more sexualize shows ever located outside the famous hotel with it's endowed audience. We engaged just the same remembering how the Treasure Island show paled from years ago when the pirates were of male gender only. Now it's male vs. female and the girls have their way of conversion and victory.

As for the finale of a fine day, the farewell to 2012 with all its fondest memories and exceptions, we crowded ourselves fully to the hub of the action counting down with hope and embracing yet another brand new year with filtered zeal. We held and kissed each other with all the best intentions as we tried to hear ourselves speak through the endless noisemaking and roar of the crowds during the display of the Fireworks! The trickiest part was to dodge all the opposing traffic and efforts in getting out of a couple of serious gridlocks of human traffic that simply compelled you to find any diversion possible. That part was a bit disconcerting but with a kind word to the police on duty we encouraged that diversion to the other side of the strip where the traffic was much thinner. In all, we had a great experience and toast to the world which led us to another sunny more casual day shopping, evening dining at our leisure reminiscing Ol' Lang Syne in good Ol' Las Vegas!

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Treasure - Highly Entertaining!

Treasure Island photo taken by KV
Treasure Island photo taken by KV

The Gift Shop has the greatest in glow in the dark Treasure Island T-shirts like never before!

Viva Las Vegas - Dancing with Ann Margaret and Elvis

Things to bring to Vegas when you are winding down...!

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    • Kimberley Vico profile image

      Kimberley Vico 4 years ago

      @TransplantedSoul: There is something for everyone in Vegas!

    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 4 years ago

      Vegas is ok for a day or two, but has such a strange artificial atmosphere to it. It is certainly worth a visit once!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Vegas must be the most fun place on the planet to spend New Year's Eve! I'd love to be there when a new year rolls in.