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Lindos Rhodes Greece information and more

Updated on March 14, 2012

Lindos is one of the most popular destinations in Rhodes

Lindos is one of the most popular destinations in Rhodes. The village is located in the east coast of the island and is 45 km from the city of Rhodes.

During the ancient times it used to be one of the most important cities in Greece. It played a leading part in the colonization movement and participated in every military action to defend the Hellenic World; such as the Trojan War and the Persian wars. Apart from that, it used to be a center for culture and arts.

The Acropolis of Lindos is built on a rock that stands 116m above sea level and is surrounded on all sides by the glorious waters of the Aegean Sea creating a majestic scenery. The sanctuary of Athena Lindia stands on its highest point and it used to be one of the most respectable sanctuaries of the Hellenistic world accepting offerings from all over the known world. Some of the donors were Alexander the Great, many of his successors and the Pharaoh Amasis.

The settlement is fanned out around the Acropolis taking into account the natural landscape. The buildings are small, white with flat roofs and they are built in a close proximity with each other, forming narrow alleyways which are paved with huge stone-blocks.

Nowadays the visitors can stroll around its narrow alleyways and get a taste of yesterday that crosses its path with today. The village offers a number of activities for those who choose to visit it or live in it. There you can find organized beaches, water sports, tourist shops, snack bars, restaurants, cafeterias, and bars; most of them offer a panoramic view of the ancient Acropolis, the Aegean Sea and the village.

Lindos Rhodes photo
Lindos Rhodes photo
Lindos photos
Lindos photos
Eugenia villa photo
Eugenia villa photo

Lindos Rhodes Information

Another great chapter in Lindos history is its traditional houses. Many of those, today, have been modified to accommodate tourists, such as the Eugenia Villa and Studio which is located in the Small beach of Lindos, just 2 minutes away from the beach and 5 minutes from the center. The Villa has three rooms, the one has a Lindian style bed with a double mattress and the other two have two single beds each. There is also one fully equipped kitchen and two bathrooms, separated from the rooms. The Villa has an excellent view of the sea from its large courtyard which is paved with the traditional pebbles. The Studio is furnished with three beds and an electric cooker. It also has a toilet and shower room tucked away in one corner. Both Villa and Studio are fully air-conditioned. For more information you can look on their website,

For additional information as to where to eat, drink, stay, places to visit you can find in the website,; a website dedicated to provide information regarding Lindos to visitors for many years now.


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