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Luggage Racks For Bedroom Or Hotel Style Suitcase Stands and Holders

Updated on March 31, 2014

A luggage stand or folding suitcase rack gives you a convenient location to hold your suitcase or other travel bags when you arrive at your location. It keeps them off the floor so you do not need to bend over to reach inside all the time and it stops you, or your house guests, from scratching up your furniture by placing them on tables and side cabinets. Luggage stands are a convenience which are both small and portable so you can take one with you when you travel and foldable luggage racks are a nice convenience to have in your own home for when guests visit.

Recommended Luggage Holders - Wooden, Chrome, Bamboo, You Name It!

Luggage Pros Designer Luggage Rack with Black Webbing
Luggage Pros Designer Luggage Rack with Black Webbing

This wooden luggage rack is made from solid oak and features an attractive and elegant curved legs. This is a sturdy hotel style luggage stand which is available in dark or light colored wood to suit your bedroom style.

Deluxe Chrome Luggage Rack, 21"Hx26"W, CHROME
Deluxe Chrome Luggage Rack, 21"Hx26"W, CHROME

This is a simple chrome luggage stand ideal for the bedroom or to take with you for use in a guest or hotel room stay.


Why Would Your Use A Luggage Rack Stand?

This elegant piece of rather winsome furniture is not found in many homes these days but it still serves many useful functions, even aside from its original purpose.

Of course, the main purpose of a wood luggage stand was to give guests a place to stand their suitcase when they came visiting or arrived in a hotel. For the user, it keeps the luggage off the floor raising it to a more comfortable height for reaching in and out to get clothes etc. For the invitee, it keeps your guests from scratching up your dresser or other bedroom furniture by dumping their suitcases on top of them. It keeps chairs and other bedroom furniture free for their intended purposes and generally, is a really nice convenience to have on hand.

If you travel to hotels a lot, then a portable luggage stand is perfect for packing on top of the suitcase and pulling out when you need it - if you can find one small enough to fit inside your suitcase. We did and it works great! Simply open your suitcase on the bed when you arrive, pull out the foldable luggage rack and turn anywhere in the room into a convenient suitcase holder. My wife would always book a twin room and use the second bed as a luggage holder, now we just use our suitcase stand which makes much more sense.

It just isn't convenient to put your luggage on the floor or expect your guests to do so with theirs. All that bending down to rummage for stuff and worse still, the floor just makes it too attractive to bugs and pets to go investigating. A luggage valet stand is a must have piece of guest room furniture and a neat folding lugagge rack should be part of your own personal travel kit too.

Other Uses For A Suitcase Valet Stand

Naturally, people find all kinds of uses for winsome furniture like this and here are some of the things I have seen or heard people use them for around their home and bedroom.

They make a great night stand for decorative pillows when you get into bed at night. Those pillows make an attractive accent to your bed but get in the way when you sleep. A portable bedroom luggage rack makes a great accent pillow holder for the bedroom and sure beats dumping them on the floor.

One or even two luggage stands at the bottom of the bed are ideal for holding extra blankets or a comforterwhen you are not sure they will be needed. It sure beats waking up freezing and stumbling around in the middle of the night looking for a blanket or worse, finding out in the morning your guests were uncomfortable all night.

Another use is to simply put a serving tray on top and voila, you've got a small side table. A more permanent solution is to get a small piece of glass cut to size and you have a more elegant looking glass side table which with a hey presto, converts a luggage stand when you magic away the glass top piece!

Vintage and Antique Luggage Stands

A good place to look for both antique and vintage luggage stands for the bedroom is online and eBay is a good place to begin your search. A vintage luggage rack often offers a more ornate and decorative design than the somewhat more functional modern suitcase holders for sale new in retail stores.

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  • Isabellas-cabin profile image

    Isabellas-cabin 4 years ago

    I have used these before to keep the luggage off of the ground. I know that these really help reduce the bed bugs.

  • theholidayplace profile image

    theholidayplace 5 years ago

    I a great idea for holidamakers with kids needing to have some sort of organization in their room

  • Rangoon House profile image

    AJ 5 years ago from Australia

    This is a great selection. I need something like this for my guest room. Thank you.

  • TonyPayne profile image

    Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

    This is a good idea, especially if travelling to those smaller hotels that don't have one. I definitely recommend the ones without a raised back, because then you can fit suitcases of all sizes on them.