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A Visit to Nessie

Updated on July 26, 2017
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Melissa lives in Downtown Albuquerque. She loves sharing her local discoveries with fellow travelers and explorers.

Beautiful and Compelling Loch Ness

Have you ever visited a place and known you had been there before, somewhere along the timeline of physical existence?

I feel that way about Loch Ness. My heritage isn't Scottish, it's Irish, French, German and a spattering of Swiss, Portuguese and possibly Italian (still looking into that). But the Loch Ness still felt like home to me.

It's a mysterious, lush landscape that is prone to the Scottish weather patterns in a very dramatic way--dark and stormy one minute, sunny and bright the next. I experienced all that and more on my visit.

If you don't know about my love affair with weather, you can read about it here.

The Start of Our Journey

There are tour boats that make hourly trips into the lake from the surrounding channels. Our tour started and ended in Fort Augustus. Fort Augustus is situated at the most southern tip of Loch Ness.

This is a view of the lake as we began our journey.

It was dark and foreboding and could not have been a better backdrop to wonder about and hope for a Nessie sighting.

The water was choppy and brackish in color--not a body of water you can see clearly into even when the weather is calm and the waters still.

It would be easy to believe you had seen Nessie poking its head above the water line--difficult to prove or disprove.

The Loch Shoreline

The shoreline is rough and not easily walked. It's lush and green in most areas but barren and stoney in others.

Homes dot the edge of the lake so there are roads that lead around the lake and it appears to have areas that are well traveled and other spots where no ones seems to go.

The shroud of mist and clouds didn't allow us to see beyond the edges surrounding the lake.

Photo copyright aha-creative, albuquerque 2005-2012. Permission needed to use this and all photographs.

More Photos of Loch Ness

Click thumbnail to view full-size
I wonder what these folks have seen in and around the loch?Another misty, eerie view.Green shoreline.A view across the lake from our tour boat.More Loch Ness shoreline.
I wonder what these folks have seen in and around the loch?
I wonder what these folks have seen in and around the loch?
Another misty, eerie view.
Another misty, eerie view.
Green shoreline.
Green shoreline.
A view across the lake from our tour boat.
A view across the lake from our tour boat.
More Loch Ness shoreline.
More Loch Ness shoreline.

So why doesn't somebody just sonar the bottom of the lake?

And find Nessie's home.

I asked my Scottish brother-in-law this question. He has a degree in underwater engineering and was a member of the Royal Navy for years.

He says they are limited in what they can do because the bottom of Loch Ness is a petrified forest--way too rugged and treacherous to send equipment down for a close-up investigation. Even dangerous for a person to go down and search around.

I would imagine the water is so dark that it would be impossible to really see well anyway.

Photo copyright aha-creative, albuquerque 2005-2012. Permission required to use this photo.

The Return Trip to the Village of Fort Augustus

The weather began to change dramatically as we neared the channel into Fort Augustus.

No Nessie sightings and not because of lack of desire. Everyone on the tour was talking about Nessie but she was nowhere to be found.

Photo copyright aha-creative, albuqueruqe 2005-2012. Permission required for use of this photo.

Finding Fort Augustus and Loch Ness

The loch above Fort Augustus is Loch Ness. The loch below it is Loch Lochy. The green lines are major roads into and out of the area.

It's an easy day trip from Edinburgh or Glasgow to Loch Ness.

Fort Augustus, Scotland Great Britian

get directions

Entering the Village

The beauty of the area just exploded around us. What a magnificent return.

Photo copyright aha-creative, albuquerque 2005-2012. Permission required to use this photo.

Fort Agustus, Scotland, Great Britain

Photo copyright aha-creative, albuquerque 2005-2012. Permission required to use this photo.

Although I didn't stay in Fort Augustus, this looks like a wonderful possibility for lodging there.

Are you a Nessie fan?

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