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The Hidden Lima You Didn’t Know About

Updated on February 16, 2012

Most travellers’ come to Peru for Machu Pichu, the cities of Arequipa, Puno and the beaches of the north - Mancorra.

Most travellers' arrive into Peru by plane landing at Jorge Chavez Aeropuerto on a set itinerary that entails a few days in Lima and a few days in Cuzco and then onto Machu Pichu before returning to Lima and exiting the country.

If you are coming to Peru during the summer peak season and are wondering where all the people are – Look to the south of Lima

Lima during the months of late December to early April Limenos escape the hustle and bustle of Lima and head south emptying the City of Lima to relax and let their hair down. Around 40 Klm’s south of Lima lies the beginning of Las Playa’s of the south including El Silencio, Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo, Santa Maria along with many others including the up-market playa of Asia at 100 klm’s south where Lima’s wealthy vacation as an alternative to Mancora in the north due to its close proximity to Lima.

Here you can expect to find an abundance of accommodation, including hotels, hostels, houses and apartments for rent in varying degrees of comfort and price. Great restaurants and huge disco-techs also cater for the overflowing crowds from Lima which are loud and pulsating with energy until the early hours of the morning.

Best food to eat, cevciche, tamale (cooked corn maiz served with a spanish onion relish) sandwich de chicharron (roasted pork, sweet potato, spanish onion relish) and coffee compliment the chicharron perfectly.

Therefore, if you have spare time in Lima and you arrive in between the months of late December to early April then dont miss out on the south of Lima with many great beaches to relax on, accommodations and foods to choose from it will certainly show a different angle to Lima Peru most people don’t know exists.

A markerPlaya El Silencio -
Playa El Silencio, Peru
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One of the many disco-techs in the south of Lima filled to capacity.
One of the many disco-techs in the south of Lima filled to capacity.
Playa Santa Maria
Playa Santa Maria
Sandwich de chicharron
Sandwich de chicharron


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