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Aphrodite's Rock

Updated on February 5, 2015

Aphrodite's Rock


Aphrodite The Goddess of Love

Aphrodite's Rock is situated just before Pissouri going towards Limassol in Cyprus.

A few years ago, when my two sons were younger, we went to this place in the month of August and stayed for the day. There was a breeze here, as the weather this time of year is humid at 98 degrees.

My boys loved it here, as they collected the stones from Aphrodite's pebbled beach and took them back to our apartment to decorate them with paint.

The History Of Aphrodite The Goddess Of Love

The history of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love was said to have fallen from the skies and into the waters. The waves slowly brought her into Cyprus and she made her appearance on land here. She walked on Cyprus soil and the men that saw her fell madly in love with her and wanted her for their wife. It has, also, been said that she possessed a magic girdle that had the power to inspire love and beauty to anyone that wore it. Aphrodite had many lovers after this.

Aphrodite's Rock is known as Petro Tou Romiou, which is the Greek name. It is, also, said that if a woman should swim around the rock three times, naked and under a full moon they will find true love, but whether this is safe or not in the dark is yet to be learned. Although, it is debatable whether this myth is true, the rock and it’s setting provide a romantic location for romantic lovers of all ages.

Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus

The Beach

The beach area at Aphrodite’s Rock is one where many families and friends gather for picnics. People come from all over to photograph the rock. The waters of Aphrodite feel sacred and everyone wants to see this place for themselves. Some want to swim in the sea here taking a chance on whether these waters may give them something magical in their life.

Swimming in the sea does tend to be very rocky, so you do have to be careful if wanting to swim here. Some say, it has a therapeutic effect on any troubled soul. Young people climb the rock and dive into the sea from it thinking that something brilliant may come to them in their lives one day.

Spend A Day at Aphrodite's Rock

If you want to spend a day here, then there is a nearby café where food and drinks are available and a car park. The beach area is accessible by going down some steps at the café, where it will lead to a narrow walk way and then the sea front. This is a great place to hang out for a few hours or a day. No doubt when the full moon arrives, there will be an audience of people waiting to see if anyone will swim around this rock three times! The tourists on vacation in Cyprus are often told this legend by their holiday Representative, such as Thomas Cook or Thomsons.

Aphrodite's Rock

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Aprhodite's Rock in Cyprus

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