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loveforelephants #1

Updated on February 14, 2016
The magical moment when I encountered these beautiful beings .
The magical moment when I encountered these beautiful beings . | Source

Rule Number One

Isn't crazy to think that we were once nothing? Nothing in the sense that one moment there was nothing and the next life began?.... That is was goes through my head a lot... usually at midnight- 3am... Look this is my first time with a blog and writing for people who may or may not read this. So mostly it is just me putting my thought on "paper" when I can't think of what to draw or paint or sketch. So going back to the original thought.. When we came from nothing before the point of conception we had no fate. But as we come to be in this oh so crazy world..there are rules to follow and we decide whether to abide by those rule and possible change fate or follow them. The rules can be tricky at times... Rule number one in my book.... changes depending on the situation. But most of the time it is: "If you cant respect me or my family then you don't deserve my time or effort." But like I said the rules change depending on the situation. Happy Valentines Day! I'll try and post when I can


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