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The London Eye

Updated on October 15, 2014

Journey Around The London Eye

Ever wondered about London's Big Eye?

I love to visit London when I can which tends to be only once or twice a year at most. When we do go it is always lovely to take a walk by the Embankment and one of the attractions there is London s Big Eye.

Take a trip with me to discover The Eye in London as I did on a recent visit to see it.

It was a cold crisp winters day yet there was a huge number of people there to see and experience this wonderful attraction.

So why all the fuss about The London Eye?

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Queues For The London Eye

If you take a walk down the Embankment towards the London Eye it is a fascinating sight of street artists, doing gymnastics, painting, making music on steel drums,

There are people dressed as statues that stay as still as can be being looked upon in awe by some people and others trying to get them to move!

All manner of people are there and it is very crowded, yet the atmosphere is one of busy activity and simply enjoying what is there. I find it a very relaxing yet stimulating place to be.

As you approach the London Eye we saw crowds like we had not seen before along the whole stretch. There are massive queues for the Eye it is quite a spectacle in itself, rows and rows deep of people, everyone patiently waiting.

Well we hate waiting in queues like that so if you do too I would strongly advise booking ahead for a specific time so that you don't have to queue for so long!

The London Eye - A Temporary Structure To Permanent Attraction.

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The London Eye - A Temporary Structure?

Did you know that the london eye was only supposed to be a temporary structure to celebrate the Millenium?

It is a wonderful structure and great fun so I am glad it has stayed. It was its 10th Anniversary this Jan 2010!! Happy Birthday !!

I hope you enjoy my photos and the video sites here, also the live webcam to enjoy Londons Big Eye

I don't want to overface you with lots of facts and figures but if you would like to know all the ( I think fascinating) details please take a look at some of the links I have provided for you to learn more.

Love to hear from you if you have taken a ride on the Eye or if you would like to. Please leave any comments in the Guestbook at the end of this page.

Tour Of The London Eye

Names For The London Eye

The London Eye in fact has many names it has acquired along its relatively short history. Here are some I am aware of.

The London Eye

The Merlin Entertainments London Eye

London's Big Eye

The Eye

London's Eye

The Big Eye

Millennium Wheel

The London Eye


Experiences of The Embankment.

Although we did not get to go on a flight on the Eye my husband and I loved walking around the area of the embankment in London and taking in the fantastic atmosphere in the area.

In the nearby area was an outdoor book fair and people in wonderful costumes and often painted in gold or purple posing as "statues". There are also outdoor food stalls, restaurants, and a wide variety of music. One man was playing the Steel Drums while we were there.

The River Thames flows by The Eye and is a huge dominating river. In sight is the "Gurkin" and other sights of interest. You can even take a boat trip along the river , which , especially if you are new to London is a really good way of seeing more of this are of the city. It is also a lot easier on your feet as London is a huge city to walk around! Relaxing on the river is a lovely way of taking it all in.

If you go in the summer do look out for this fantastic frozen yoghurt place. They run it out of an old bus totally renovated of course and up to food standards. I have never had yoghurt like it, great quality yoghurt in itself and then a challenging array of different toppings and fruits to choose from! If you get a medium or large one it is really a lunch in itself and very tasty indeed.

We had a lovely few hours in the area and could have easily stayed a lot longer.

Capsule Of The London Eye


Book Ahead For The London Eye Ride

As I said earlier I would very much recommend booking ahead for The London Eye. When we arrived at the site of The London Eye there was a huge queue. It was winter and very cold so we decided not to wait.

There were many brave souls who were in the queue and I think if you were travelling to London from abroad on a holiday it is worth the wait but do yourself a favour and do try to book in advance.

We Brits are quite good at queuing! However it is not a great way to spend a holiday so do be organised and book ahead.

That way you will get to see more of London and wont have to wait so long in a queue in potentially inclement weather.

The Embankment, River Thames

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Londons River Thames

Here is the River Thames, embankment from nearby The Eye.

Even on a grey day it has an attraction for me. There is a majesty to this river, a history and it is such a lovely place to chill out and relax from the hectic pace of London. This city is a full on place to be and this area around the Embankment is no exception. Yet if you can find you r nice place to sit or stand and just look there is a peace about it too.

You can see the famous Big Ben in the distance!

I love this part of London, I think the river is lovely and the buildings are amazing and there is a special buzz about the place, which is hectic yet friendly.

Books About The London Eye

Books Travel Guide To London

London Eye From The Road.

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© 2010 RaintreeAnnie

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Love this London Eye. I hadn't heard of it before. Very cool!

    • profile image

      BritFun 8 years ago

      Been on three times now. Twice in one day (we had a Merlin annual pass which includes the London Eye, so it didn't cost extra). I'm not crazy about heights as a rule - but really enjoyed the London Eye. It's brilliant on a sunny day.