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Updated on October 6, 2012


PSYCHE AND CUPID is a really great myth. I really love it and its meaning is marvelous! How wonderful real love is!

PSYCHE was the daughter of a king and she had two sisters. Psyche was born with a great beauty and her sisters were full of envy because everybody was looking for Psyche and not for them. Psyche's sisters got married, but she remained single.

One day her father went to the oracle to ask about Psyche's destiny. He was told to leave her alone on top of a mountain and a wing serpent will take her away. The king came back really sorry and did what he was told.

Psyche was left alone on the mountain. Suddenly a nice win came to caress her and she fell asleep. When she woke up she was in front of a nice mansion. She was told to go in and the people inside said it was her house and they were her servants. She was invited to take a bath and to eat and so she did.


The real owner of that great mansion was the one who sent the servants to get het in. The deal was she could stay under two conditions:

1> She must not ask for his identity and, therefore, could not see his face.

2> She must not let anyone in the mansion, not even her family.

What other choice did she have? Of course, she accepted. She was living a wealthy life and happy.

One day she saw her sisters passing by and she asked "the stranger" to let them come to see her. He did not want, but after she begged with tears he accepted and warmed her that from it something not good would happen.

Her sisters were impressed of the mansion. It was even better than their wealthy houses. They got full of envy and they made a plot. They started making questions and when they found out Psyche did not know who her husband was, then they found the opportunity. They told her about the oracle and how the oracle said a wing serpent would take her. So, they said, that winged serpent was his husband. They left after that, but psyche was confused now.

That night she wanted to see who her husband was. When he was sleeping she grabbed a lamp to see his face and she did not see a wigged serpent; but the most beautiful man. It was CUPID! She was so astonished, totally mute and tremblig. She did not notice a drop of oil going down to Cupid's body (Some versions say "his face" other "his shoulders). Cupid opened his eyes to find out how Psyche broke her promise, so he fled with not words.

What happened after that?




Cupid had gone to heaven to his mother Venus. Some versions say she got jealous. The fact is, she did not like what happened to his son.

Psyche was looking for her love all around; but she could not find him. So, she went to ask Venus for help. Nevertheless, Venus was "mad" and, therefore, she imposed some hard task for her to accomplish.

Psyche did all the tasks. She received help every single time. Finally, Venus sent her to see Persephone, who was in the underworld, too give her a box so Persephone would put some of her beauty in a box. Persephone did as Venus asked. Psyche, on the way back, wanted to see what was in the box. Yes, she opened it and she found nothing; but she got into a deep sleep!

Cupid forgave Psyche, when he knew about her deeds. So, cupid went to help his love and sent her with the box to Venus. Cupid went to see Jupiter and ask for help. Jupiter married them, so nobody had authority to intervene between those two lovers!


I really love this Roman-Greek myth!

First we have to clarify a few things:

APRODITE (VENUS) is the goddess of LOVE.

EROS (CUPID) is the son of Aphrodite (Venus).

Erotic comes from EROS and Aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite. So, now days Eros and Aphrodite are related to sex and not necessary to love, which is totally wrong! Obviously someone can have sex without love, but love and sex are together!

In ancient time EROS and APRHODITE were seen in a different way. Some people think Aphrodite had many lovers, but it is a misunderstanding. The problem is: People take things too literal! People lack of imagination cannot understand the ancient meanings because they were written not for the intellectual mind, but for imagination and heart!

Psyche (Soul) needs love, but real love. A very pure and innocent love. You might say: It does not exist. I tell you this: It is in your heart, but "bad" experiences made it fade!

The first love is the most similar to that kind of love. You give yourself 100%, the first time. But, usually it was a mistake. Why? Because people follow their senses and not their heart! People rush and love does not!

Our mind betrays our heart and it asks: Is this the right person? How can I know? And so on. Love is a matter of the heart, not a matter of the mind. Our mind think, it does not feel. Love wants only one thing: MAKE THE OTHER PERSON HAPPY! Our mind one many things and one is: find someone to make me happy.

You might not know when loves come to you; but the more your mind thinks about it the more you will lose the love you already have. Some people are in love, but the more they argue (using their mind) the more they lose the love they have and the end is: Divorce!

So, when you feel in love do not make too many questions, do not argue too much, Just enjoy love! When you put your mind in the place your heart has to be then Cupid goes away and you lose the love you have!

It is hard to recover love! It is hard to feel real love, but there is not a way to find it. It comes or not, that it is!

They say VENUS was putting trials for Psyche because Venus was mad and jealous; but I see it this way: Love needs to have trials to see if it will endure and bear all difficulties. If it does not, then it is not love.

How many divorces we have in modern time? Too many! Why? Because people get married when they are not in love, just because they like each other and that is not love. So, when problems come they cannot bear the difficulties. Some others who are in love, in the beginning, they destroy it criticizing their couple, bothering their couple, not paying attention to their couple and so on. Cupid then goes away and usually it does not come back again. It might if it is real love!

So if you love someone, please, use your heart more than your mind. You most appreciate the one you love or… Maybe someone else will do that for you.



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Sterling Silver "Do You Know What I Love Most About Us? You!" with Double Hearts Reversible Pendant Necklace , 18"
Sterling Silver "Do You Know What I Love Most About Us? You!" with Double Hearts Reversible Pendant Necklace , 18"

This is an amzing way to say how much you love and care the other half!

wow! Be romatic and tell him/her what you love the most!



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